Chapter 3

X-Men HQ:

Remy rolls his shoulders as he goes through his early morning workout. He'd gotten most of his rage out but, that didn't mean the Cajun wasn't still pissed. Jubilee was one of the adult graduates so to speak. Scott, Jean, and Rogue were still in their teens while Beast was using an image inducer to remain as a teacher at Bayville High. Remy normally wasn't here but, the Danger Room was the best place for him to work out his anger, barring that Logan could fight him straight up and Remy wouldn't have to hold back. Bobby was also a teenager at the Institute.

" Gumbo, Chuck's gonna want some kind of explanation. " Logan says.

" Remy be tellin' no one else till Remy wants ta. "

Thankfully his powers kept telepaths out of his thoughts for the most part as he really didn't need overly nosy well-meaning teenaged red-headed telepaths getting into his head. He also made sure to avoid Rogue for the moment, she did not need to see his memories. " I hear ya, Gumbo. How is this gonna work out though? "

Remy pauses as a black dog approaches them and he rolls his eyes, " Padfoot, ya old houn' dog, have ya lost what little sense ya had? "

Logan blinks when the dogs turns into a man, " Your concerns needed to be addressed in person, Remy. Prongslet will be fine on her own, she apparently has inherited Lily's temper and somehow got a hold of her journals. Including the one that chronicled the development of her exploding castration hex. "

" Mon dieu, not dat one. Lily was scary 'nough wit'out developin' dat hex. " Remy says, he'd witnessed the red head's temper in action.

" Yeah, and you raised some very good points, plus, in the month and a half I've been observing my dear goddaughter she and her group have caught Peter. She used her power as the Heir to the Potter family to call for Madam Bones directly, head of the DMLE or Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I'm free but, I'll be her Magical Guardian. James and Lily wanted her to be raised by you if the worst happened. She was left with Petunia. "

Logan curses when he sees the set of Remy's body, " Come at me, Gumbo, Danger Room ain't gonna be fixed for a while. "

Remy extends his staff, made of Adamantium, and attacks Logan full on. The feral mutant winces as the Cajun holds nothing back, " Why is it a bad thing about her being left with this Petunia person? "

Sirius understands that Logan was asking him, " Petunia hates magic and mutants. " Sirius replies simply.

" Shit, no wonder Gumbo's pissed again. Took seven hours for him to wear himself out the last time. "

Sirius sighs, " Petrificus Totalus Maxima! "

Remy curses internally, " Remy, I know you're pissed, I am too, but you won't help her by doing this. The old goat tried to keep her ignorant and she's defying him at every turn. I've seen her lift pounds and gold off idiot wealthy people. Break in and steal high end stuff, even without knowing you she is still very much your fille though you'll end up getting a second mutant with her. St. John Allerdyce is his name and at first she took to him simply as a means to keep the creeps and perverts away. His mutant talent is the manipulation of flame not the creation. "

Sirius releases his spell and Remy sighs, " Remy jus' hate da fact dat he was tol' his fille was dead. "

" Who told you? "

" Dat old goat. Ah tol' Lily not ta trust 'im. Ta let me take our fille wit' me as Ah left England. "

" They would have been safe if I hadn't convinced them to use Peter as their Secret Keeper, who would expect it? " Sirius asks.

" 'e turned inta a rat, what did ya 'pect, Sirius, Mon Ami? " Remy says flatly.

" Okay, his animagus form should have been major clue as to his character. I should never have suspected Moony though. "


The first day of classes Hazel and John arrive at the Gryffindor table after a morning workout to eat breakfast. Hazel had Dobby making their food now as she didn't want as much greasy stuff, she wanted a well-balanced diet. Dobby was over the moon about the fact that he was working for the great Hazel Potter and allowed to take care of her and her friends. He even learned how to make some of John's favorite dishes which mostly consisted of kangaroo meat or emu eggs plus native fruit salads. The twins and Lee Jordan were benefitting from a balanced diet as well. Luna and little Melissa joined them once they had their schedules, after Luna gave the firstie a tour so she knew where her classes were.


