Chap 1

Hazel Dorea Potter snarls as she storms down the street, no way in hell was she staying with her damned relatives a second longer. Not after Marge had insulted her parents, she'd barely managed to keep an accidental burst of magic from going after the detestable human, though she had managed to wandlessly use the copy charm on her uncle's signature. All she had to do was find someone with a deft hand to forge it for her and she was good to go to Hogsmeade. Forging was not her forte, she was good at pick pocketing, lock picking, and old fashioned breaking and entering. It was through these skills she'd gained her training as an acrobat and in hand to hand combat. A man by the name of Henri LeBeau had taken the time to train her and he had taught her French as well. She had her trunk in her pocket as she'd made sure it was self-shrinking. Her currently hazel eyes and blonde hair kept her from being recognized along with the headband she wore over her scar.

She reaches the park and mutters several obscenities under her breath, she'd sent Hedwig to Luna while Marge was around since Fred and George weren't an option being in Egypt to see their older brother Bill after their dad won a Galleon draw. That was when a clicking sound reached her ears and Hazel spins to her left, " Hullo, didn't think I'd see anyone in the park at this time of day. "

" Same here, what's wrong? " St. John Allerdyce was surprised to see a girl his age come storming into the park, so angry at first she hadn't even registered his presence. For that reason alone he had started clicking his lighter to let her know he was there. Something about her felt different, like she could be trusted, if his read of her body language was correct.

" Oh, my uncle's stupid sister pissed me off and I left before I did something incredibly daft. Hazel Evans. "

" St. John Allerdyce, call me John. What could you have done? " He knew she hadn't given him her true name, maybe the Hazel was correct but not the last name. The girl had street smarts, that was for sure.

" Oh, any number of things when I'm angry enough. "

" I'm a mutant, I can control fire but not start them. "

" Witch, broom riding, wand waving, potion brewing, spell casting witch. " Hazel says softly. She figured it was safe to tell him, as he had every reason to keep her secret, " I can get us a place to stay if you're willing to come with me. "

" I don't accept pity. "

" Nor do I, I want company, and you might be able to scare off idiots whom like them young. " Hazel retorts.

John takes in her appearance fully for the first time that night and winces, she was any bi or straight male's wet dream. " How old are you anyhow? "

" Thirteen. " Hazel answers and walks over to the curb, grateful she had wizarding money in her pockets, " Don't act surprised for the next little while, okay. "

John quirks an eyebrow but nods. Hazel sticks her wand out and a purple triple decker bus appears, she walks on with John right behind her, " Leaky Cauldron please, I'd also like a copy of the Quibbler. "

Hazel hands over the proper amount of money and John takes everything in, damn, he hadn't known about any of this and Hazel was trusting him enough to let him into her world. Once she has a room secured for them, they were currently cousins, she sets up the proper spells wandlessly and turns back into a female version of her father James Charlus Potter. John quirks an eyebrow, " How did you do that? "

" I'm what is known as a Metamorphagus, a shapeshifter. I'm too well known in the Magical World, John. "

" You want to be left alone for a little while. Not have to deal with the fans. " John didn't know how accurate that statement was at the time, he'd find out in the morning. He did know that Hazel seemed like someone that just wanted to fade away into the crowd and not stand out. That was what any decent thief wanted after all and Hazel had the look of a thief.

" Pretty much, my familiar, Hedwig is staying with a friend for the rest of the summer. I'll explain more in depth in the morning. "

Hazel now had her trunk out, she'd registered them under Dorea and Allen Thimblewimble. She pulls out some of Dudley's old clothes and tosses them to John, he looks at her, " Better than nothing. "

John sighs, realizing that she had a point, " Who the hell was the previous owner of these clothes, Dory? "

" My cousin Dudley Dursley. At least I have some clothes that fit semi-decently. " Hazel mutters.

Neither teen had any sense of modesty and just changed in front of each other, both curling up in one bed. Hazel snuggles closer upon realizing John's body temp was slightly hotter than a normal human's. She was sore from all the chores she'd had to do just to keep that bint sister of her uncle happy. John blinks until he feels how tense she really is and pulls her closer, letting his heat relax her stressed muscles. Hazel was out in seconds and John was surprised to find he didn't want to shove her away. Thankfully he hadn't yet had to resort to selling himself to survive here in England. Stealing, yeah, he had gone there, he had killed in self-defense but, he would never harm a kid.

