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"Where are you, you damn perverted bishop!"

Teito nearly stomped his feet out of frustration, but the gesture was silenced when he was ferociously hugged from behind. He looked up mostly automatic than curious. And when he did, Teito was kissed passionately by a man with the most beautiful azure eyes. He finally found the damn man...or rather, the man found him.

Either way, he was happy to see the blond bishop.

"Come on," Teito said, releasing himself from the towering blond. His smaller hand grabbed Frau's wrist and dragged him to where their friends stood waiting.

The first thing that came out from Frau's lips were: "Can someone please tell me why I'm dragged here?"

"I'm getting there," Teito said through his gritted teeth. "If you would just be quiet for two minutes, I'd be able to tell you then."

He got his response, and Teito nodded in satisfaction. "That's better. The reason why I want all of you to come here, was so that we can all go to the beach to play together. Since it's such a beautiful day, I wish we can all enjoy the summer together."

It was a silent agreement between the five of them, that Teito held the highest position in their midst. Needless to say, they couldn't say no to the charming boy, and ended up dragged to the beach.

When they got there, the place was vacant. It was perfectly fine, anyhow, since it meant there would be no one to question the lack of girls in their group. It would be so awkward a question to answer.

The truth was, no one between them cared to find girls. They were all liked guys. In fact, the six of them were, in fact, three pairs. Labrador was with Castor, Teito was Frau's, and the almost-couple was Hakuren and Mikage.

'For heaven's sake, the two of should just kiss already and get over with it!' Teito thought. It was so annoying seeing them together but not yet a couple while knowing their feelings.

Meanwhile, Castor and Labrador set themselves down on the sandy beach, drinking tea and enjoying the warmth of the sun. It was then Castor proceeded to ask Labrador the question, "Do you think that Mikage and Hakuren will come to term with their feelings?"

Labrador's eyes twinkled with a happy grin. "I have a feeling. They might do it tonight," was his answer as he finished his tea.