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Plagiarist 1

"I look like Michael Jackson in Moon Walker," Xander said as he examined himself in the mirror.

"You don't like Michael?" Ethan asked, faking shock.

"It's not that I don't like him," Xander said, "I just never saw myself as a dancer of any type. Seriously I have injured people."

"Mostly from laughter," Buffy said before taking in the white suit Xander was wearing. "You look good," she said in shock.

"But then again I guess I really should expand my horizons," Xander said quickly. "How much? And keep in mind I'm a Queen's boy."

"Just a poor boy from a poor family?" Ethan said with a grin.

"Bingo," Xander agreed.

"I would suggest renting it then," Ethan said. "Twenty should cover it, just try not to get it ripped or stained."

"Done," Xander said, thankful it wasn't more expensive.


Oliver blinked and looked around. The place was flooded by monsters and panicking people. He wondered briefly if Nilbog had gotten loose or some new cape with a similar power had made this scene. Of course none of that explained how he ended up here with no memory leading up to it, his head felt a little over filled though that pressure was receding. Strangely enough he also felt really good, like he'd been missing something and just had it returned. He felt full of vitality and energy.

"Xander!" a red haired young woman yelled as she ran up to him, dressed in blue coveralls with a yellow hardhat and a plethora of tools hanging off her tool belt.

"What?" Oliver asked politely, as she was obviously addressing him despite calling him by a different name.

"I..." her voice trailed off for a moment as she looked at him and she shook her head. "Listen to me very carefully. You're not who you think you are. Everyone has turned into their Halloween costumes. Thankfully I didn't bother dressing up, since I have some work to do tonight after we finished dropping off the kids."

"And I am?" Oliver asked curiously, seeing where she was going with this.

"You are Alexander Harris, Journeyman Builder," Willow explained. "For Halloween you dressed as Michael Jackson, though your name seems to be Oliver Jackson for some reason."

Oliver tilted his head and considered that, absently removing his fedora and flinging it like a Frisbee, sending it flying through the air leaving a trail of sparks as it cut the head off an orc's spear, and returned to his hand an instant later. "My memory does seem a bit muddled," he admitted as he put his hat back on.

"Try not to hurt anyone," Willow ordered, "they were all normal people until a minute ago. We have to find Buffy and stop this!"

"I... feel a compulsion," Oliver said, pausing to spin around and kick a Klingon in the head, allowing the child it had been menacing to escape, "to rescue children."

"Can you do it safely while I find Buffy so we can stop this?" Willow asked, whipping her sledge hammer out to strike an armored warrior, who's armor dissolved in a shower of sparks, leaving him in a pair of stained Y-fronts and causing him to run away.

"I'll be fine," Oliver promised.

"You better be, Mister!" Willow ordered quickly enveloping him in a hug.

Oliver found himself responding automatically, his arms coming up to hold her, when a surge went through him. "Oops," he said seeing the naked copy of Willow standing behind her and realized what had happened as their minds connected for a moment showing him her thoughts. "I seem to have a friend of mine's ability to clone people," Oliver noted.

"But not clothes," the naked redhead spoke up, blushing heavily and pulling clothes and tools out of nowhere, quickly dressing.

"Eep!" Willow squeaked. "How? Why? What?!"

"I can clone people I'm in contact with," Oliver explained as he realized what had happened. "Well my friend could and now I have her power, though this clone seems rational and intelligent."

"I can kinda feel you," the clone said adjusting her tool belt.

"I... I'm going to go find Buffy and stop this," Willow said, deciding that ending whatever spell this was before things got any weirder was her top priority.

"Go, we'll be fine," her clone assured her, causing Willow to rush off.

Oliver found his eyes following her now covered curves, surprised at how sexy coveralls could be.

"You want me," she said a moment later, staring at Xander in shock.

"You are very desirable," he replied with a shrug.

"And all it took for you to notice was you becoming someone else and seeing me naked," she groaned.

"Touching minds also helped." Oliver slid back a step, letting a small goblin rush through where he'd just been standing. Turning he saw there were a couple dozen small monsters converging on the area. "I think we better take care of this first."

"Yeah," the redhead agreed, pulling a rubber mallet off of her tool belt.

Suddenly Oliver grabbed his crotch and music started playing. He made a high pitched 'woo' noise before breaking into a complex dance that every monster on the street, and quite a few costumed individuals, were forced to mimic until they all collapsed exhausted just a minute later.

"What the hell was that?" Willow's clone demanded panting for breath as she climbed to her feet and stared at all the unconscious bodies.

"I have no clue," Oliver admitted, looking a little tired but not even slightly out of breath.

They looked around at the quiet street as all the monsters just laid there harmlessly.

"Let's go find Buffy," the clone of Willow suggested.

A scream rang out in the night from somewhere close by.

"Or we could go rescue whoever that is," she said.

The pair quickly found the source of the scream as a cornered catgirl Cordelia Chase cried out for rescue from something that looked to be Bigfoot's ugly cousin.

Rushing forward Oliver performed a series of lightning fast kicks and punches, much like a video game character, moving exactly the same way each time and driving the monster off. "Ok, that was weird," Oliver said.

"Thank you," Cordelia squealed throwing her arms around Oliver, who felt a now familiar surge of energy. "What the hell?" Cordelia Chase exclaimed, as she saw her naked clone, who had her head tilted to the side as if listening to something.

The clone of Willow pulled a white shirt and blue coveralls out of nowhere and handed them to the new clone.

"Xander? Willow? Me?!" Cordelia exclaimed in shock.

"What just happened?" the new clone asked, knowing but asking aloud for her other self who hated to admit ignorance of anything. "And why do I feel dweeb boy in my pants... I mean head," she forced down a blush at her slip.

"I seem to create clones of people on contact when I first touch them," Oliver explained.

