Hi everyone! This is my second story! Check out my other one called How To Train Your Dragon: The Stranger. Thx!

Chapter 1

Typhoon curled up in the old Whispering Death cave and waited for her rider. Where WAS she? Once again, the Nightfury trotted to the mouth of the cave and looked out. Then she heard the familiar whistle of Thyra, her rider.

"Mrhurmmmmm!" Typhoon crooned and bounced out of the cave to meet her rider. The red-haired girl smiled and petted the Nightfury.

"Hey, Typhoon! How are you this fine and sunny morning?"

Typhoon started to purr, but stopped. Then she growled, staring into the bush with large yellow eyes.

"What, Typhoon? What's going on?"

For an answer, the Nightfury snarled and leaped into a bush. A screech was heard, and a boy's voice crying, "HEY!"

The next moment, Typhoon trotted out, dragging a slightly smaller Nightfury out of the bush by... a prothstetic tailfin? A brown-haired boy was running beside it yelling: "Hey! Let Toothless go- wait. Who are you?"

Typhoon stood next to her rider, still holding "Toothless" by the tailfin. "Okay, I want some answers, "Toothless". Who are you?"

"Toothless! That's my name! Let go of me!" he screeched. "I'm an Alpha!"

She immedeatly dropped his prothstetic. "An Alpha?" she whispered in fear.

Toothless growled at her. "Yes, an Alpha. And my rider is an alpha human. So don't annoy him."

In the meantime, Hiccup and Thyra were arguing. "Give back Toothless!"

"Sorry, discuss that with Typhoon."


"My Nightfury. You tresspassed and spied. Where are you from?"

"Berk, if you must know. I decided to kidnap you."

Thyra gasped. "Why?"

"Because you, Thyra, are Alvin's cheif adviser. I wanted to put a cramp on his treachary."

"Well, you're right. I'm Thyra. But I have been feeding Alvin false information. Otherwise, Alvin would have caught you, like, months ago."

"Yeah, and everyone is going to believe that." then he gasped. "Look at the dragons!"

Thyra whirled and saw Typhoon shrinking away from Toothless, backing away from him one step at a time. But as soon as her back was turned, Hiccup tackled her. "Gotcha!"

Typhoon screeched when she saw her rider falling to the ground and leaped over Toothless, charging faithfuly toward her rider. Toothless grabbbed her by the tailfin and pulled her back. "No! Thyra! Let go, Toothless!"

"Never!" he growled.

"Let. Go!"


Typhoon narrowed her yellow eyes and started to summon a plasma blast, but a growl from Toothless made her stop. "I am the Alpha. Don't mess with me. Seriously."

"But my rider is getting hurt from your rider!" she cried. "Let me go! I need to save Thyra!"

"Too bad," Toothless said simply. "If you go over there, you might hurt MY rider."

While they were arguing, Hiccup and Thyra were fighting.

"What are you doing?" yelled Thyra as she punched Hiccup in the gut.

"Kidnapping you, duh!" grunted Hiccup as he got punched in the gut.

"You're doing a pretty sloppy job of it!" laughed Thyra as she rolled out of the way of a kick from Hiccup's prothstetic.

"Says who?" asked Hiccup as his prothstetic hit a rock instead and sent him sprawling on top of her."Oof!"

Thyra went silent. Hiccup scrambled to his feet and looked at her. He realized that when he sprawled on top of her, his belt buckle had hit her on the temple and had made her pass out. Then he was suddenly sent flying by Thyra's faithful Nightfury. What had happened was this: Hiccup knocks Thyra out, Typhoon goes berzerk, bites Toothless on the leg, Toothless lets go of Typhoon, Typhoon sends Hiccup flying. Simple.

Typhoon crooned and curled up over her unconcious rider. No way was she gonna let that one-legged human get at Thyra. And as for that Toothless, well, Alpha or no Alpha, she was NOT moving. Period.