Alright so I have left this open for the past weekend and we have gotten a number of votes. I am honestly surprised and invigorated by the number of people who had voted for this. So here are the results. The story with the most votes is






Total Drama: Scholars Guantlet! The votes were 6 in Scholars favor, 4 in Trial of survivals favor and 3 in Roadkills favor. Now I know some of you may be disappointed so I created a compromise. There will be a Summer Break period for the many years coming for College. I decided then rather having them compete for the prize at school they are more or less competing in the point system that Trial of Survival was going to have. So each challenge they win they would gain a point. The top 15 competitors with points will compete in the summer competition while the others stay behind and just relax at school. That way I will be able to combine some of my other story ideas with this long standing story idea. It's only a thought and if you don't want me to do this say so in the review section or through a PM. Anyway, what you have all been most likely waiting for. The OC character Applications. Please make sure to fill out the entire form and everything that I say is necessary.


Sex(Male or Female):





Relationship Status:

Biggest Fear:



Boyfriend/Girlfriend(Only if they have one)

Description of his/her Look(Including his/her Race):

Everyday Clothes:

Swimming Clothes:




Biography(Any details that you don't want others to see PM me. For Example if this characters homeless and you want it to be a surprise):

If we don't get enough applications I will post another chapter allowing everyone to suggest a second character. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that. Anyway please post your applications, suggestions on whether I should make the changes to Total Drama: Scholars Gauntlet or if I should go back to the other version where there are no shows over the breaks.