"Clones who can feel you lusting after them," Cordelia's clone said mock glaring at him.

"Clones who I can sense the emotions of," Oliver said with a smirk.

The clone of Willow giggled as Cordelia's clone blushed a bright red.

"That is so unfair," Cordelia's clone complained.

"Xander has turned into who he dressed as," Willow's clone explained. "Some guy named Oliver with strange powers. Willow was lucky enough not to be in costume and has gone looking for Buffy so they can stop all this."

"We should find someplace safe to hide while they do that," Cordelia's clone said scanning the area. "Like there."

"A home furnishing store?" Oliver questioned. "The front window is shattered and it's not very defensible."

Cordelia stared wide eyed at her clone as she recognized the tone she was using. Taking a second look at Xander in his suit, she paused to really consider the idea.

Clone Willow licked her lips as she saw the plethora of beds on display. "I can use my abilities to repair the window and reinforce the place. You wouldn't want Cordelia to get hurt, would you? We can take a short break and then get back to work, leaving her safe here."

Oliver could feel the clone's motives and had to admit he'd burned up a fair chunk of energy taking out that block full of monsters and he could use a bit of a recharge. "Just a quick one," he allowed, stepping through the hole where the plate glass window had been.

"Just a quickie," Clone Cordelia agreed with a smirk, exchanging glances with her original self who bit her lip and followed.

Willow's clone tapped her hammer against a wrecked car causing it to break apart into sparks before she followed, tapping the air where the plate glass window had been, all the shards of glass leaping back up into place, laced with a nearly invisible wire mesh reinforcing it.


A dark haired man dressed in worn leathers and a wolf's pelt chuckled as he heard a scream ring out from a universe away.

A bearded man wearing a toga with the face of a woman on the back of his head laughed in chorus with himself. "You're right, this was fun and since it was done to block the return of a fallen one, the Powers can't even complain. So, what's next on the agenda?"

"Next we remove young Xander from the field as a 'favor' to the Powers so they can adapt to the new status quo and backdate some prophecies," Loki said.

"And where should 'we' send him?" Janus asked.


Xander rolled over his arm reaching out and only finding empty space he awoke with a start. "Wills? Cordy?" He leapt off the marble slab he'd been laying on as the memories hit him. "Oh, God!"

"Yes?" Loki asked with a grin, as he leaned against a nearby mausoleum.

"I had sex with a clone of Willow! Two of them! And Cordy! And a clone of Cordy! And a second clone of Cordy!" Xander exclaimed wide eyed. "Willow and Buffy are going to kill me!"

"Relax, you are beyond their reach at the moment," Loki suggested.

Xander calmed down enough to notice where he was, an unfamiliar cemetery that felt... safer than any of those in Sunnydale, despite the very gothic architecture and thin layer of mist on the ground. He picked his fedora off the ground and absently spun it in his hands, ready to fling it if needed. He was a bit surprised to find himself dressed considering how he'd gone to sleep, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. "Where am I, and why am I here?" he asked cautiously. "And who are you?"

"I am Loki," the leather and pelt clad god introduced himself, letting out a booming laugh as he read Xander's mind. "I'm a Norse god and we are warriors first and foremost, regardless of what Marvel comics might say, so no I don't wear spandex and gold horns."

"Ah," Xander said, relaxing a little as the version he'd read of Loki in Giles books was a lot friendlier and more forthright than the Marvel version.

"You are here to save the world, this world. Events are coming up that will put this world in jeopardy, as betrayal and confusion take their toll on the forces of good, making their victory a dicey proposition at best. I want you to stack the odds in their favor, burn away the rot and encourage the growth of new heroes," Loki explained. "As to where you are-"

"Gotham!" Xander exclaimed wide eyed as he stared at the sky.

Loki turned and saw a stylized image of a bat being projected on the clouds behind him. "Yes, that is a rather obvious sign of where we are."

"But... what about home?" Xander asked, torn between the thought of exploring and making a difference in a place he'd always dreamed of going and helping his friends out at home.

"You'll only be here as long as you need to be," Loki assured him. "Sunnydale will be fine in your absence. You made a clone of Willow as a builder, and then cloned that clone while in the midst of sex, meaning there are two builders in Sunnydale as their powers didn't vanish when the spell broke. A single builder of average talent and intellect could make Sunnydale child safe, two is overkill. I'd advise letting things cool down a little before returning anyway."

"Willow did tell me a bit about her costume, and I really would like to avoid having the girls taking their anger out on me over Oliver's actions," Xander admitted. "But what can I do here?"

"You still have Oliver's powers," Loki said with a grin.

Xander's eyes seemed to take up half his face for a moment before he grinned. "I can work with this. Is there anything you can give me to help me on my quest? Bag of holding, pouch of infinite gold, ring of wishes, maybe?"

Loki grinned. "No, definitely not, and no way in Hel. I'll grant you the money for passing Go, access to the Cave of Night, and this." Loki flipped a gold coin towards him.

Xander caught the coin and examined it. "A two headed roman coin?" Looking up he found that Loki was gone. "I still had questions I needed answers to," Xander complained before shaking his head and walking off.

Loki dropped the illusion of invisibility and turned to the slab Xander had awoken on. Inscribed on it was 'Alexander and Willow Harris joined in death as they were in life, may they rest in peace.' He nodded his head once. "You named me as your unborn child's godfather, as a joke no doubt, which makes it even more binding for one such as myself. I've already arranged for her to be born to a couple you'd approve of and even have siblings this time, by the very man who is going to avenge your deaths. You have to admire the symmetry of it. The geas is discharged as is my duty as a godparent. Sleep well, my children."

A cloud drifted across the moon casting its shadow on the cemetery for a moment before it passed, leaving the cemetery empty once more.

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