Chapter 3

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"I have a feeling. They might do it tonight."

Castor contemplated Labrador's words for a while and then smiled knowingly. He settled beside his young lover, watching the two almost-lover talked in close whispers.

Hakuren dragged Mikage closer to the water line, letting their feet soaked in the salt water. Their hands were intertwined as usual, but this time, they failed to notice Frau and Teito sneaked up behind them. It was already too late by the moment they realized; Frau unceremoniously throw Hakuren into the water, and then, Teito also pushed Mikage. Teito had to do the pushing since he was too short and light to imitate Frau.

Hakuren scrambled to his feet after being hit by a strong wave, swaying slightly toward Mikage. The latter, being a happy-go-lucky person he was, helped Hakuren to stand. The water was knee high so it was a slow move.

As he weaved through the water and offered his hand, Hakuren did a very not-Hakuren-like thing. He pulled Mikage toward him and wrapped his arms around the shorter blond. Mikage let out a shock gasp, but the sound was smothered immediately when Hakuren silenced Mikage's lips with his. The couple behind them let out a shocked cry as well.

Castor and Labrador who noticed the disturbance came over to find out. When they got there, Castor casted the new couple an amused look. He almost made a bet with Labrador as for who started the kiss. Castor took Mikage; a good thing he hadn't made the proposal yet. Labrador, on the other hand, smiled knowingly.

Teito recovered quickly and approached his best friends. With a slap to Mikage's back, he told them, "Took you two long enough!" a big grin plastered on his face.

Castor casually pushed his glasses further up on his nose, hiding the embarrassment for almost losing a bet. As for Frau, he was a bit slow to recover. Seeing that, Labrador told him, "Unless you're trying to scoop a goldfish, snap that mouth shut, Frau." Frau was jolted awake from the shock.

While giving the short glare to his best friend, the blond quickly shifted to a joyful grin. "About time! I'd have knocked your two thick heads together if you didn't do that!"

Teito gave Frau an icy look. "If you had done that, then I would have tied you to a tree for three days and you won't be seeing me then."

How the boy could manage to tie him up –being petite and all – Frau didn't know. For the sake of preventing argument, he grinned mischievously and picked the boy up. In all wonder after a long relationship, Teito still hadn't grow accustom to Frau's unpredictable move.

Not caring for others to see, Frau gave him a big kiss that made Teito's face burn. When the blond bishop noticed that, he laughed out loud and whispered suggestively to his sensitive ear, "I love you." And then proceed to kiss his earlobe. That made the red worse for Teito that he ended up passing out from over exposure.

Later that night, Teito woke up in the infirmary feeling a bit confused but much better. He learned from Castor that Frau was freaked out when he passed out. The fuzzy blond refused to move and insisted to wait until Teito woke up. Labrador managed to convince him, much to Teito's gratitude.

The next morning after that, Teito was already well and met with his friends.

"We're having so much fun. Thanks for inviting us, Teito."

A soft smile graced his lips. "Yeah. Let's have fun together again next time!"