Chapter one: Boredom

Alan : We can't be friends anymore. When we get together, bad things happen and people get hurt.
Mr. Chow: (puzzled) Yeah, but that's the point. It's funny.

—The Hangover Part 3

So now we are where L sets up cameras in Light' room to see if he is Kira. Light and Ryuk are currently walking down the streets of Japan...

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Ryuk' POV:

"Are you sure about this Ryuk?"Light asked raising a skeptical eyebrow

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure no one's following you."I answered mimicking a kid talking to his annoying mother,

I wish I could just write his name in my death note. But then i'd have no entertainment... I thought, at first it was amusing but now he's making me do his work while forgetting the fact that I don't care if he dies or not.

"I hope you're not saying what you think I want to hear just to get some apples." Light said giving me a pointed look

"Whoa hold it right there, I just checked one hundred meter radius around you and there was no one there. Now for the last time, I'm sure okay?!" I yelled, I didn't want him not to give me my promised apples now...I swear if he doesn't give me my apples my death note is going to have a new name.

"But on the news they said they were dispatching five thousand investigators to Japan." Light argued calmly trying not to draw any attention to himself.

Man this kid has bad memory, do I have to spell it out for him all the damn time?! I thought starting to feel annoyed

"You said it yourself, if it was really happening then they wouldn't announce it, they'd investigate secretly." I reasoned, feeling the urge to do some hand stances

"I suppose you're right. Now let's get some apples." He said with a smirk

"Finally!" I cheered all annoyance forgotten "Juicy red apples!" I yelled at Light, just to make sure he remembers and also to annoy him

"You know you really haven't been that nice to me. You have me looking all over for hidden cameras, you won't even let me eat apples inside the house." I said while eating my red and juicy apple

"Make sure you eat the core as well."Light instructed completely ignoring what I just said

"You know I could just write your name in my death note." I said as I did what Light told me to do.

Light laughed as if the thought was impossible making me really playing with the idea of writing his name, I can just find another entertainer

"I wouldn't laugh if I were you." I said

At Light' house

Light was making homework and I was standing against his bedroom wall watching him

Man I'm bored. I thought glancing around Light's room, my eyes landed on his purple pencil...purple...I have an idea...I thought to myself feeling nostalgic

"Hey Light, can I go visit an old friend of mine? It would only take about an hour." I asked standing next to Light, he didn't answer and I remembered about those cameras "Say 'mhmm' if it's okay with you" I said

"Mhmm, two"He said after finishing an equation

"Two hours?" I asked

"Mhmm." He said while writing down some numbers

"Thanks Light" I said flashing him a grin as I flew outside his open window making sure to get away from any cameras.

I summoned a vortex like portal It's been forever I thought to myself

I disappeared into the Vortex to her world. On the way there I felt a strange sensation in my belly, like the apple that I ate got heavy as a boulder and then light as a feather. I was also really dizzy. You could tell that I haven't been here in a long time. After a couple seconds I landed in her world.

It hasn't changed much since the last time i saw it. The sky (or whatever you call it) was purple and the ground was yellow. I looked around and saw no one. I knew who I wanted to find so I just used my senses to find her. She wasn't that far from where I landed. So I started walking towards my destination. After what seemed like five minutes I had arrived to a group of henko no kagami (Gods of change) sitting in a circle. I didn't recognize any of them to be her..

"Which one of you is Katana?" I casually asked

One of them got up and walked towards me, while avoiding the other Gods sitting in a circle. She had long knee-length purple hair and gold eyes. Her skin was pale. She was wearing a dark purple choker with yellow and purple musical notes. Her left hand was all bone and her right covered with a glove, she had a black mini skirt on with a red corset and a black vest. Once she was in front of me she sighed as if annoyed, Jeez what's her problem? I thought to myself

"That would be me, what the hell do you want Ryuk?"she asked narrowing her eyes at me

Whoa, I haven't seen her in ages. She's changed allot during the last centuries. Back then she was an ugly duckling and now she's kind of...

"You really still remember me?"I asked a bit surprised considering I didn't recognize her

"It's really hard to forget you" She stated in a sarcastic tone looking up and down, a frown appearing and then disappearing as fast as it came "What do you want?" she asked with a sigh

"I've come here with a proposal." I answered

"What is it?"She asked raising a curios eyebrow

"I want you to help me out with a prank." I answered flashing her a grin, her face morphed into excitement before she coughed seemingly realizing something

"And what might I be doing in this prank?"She asked with a blank look

"All you have to do is switch two humans souls. So Ican have some entertainment."I said as shmoozingly as I could.

"And why would I do that?"She asked tilting her head to the side with a confused frown making me feel a bit nostalgic

"You can also be entertained. I mean don't you get bored up here with these guys?" I asked, seeing her throw a frown at said people I grinned knowing she would probably agree "All day changing things in the life of the humans. The way they walk... the way they talk... the way their lives turn out in the end"I said hoping she would see things my way. If this doesn't convince her, I don't know what will. I thought

"But..." She objected biting her lips looking unsure

I frowned a bit, "Come on..." I urged her "It will be just like old times!" I grinned

"Just like old times..." she repeated, her face turning into a more innocent one

"Yeah, old times" I said getting nostalgic by the second

A small smile finally lit up her face, "Fine" she agreed "But..." her smile soon became mischievous "You owe me one" she said

"Sure, just add it to my tab" I winked at her

She chuckled shaking her head in amusement before turning around to face the others "Hey guys! I dropped it into the human realm!" she yelled in fake panic

"Go get it!" everyone yelled at her with wide eyes filled with horror

"Okay!" she said with a salute turning to me

"I see what you did.." I said smirking at her

"I'm a pro. Now watch, you might learn something." She said while opening a vortex with a snap of her finger "Catch me if you can!" She yelled while taking off into the portal

"Why so childish?" I yelled back to her while following her

"You said it was just like old times right? You've missed allot. Better start catching up!" She said with glee picking up the pace

I just chuckled in amusement, "Allot is in understatement"

She snorted in agreement

Chapter end