Beyond the Shadows

Chapter 3

Present Day

"Why now?" Narcissa asked curious about the timing of the younger witch's plans. "You could have stopped her long ago, why now?"

Hermione looked down at the table between her and Narcissa recalling all the many times she had wanted to hex Bellatrix right then and there, but had refrained by telling herself that the time would come and she would exact her vengeance in a way that would send a message to everyone that you never mess with Hermione Granger. "The time was not right." Was all she said.

Narcissa watched as Hermione went back into her mind. She wondered what was going through the younger witches mind, but refrained from asking. She worried that whatever was crossing her mind was something not to be discussed at the moment.

2 Years Earlier

The two lovers landed in an alley way. They looked around and saw they were on the side of George's joke shop. They could already hear some of the guest laughing and conversing. It was Harry's birthday and all of his friends thought it best to celebrate the occasion instead of focusing on the events of the past year like they had been doing for far too long.

"Do I look alright?" Hermione asked the blonde.

Fleur snaked her arms around the brunette's waist once again and pulled her close. "You look amazing. You always look amazing." Hermione felt a blush covering her face. She was always amazed at how Fleur could always make her feel like a million dollars just by looking at her.

"You are too perfect." Hermione beamed at her girlfriend. They pulled into another kiss, quickly deepening it. They pulled away looking deeply into each other's eyes. "I love you Fleur."

"I love you Hermione." Fleur said as she placed one last quick peck on her lover's lips. "Let's go in. I'm sure Harry is wondering why you weren't there 20 minutes ago." She laughed as her girlfriend shot her a glare. They held hands and walked towards the joke shop.

An hour and a half later the party had gotten well under way. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves as they forgot about the past. George had certainly out done himself, with a little help from his sister and her girlfriend. The whole party was very happy and lively.

Hermione was talking with Ginny about her recent game when she felt a familiar hand fall on the small of her back. Fleur leaned in her ear and whispered, "I am sorry my dear, but I cannot seem to take my eyes off of you this evening."

Hermione smiled into her drink. Ginny gave her a knowing look and walked to find her own girlfriend. As her friend walked away the brunette turned to meet the ocean blue eyes she loved and felt at home in. "You are incorrigible, do you know that?" She melted into her lover's arms.

"Me? No. Never." Fleur giggled.

Hermione leaned in and kissed the woman in front of her. Then she leaned to her side and whispered in her ear. "Is it bad that I want you now?" She asked.

"My dear," Fleur started in her ear, "never think it is bad when you want me. I also want you and wish I could have you right here."

They pulled away from each other and locked eyes. With a knowing look Hermione grabbed Fleur's hand and pulled her towards a back room.

As they closed the door Hermione put a silencing charm on the room and a locking spell on the door without pulling her wand out. Fleur loved when she used wandless magic. It reminder her how smart and powerful Hermione was. This turned her on even more.

Hermione turned around and saw that Fleur's eyes had darkened. She knew this look and rushed to her girlfriend and started kissing her. The kiss was heated and passionate. Hands started to explore bodies like they had never felt its warmth before.

Fleur took no time in taking off the brunette's jacket. Hermione mirrored her actions, but raised the stakes by removing Fleur's shirt as well. When the shirt was off Hermione leaned back and placed her hands on the toned abdomen. Her blood started to rise at the thought that Fleur was so strong. They quickly found each other's lips once again. Fleur took control of the situation and turned her lover around placing her on the desk behind her. She stripped the rest of the young woman's clothes off with ease. She started kissing her way down Hermione's neck. Hermione moaned every time she placed a kiss on her pressure points. Fleur's kisses would certainly be the death of her. Fleur continued to kiss down stopping at her breast.

She kissed the breast, nipping slightly here and there. She praised the brunette's breast without ever touching her nipples. Hermione's hips started moving against Fleur's leg. The blonde knew what she wanted and was determined to give it to her, but in her own time.

Suddenly, Hermione felt a warmth around one of her nipples. Her hand shot up and found a handful of soft blonde hair to hold her lover in place. Fleur flicked her tongue across the bud. In response, Hermione rolled her hips harder. She wanted Fleur badly now and was no longer controlling her body. It was pure instinct.

Fleur moved further down her girlfriend's body. Making her way across her flat, sun kissed stomach. She stopped when she reached her panty line. She lifted her head and gave Hermione a smirk.

"We're missing the party." She said, even though she really did not care about the party, she knew it would make Hermione more frustrated than ever.

The brunette let out a low growl. "I swear woman, if you do not eat me out in the next two seconds I swear I will never forgive you."

Fleur laughed, "As you wish, mademoiselle."

With that she lowered her head and took her place between her lover's thighs.

Hermione gasped at the sensation of her girlfriends tongue on her clit. The blonde continued her rhythm, not too fast, but not slow either. Hermione's hips responded in time as she felt her body heat up. Suddenly, she felt two fingers enter her. She let out yet another gasp.

"Shit." She said in almost a whisper. "Gods, yes baby. Don't stop."

Fleur had no intentions of stopping. Seeing Hermione like this was a huge turn on. She knew she was the only one who had seen her like this and she was determined to make sure she was the only one to ever see her like this. She continued with her thrust. She felt the younger witches walls tighten around her fingers. She knew she was close to coming and quickened her pace. She loved feeling the brunette's walls clinch, her body let go, and the ultimate end when she felt the sweet juices run over her fingers. She wanted to feel it, as if she had never felt it before.