For the first time in a long time the transplanted Australian actually felt safe, relaxed, and for some reason he felt Hazel Evans had something to do with it. He knew what it was like to be hated by your relatives though why was she living with her aunt, seeing as how her uncle's sister wasn't related to her. Though was the aunt maternal or paternal? Why the fuck was he even thinking about stuff like…his thoughts click off when Hazel snuggles closer, her burgeoning chest being rubbed against his side. That may be part of it, he happened to be attracted to her. Sure, she was a little short for her age but, she was growing in all the right places proportionately. She'd be a real looker when she finally reached full maturity.

When morning rolled around Hazel found herself wrapped up in her new friend's arms and yes, she did view him as a friend, he hadn't tried to take advantage of her. She lets herself relax, quite content to stay where she was, as she felt safe for the first time she could remember in her entire life except probably with her parents. Blue eyes look at her through slit lids and Hazel smiles, " Morning, I'm thinking we should get moving. "

Hazel was very quick to make it look like both beds had been used, replicated her trunk and got dressed before becoming Dorea again. Then she tells John everything about the alley they were about to explore, her life, and Hogwarts. Her bitter and sarcastic manner appealed to him. Then they were out the door, stopping for breakfast before going straight to Gringotts. Hazel pays for Inheritance tests for both of them. They were both shocked when John's family tree showed Bones blood. Hazel hands over her wand, " Give it a wave, John. "

Sparks shoot out of it and Hazel grins, " Griphook, this is going to be fun, can you arrange for him to get the education he needs to be a third year while we get these thrice damned blocks off of me and the Horcrux that is my scar. "

" That can be arranged, Heiress Potter. Mr. Allerdyce, Snarlfang will attend to you while we deal with Hazel's problems. " It was then that Hazel looked at her results for her Inheritance test.

Mother: Lily Potter nee Evans

Father: Remy LeBeau

Magical Father: James Charlus Potter through blood adoption


Metamorphagus: full access

Empathy: partial access 90 percent blocked

Kinetic Energy Absorption: 100 percent blocked

Kinetic Energy Manipulation: 80 percent blocked

Magic: 70 percent blocked

Parseltongue: full access

Umbrakinesis: 100 percent blocked

Umbraportation: 100 percent blocked

Telekinesis: 100 percent blocked

Hazel's eyes are wide as she takes in the fact that she wasn't James Potter's blood child. The power blocks were surprising too, " Griphook, what information do you have on Remy LeBeau and why isn't James my biological father? "

" James Potter was sterile and through IVF or in vitro fertilization with the help of a friend of your mother's she got pregnant with you. We've been collecting information on your father since it was first mentioned in case you ever wanted to know, though if your godfather were unable to take custody you were supposed to go to your father. " Griphook answers as a new goblin walks in while Griphook leads Hazel away.

John looks at the new goblin, and he did actually like the bloodthirsty chaps, " Honored warrior, how will you assist me in my endeavors to be at a third year level before the beginning of the school year? "

Sanrlfang grins, " I like you, kid. We have a few rooms that for every hour out here is a year in there, we'll also include lessons on Wizarding Politics, Wizarding Law, and the Founders' Rules for Hogwarts. First, we must get you fitted for a wand. "

" Can this wand be spelled to only be touched by me and return to me if I lose it or it gets stolen? " John asks, playing with his lighter.

" It can indeed, Mr. Allerdyce, and it will not have the Trace on it. This wand will be custom made for you as well. " Snarlfang says.

" I'd also like my lighter here to be spelled to always be able to be lit, return to my pocket if dropped or lost, and so I can't be disarmed of it as well. Honored warrior, I am a mutant and need my lighter so I can have my glorious battles. " John had always been good at reading body language, he'd had to get good at it lest he get beaten brutally by his father.

Snarlfang grins even wider, " That can be arranged, I'm sure Heiress Potter would not mind paying for that as well. Heiress Potter has decided on taking Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Healing. What extra classes would you like to take? "

" Runes, Creatures, and is it possible to study Magical Cultures? " John asks. There was no way in hell he was going to get caught flat-footed in this new world.

