Blood and Magic

An original character based story using characters from both the Tortall and Harry Potter universes.

A portal between Tortall and this world opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

I am using Tortall and Potter settings and characters for this work of fiction, but it is A/U. Some things to know:

Tortall: I have developed the idea of the gift to be more restrictive. Mages have a small number of talents within which their magic operates, like healing, scrying or water magic. Numair, has (at the moment!) five talents.

Potter: Epilogue? I never saw any epilogue... And the last battle may be a little hazy too!

That said, I hope you enjoy. I'm still trying to edit my later content into some form of order. Hopefully it will be along soon.

Chapter One: Cassia

It was the story everyone was talking about that day. The fear that no one ever knew they had before. A cacophony of 'I told you so' and 'well, I always knew something like this would happen.'

An eighteen year old girl had killed a man- stopped his heart- with a single touch. The fact that the man had been about to rape her was apparently lost in the national gasp of amazement that such a thing could happen, and the subsequent decision that such a thing should not be, could not be possible. Magic wasn't really real, was it? people asked.

Magic wasn't an unkown, not anymore. Not for fifty years, when a whole new world opened up. A student mage, determined to create a portal to Cathark. His intentions only came to light when he was found surrounded by his scribbled notes, beside a pulsing rift, stone dead.

Just like that, suddenly, what became the Hall of the Portal at the Palace in Corus, Tortall, led to a nondescript terraced house in the mid-parts of England. And then, as could only be expected, people started to move.

Cassia Greene did not appreciate the four am phone call, even if it was from no less a personage than Prince Liam himself.

She appreciated even less his news. Following the events of the previous day, the sudden death of the rapist, people were scared. To calm fears, the British government had rushed through legislation to ensure that all gifted persons were registered, their magic known and the information available to interested parties. It was enough to make even Cassia, born and bred in the new world, consider a return to Tortall.

After her short night's sleep, it came as no great surprise that Cassia was decidedly grumpy as she arrived at work the next morning. She threw her handbag under her desk and stalked off to find her boss.

"Connie in yet?" she offered by way of greeting to the head librarian's personal assistant, Sam.

"Umm, yeah, she is," he responded hesitantly, "but…" Cassia didn't even wait for his response. She opened the door, walking straight into a meeting between Connie and John, the dean of the college.

Constance Fairweather was younger than her name would suggest, probably not quite forty, friendly and fair with her staff. "Hello, Cassia," she greeted, turning away from John, "Can it wait five minutes? I won't be long."

"If you don't mind," Cassia said, "I may as well say it now, since you'll both have to know. I've been told I have to disclose that I'm Tortallan, and gifted."

The ensuing silence suggested that neither Connie or John had expected this. It was John who eventually broke the stunned silence. "What's your Tortallan name, and your fief?" he asked.

"Cassia Lucinda Ceilidh of Susannah Lake and Cat's Peak," she responded.

John surprised both Cassia and Connie by immediately jumping to his feet and dropping into a low bow. "Your Grace," he murmured.

"Sit down, Cassia," Connie said distractedly, her eyes fixed on John. "I take it you know the name, John?"

"I do indeed," he replied. "My father was of Trebond, not far from Susannah Lake,"

"Allies, then?" Cassia asked, smiling. It looked like this might be better than she'd thought- she hadn't expected to find another Tortallan at work, let alone one who was in a position to make life easier for her.

"Yes, my Lady," he replied.

"Well, for a start, Cassia is fine," she said. "my job here is the same, I'm only a duchess in Tortall." John nodded, still looking a little awestruck.

"So, your magic," Connie interrupted. "Does it affect your work at all? And will you be taking to killing anyone?"

Cassia quirked an eyebrow. At least it was a joke, she reasoned. She could have been fired then and there over fears for the safety of the students. She was pretty sure that some mages employed in the new world may find themselves out of a job. "I shouldn't affect my work," she assured them. "I don't think it ever has before. I'm talented in truth telling and battle magic. Neither are exactly useful in librarianship." She paused to think. "I could tell if a student was lying about having returned a book, I suppose…"

"Could you find hidden or lost books?" Connie asked curiously.

Cassia shook her head. "Books don't think, they don't have intentions. It's the thinking process and the intentions that I can read. if someone walked past me at the moment I was using my gift and was thinking about their books, then I could, but that's not very likely to happen."

"Pity. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know, Cassia. I'll see you later- I wanted to talk to you about the changes to the modules in the humanities department."

Cassia nodded. She shut the door softly behind her, and leaned back against it with a sigh. That had been easier than she thought.