"What is my purpose in life? What is my mission? It's strange only two Midgardian months ago I knew the answer. I was to take over this pitiful planet and finally prove myself to my father. To finally be viewed as an equal to my idiotic brother. That was my mission, my purpose.

And then I met her. That infatuating and infuriating mortal that seemed to posses magical powers that rivaled my own. I thought I had taken control of her mind, but it seemed as if she had really been the one who ruled mine. Her voice echoed through my head and her face always showed itself behind my eyelids.

When I take control of somebody's mind there was always a small part of them that remained present. With her it was her strange humor and I found myself forcing myself to laugh for her just to catch the way her face lit up when I did so. I'm not entirely sure when the laughter came readily or when I began to search for the woman.

I never went through with my plans to rule this world and I doubt my brother or father even know that I do live. I have even let go all of my prisoners; all except her. I was so sure my heart had frozen, had become incapable of emotions but somehow she thawed it out and brought me back to life.

It kills me knowing that she loves me only because she is unable to do otherwise, but the thought of living without her kills me even more.

I have a new mission in life now. To love my dear Darcy Lewis and protect the life that grows inside her and anymore that are to is my greatest mission, my glorious purpose."