Total Drama: Scholars Gauntlet (ON HIATUS?!)

Yeah I'm sorry if you were expecting an update. But it saddens me that I can't(or at this time I don't feel that I'm able) to write this anymore. The main reason is time, you probably don't know but I am a Sophomore in Highschool now. And as some of you may know it is NOT EASY! I barely have enough time to relax, let alone write my own personal projects. However that's more or less an excuse. The REAL reason is because the type of project like this where I have to write for over 20 characters, create challenges and move the story along is honestly beyond me. I just don't have the mind for it right now. I can't think of challenges and every chapter I get a brain-fart that makes it so much harder for me to write. Honestly the truth of the matter is that this kind of story takes an endurance and resiliency that I don't have. So until further notice I a putting this story on hiatus. It's not gone for good. It's very likely that I can bring this back during the summer. But, for now I must put it on hold. Until than I have gone back to revising my other Pokemon story. I apologize to all the people who submitted OC's. Till next time.