" You'd need to have a private tutor for that. "

They wander off to a Goblin wand maker named Gnarlfang, Snarlfang's brother. John's wand ended up having the fang of a Chinese Fireball as the core, it was fourteen inches long with a Ruby pommel, made out of Cocobolo wood. They also supplied him with a wand holster and applied the appropriate charms. John spent the next three hours learning what the Goblins had promised and even got to take his tests. They put his name on the list to Hogwarts as someone whom had studied at home until recently. Hazel emerged half an hour after him and John actually has to catch her, " She needs to rest but, she will be able to make it back to the Leaky Cauldron on her own. "

" Understood. May the blood of your enemies flow endlessly and true, Honored Goblins. We'll return when we can. "

After that the time flew by and they went shopping, got more lessons at Gringotts, John had decided to study Magical Cultures that way instead. Hazel had yet to read the packet of information about her biological father. Part of why she had been so tired was Gringotts had taken the time to make sure she had complete control of her abilities, especially the kinetic ones. Hazel learned that John had quite the potty mouth and Gringotts managed to get her uncle's signature for her. Neither one of them bothered with the second bed in their room. Hazel yawns as she awakens, she could feel Fred and George's magic, that meant the Weasley's had finally arrived. She slips out from John's arms and gets ready for the day. John was only seconds behind her, he always woke shortly after her, he told her he missed her presence once when she asked him.

" John, the Weasleys are here, so please keep your language clean around Mrs. Weasley. There is no way I want to endure one of her lectures. "

" I can do that, Dory. " John admits.

" Good, now, I'm gonna see if I can snatch the twins and get them up to speed. " Hazel murmurs and slips out the door ghost like.

The last living blood adopted Potter manages to grab Fred, " Get Forge, room 10. "

Fred blinks as Hazel Potter slips off, apparently she wanted to talk to him and George without the rest of the Weasley's present. The twins goggle when they see John and Hazel quickly brings them up to speed, " Hmm, you certainly have…" George starts.

" All the fun, Haze. " Fred finishes for his twin.

" Boys, we need to keep up with the fact that John and I are cousins, care to help? " Hazel asks.

Fred and George answer her with matching grins, " Of course, this promises to…" Fred starts.

" To be a damn good prank. " George finishes.

John snorts at this, " I think I'm going to fucking like you two. "

Hazel rolls her eyes, " Johnny, behave, would you? McGonagall will really ride your ass if you swear in front of her. Oh, the Sorting Hat allows you to choose your house. Considered me for Slytherin but, I had already met Draco. "

" Please, be in Gryffindor, somehow I get the feeling you will be a great prankster. " Fred says.

" Plus, you can help us keep the perverts away from Hazel. " George adds.

" I happen to be one of those perverts. " John admits.

" Maybe, but you have yet to break Haze's trust. Now, let's get to work on keeping you two as Dorea and Allen Thimblewimble until school starts. " the twins say together.

" This is gonna be fucking awesome, " John says half an hour later of intensive and slightly insane planning.

The other three in the room agreed with him. Hazel and John had gotten new wardrobes, though Hazel had taken to using slight glamours to hide her scar. Only the twins were ever able to recognize her when she used her abilities as a Metamorphagus. This meant that she and John would need to act like cousins in public still but, neither cared about that. On their outing the four go down Knockturn Alley to get some books, new wands that had no tracers on them, and some new boots. Hazel had also gotten John a Nimbus 2002 while upgrading the twin's brooms. She even got them pets, John ended up with a wyvern in a familiar bond while Fred ended up with a Kneazle and George's familiar turned out to be a Hellcat.

Hogwarts Charter stated all familiars were allowed so they made sure to fill out the proper paperwork at Gringotts and send it in. The rest of the Weasley family was still unaware of what was going on. Ron not knowing was something that Hazel considered a good thing, his only redeeming quality was the fact that he was a strategic genius. Hazel had gotten out her Wizarding chess set and the four took turns playing while also working out new pranks. The familiars had been accepted which for John was a really good thing.

Fred and George brought out the Marauders Map and started showing John where everything was. John paid close attention to this even as they went out into Mundane London to get him some more books, mail order catalogues, and the twins some clothes that they had Madam Malkins charm up the wazoo so they could blend in better. Then Hazel and John explained the non-magical mail system to the twins so they could keep in touch that way as well. They also got the twins records in the Mundane world with the help of the Goblins while getting them up to speed on Mundane subjects for their ages.