Right then, she felt what she had been waiting for. Hermione let out a final moan and let go. Her body shook from pure bliss. Fleur moved her head up, keeping her fingers in her lover, letting her ride out her orgasm. She held the brunette close until she came down. She slowly removed her fingers and wrapped both arms around her lover.

It was silent for a minute, then the younger witch spoke. "Gods." She sounded out of breath. "I swear if I live a hundred years, you will never cease to stop pleasing me."

"Well, I think dat is a good ting, non?" Fleur's accent was heavy now. It was one of the things Hermione loved. No matter when they chose to please each other, Fleur's accent always came to the fore front. It reminded Hermione that Fleur could be herself around her and felt safe.

Hermione lifted her head to look in her lovers eyes. "I love you Fleur, with all my being."

"I love you too, darling."

The sealed the statement with a kiss.

After a few minutes of holding each other, they decided they better return to the party at hand.

As Hermione was finish dressing Fleur sat across the room looking intently at her. She noticed and turned to look at her. "See something you like dear?" She giggled.

"As a matter of fact, I do." Fleur grinned.

"What might that be?" Hermione laughed walking closer.

Fleur placed her hands on Hermione's hips. "All of it." She said snaking her hands under the brunette's shirt.

"Oh really? All of it?" Hermione questioned straddling her.

"Every. Single. Bit." Fleur said between dropping kisses on her lover's neck.

They started kissing again, quickly deepening the kiss.

Fleur pulled back and Hermione looked at her confused. "I was waiting on the perfect time and place, but I cannot go one more day without knowing." The blonde said, love and anxiousness coating her words. "Hermione, since we met my world has not been the same. Even during my time at Hogwarts for the tournament I could not stop thinking about you. Every challenge I kept thinking of your eyes, your voice, your laugh, it was the only thing that kept me going. When the war started I finally confessed to myself that I was in love with you. Since our time at Shell Cottage every thought has had you wrapped in it. Every plan was made with you in mind. When you agreed to go out with me that first date I knew then and there that this was it for me. No other would ever be able to take your place and I never wanted to be in this life without you beside me." Hermione was crying now. "Hermione, I love you with all of my heart, mind, soul, and body. Please, do me the honor and marry me." Hermione breathed out a breath she was unaware she was holding. Fleur looked up at her, a waiting look on her face. Hermione could not speak, through tear stained face she grinned from ear to ear and shook her head yes. She closed the distance between them and kissed her new fiancé with everything she had.

They kissed for what seemed like hours. Putting everything they had in that moment. Suddenly, they heard screaming and the sound of glass breaking. They shot up and out of the room. When they entered the store again they saw Deatheaters everywhere. Hermione saw one of the Deatheaters attacking Luna and quickly drew her wand and shot a disarming spell towards him. He looked and took off running. They tried to assess the situation as best they could and then jumped into action. Helping from the spot they were in as no other Deatheater had noticed them. After minutes of throwing disarming spells and shields they were spotted by none other than Bellatrix Lastrange herself.

"Well well well…if it isn't my little muddy." She shot a sinister grin.

"Don't you dare talk to her like that." Fleur shot back quickly stepping in front of her now fiancé.

"Oh, Muddy has a bodyguard now…and a pure blood none the less."

Fleur looked more and more pissed off as Bellatrix spoke.

"This should be fun." Bellatrix spat before shooting a curse in their direction. Hermione quickly put up a shield while Fleur quickly shot a spell back towards the black haired Deatheater.

This battle went on for a few minutes until one spell hit Hermione and the shield dropped. Bellatrix saw this as an opportunity and took it.

She quickly shot a curse at the blonde. Hermione didn't register what was said until it was too late. She looked up and saw the woman she loved fall to the floor.

"Noooooooo!" She yelled. She ran over to her and dropped to her knees. She looked up to see Bellatrix grinning. This made her blood boil. She felt herself becoming angrier by the second. She wanted to taste the bitch's blood. She wanted to rip her from limb to limb. She stood facing the black haired woman. Instantly she shot a spell in her direction. Then another and another. Over and over she shot, Bellatrix blocking each one. She was shocked. The young witch didn't have her wand, it laid on the ground next to Fleur's body. Finally, Bellatrix let her guard down for one moment, long enough for Hermione to see her chance. She shot a curse at her. The Deatheater fell to the ground shaking uncontrollably. Right then, another Deatheater saw this and shot Hermione a spell. With a wave of her hand she shielded herself. He kept throwing spells her way, distracting her from Narcissa running up and apparating them away.

She internally cursed herself, then she turned back to see the love of her life lying lifeless on the ground. She kneed beside her and held her. "Fleur, please, please don't leave me, please." She begged. However, she knew that no matter how much she begged she was not going to wake up. Ginny walked up behind her.

"Shit. Hermione. I'm…" She said as she knelt beside her best friend. She put her arm around her and held her close. They sat there for what seemed like hours.

Finally Hermione moved and kissed Fleur's lifeless lips. "I swear, if it is the last thing I do I will kill her. I love you Fleur."