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'It was a bright, sunny day; a perfect day to go to the beach!' Teito thought as he walked over to his two best friends: Mikage and Hakuren. The two were enjoying themselves as they sat under the Cherry Blossom, hands intertwined.

"Don't you two think today's a perfect day to go to the beach?" Teito asked.

"I think that's a great idea," Mikage said with his usual happy-go-lucky smile that always made his eyes light up in the way that Hakuren loved so much.

"Hakuren, do you know where I can fine Castor, Labrador and Frau?" Teito asked, snapping the blond out of his thought.

"The last place I remembered seeing them was one of the green houses on the second floor. Why do you want to know?"

Teito replied with a smile on his feminine-looking face. "I thought, since today is such a beautiful sunny day, they might want to get out from the Church. That's all."

The brunette left his two best friends and went off to the green house. There were only two persons there: Castor and Labrador. Wasting no time, Teito asked them where he could find Frau. The two told him that Frau had left some time ago and didn't know where he was now.

Teito looked around, and more, and some MORE, for the tall blond. He couldn't find the man. Just as his patience ran thin, the brunette yelled in frustration, "Where are you, you damn perverted bishop!"