Fred and George actually thought it was great fun, plus they could see the value in having records in the Mundane World and learning how to get along their as well. John and Hazel taught them how to pick pockets, case places in order to steal from them, and how to get away with the things they pulled. They put these lessons to work right away with their mother and they learned how to read body language from the thieves as well. Hazel and John also taught them how to fight hand to hand as well, pointing out that if they lost their wands they were screwed. Hazel also had them work on wandless and silent magic.

They all saw the value in that and worked diligently to train those skills as Hazel had pointed out the Ministry couldn't track wandless magic. John had really taken to the fire spells and had mastered them first as they would help with his mutation. It was Hazel that led them to King's Cross Station and onto the platform. The four of them claimed a compartment while also dragging in Luna Lovegood and Lee Jordan. Hazel has her reunion with Hedwig, supplying her with a frozen mouse to eat. Once underway Hazel reverts to her true form after the blood adoption anyway, like a female James Potter, " All right, we need to figure out the beginning of the year prank, oh, St. John Allerdyce the small blonde is Luna Lovegood and the dreadlocked one is Lee Jordan. Lee, Luna, John Allerdyce, he's descended from a squib in the Bones line. "

" Just found out he has magic, right? " Luna asks shrewdly, she dropped her act around her true friends.

" I did, I wouldn't even know if Hazel and I hadn't met in that park when she left her relatives home. " John admits.

" I have to admit I was shocked to see him there but, something told me I could trust him, he could have just attacked me but didn't. " Hazel says firmly.

" Not to mention the fact that he's shared a room with you and never once tried to take advantage of you. " George admits, John had grown on him and Fred in the week they had been at the leaky Cauldron. They introduce John to Exploding Snap while Hazel and Luna play chess until the expected visit comes.

Hazel groans, " Go away Malfoy before I let Johnny play with fire. "

John perks up and eyes the newcomers, " A pretentious brat and goons, nice. Yeah, I really don't want to be in Slytherin if they're there. "

Malfoy goggles at the blonde, " Who are you? "

" A descendant of a squib in the Bones line and fire just adores me and I it. Incendio. "

Flames come to life and John starts to shape them easily. His wyvern, Flare, would soon be able to breath small amounts of fire. This would be very helpful to him the older he got. Draco's eyes widen as John casually plays with his falcon made out of flames, then he takes off. John was quick to put out the flames and resume the game of Exploding Snap. Everyone in the compartment was able to pass off what Draco told the Slytherin prefects very easily. Gringotts had also taken the time to teach the Weasley Twins, Hazel, and John Occulmency, even now they were working on their mental defenses. Hazel took inspiration from the Basilisk she had faced last year and used it.

That damn old goat was not going to be manipulating her much longer, that was for damn sure. She had discovered that her father's family owned several estates and the only reason they hadn't been at Potter Manor was because the wards were being redone. She had her heir ring and had received the same politic and law classes as John. This meant she'd chosen a new rep for her Wizengamot Seats, all three of the, Potter, Peverell, and Gryffindor. The rest of her summer had been spent getting up to date, finding a financial advisor, setting up an investment account for the joke shop the twins wanted open, getting a lawyer, and a public relations liason. Once she had taken care of everything that an heiress to a Most Ancient and Most Noble family needed to do she could focus on the upcoming school year. She had also gotten herself some new Quidditch gear and a new Nimbus 2000. She wanted a back-up broom, instinct was telling her that her first broom might end up in splinters.

It was then Hazel pulled out the information on her father and started to read all about his life. Her eyes narrow when she reads about Sinister and immediately starts to write a letter to Gringotts, Sinister needed to die and she would pay the Goblins to see to it that he did and all of his abhorrent research died with him. Her father was a great warrior and an honorable man for all he was a thief. She sends Hedwig off with her letter written in Gobbledegook, one of her lessons at Gringotts before the Weasleys had shown up. In fact she and John had learned so much she only remembered what she had learned when she needed it. She wasn't going to list off everything she had learned that summer.

She and John both had extensive libraries of magical and mundane books of several varieties. They were going to make sure they were very well prepared for whatever may come.

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