Charms: 9:00-10:00

Free Hour: 10:05-11:05

History of Magic: 11:10-12:10

Lunch 12:13-1:30

Defense Against the Dark Arts: 2:00-3:30


Double Transfiguration: 9:00-11:00

Herbology: 11:10-12:10

Lunch: 12:13-1:30

Ancient Runes: 2:00-3:00

Arithmancy: 3:05-4:05


History: 9:00-10:00

Care of Magical Creatures: 10:05-11:35

Study Period: 11:40-12-10

Lunch: 12:13-1:30

Double Charms: 2:00-4:00

Astronomy: 12:00-1:00


Free Period: 9:00-11:00

Herbology: 11:05-12:10

Lunch: 12:13-1:30

Transfiguration: 2:00-3:00

Ancient Runes: 3:05-4:05


Care of Magical Creatures: 9:00-10:00

Defense Against the Dark Arts: 10:05-11:05

Arithmancy: 11:10-12:10

Lunch: 12:13-1:30

Healing(theoretical): 2:00-3:00

Potions(theoretical): 3:05-4:05


Double Potions(Hazel, John, Luna, Fred, and George): 9:00-11:00

Healing(theoretical): 11:05-12:05

Lunch: 12:10-1:30

Healing(practical)- 2:00-3:00

That was Hazel and John's schedule. Potions they shared with Luna, Fred, and George and Lee hadn't decided if he would join them or not. Hazel had contacted her Potions teacher and informed her that two more may be added. The Potion's Mistress Selma Misslewhissle had no problem with this as she knew Britain needed more Potion's masters and mistresses and the numbers had dropped ever since Severus Snape became the Potions teacher at Hogwarts. When told one was a Ravenclaw firstie Mistress Misslewhissle was all for it.

Dumbledore was not thrilled his puppet had hired her own tutor and even less than thrilled when Augusta Longbottom hired one for her grandson but, Hogwarts Charter stated that heirs were allowed to hire their own tutors. Hazel was also thinking about exploiting the heirs were allowed bodyguards rule too if the old goat annoyed her too much. Maybe use her biological dad as her bodyguard, now that would be fun.

In his office Dumbledore feels a shiver of apprehension travel up his spine, he'd only felt this when the Marauders had meant to prank his and he still didn't know how they had managed to do it the times they targeted him. Somehow he got the feeling that Miss Potter was going to make things much more difficult for him. John and Hazel used their free period that day to work on obscure spells and their other abilities. They knew damn well they had to be ready for anything and everything that could come their way. Not to mention the fact that Hazel wanted to find a way to destroy the Dementors and not just drive them off.

That was something worth looking into and the rest of the Hogwarts pranksters were also going to work on that when they had the time. Fred and George were working on getting the cage ready while Loki and Hermione Granger's pet Crookshanks were keeping tabs on Pettigrew. Hazel had Dobby feed up the black dog that was hanging around, she recognized her magically bound godfather and realized that because of that he was innocent, not to mention the fact that she had never really liked Uncle Wormy to begin with. She was going to make damn certain that the damn rat rotted in jail for what had happened to her parents, her godfather, and herself.

Little Melissa had fun hanging out with Luna and the rest of the group. Hazel had pointed out that they needed to corrupt others in order to keep the proper chaos quotient up in Hogwarts after they left. Fred and George had immediately jumped upon that notion, helping her to corrupt Colin Creevy, Luna was already quite the prankster, she just needed guidance. Melissa was only the first of the younger ones to be corrupted into the way of pranks and not just magical pranks, mundane ones as well. Hazel had made sure to get a full chemistry set that she set up in the Chamber of Secrets the instant she could.

With the help of Dobby they were getting the intel they needed on Slytherin house to add dye to their shampoo and conditioner the mundane way. Hazel was able to pranks the girl's dorms in Gryffindor, Luna handled Ravenclaw, and they had no one in the other towers yet. Leanne was a possibility for a female in Hufflepuff and maybe Daphne Greengrass for Slytherin. They needed to be able to cause mayhem the likes of which the Marauders had never been able to accomplish. If they managed to cross house boundaries to do so then that would be all the more fun.

Soon their days took on a distinct pattern though thankfully Hazel was able to keep the blonde ponce known as Malfoy from making an arse of himself and insulting a Hippogriff. Hazel sends a look Daphne's way and the pureblood female rolls her eyes at the look. She knew what Hazel was asking, why the hell couldn't they keep Draco on a leash. Daphne honestly wanted to know why as well since Draco honestly hadn't an ounce of cunning. Daphne meets up with Hazel in the loo, " If we could control the prat we would. Crabbe and Goyle at least have some common sense. Draco has none and yet he rules the snake pit. "

" Honestly if I hadn't met Draco before Hogwarts and the fact that he reminded of my mundane cousin Dudley I probably wouldn't have minded Slytherin. There was no way in hell I was going to Slytherin after meeting him. The hat seriously considered putting me in your house, you know. " Hazel says.

" You would have killed Draco outright. "

" Ponce deserves it. Now, what is your view on pranks and are you willing to help me and mine prank Slytherin house? " Hazel asks, they were in Myrtle's bathroom.

Daphne's cold visage takes on a smirk only a prankster could recognize, " I'll even teach you the fine art of mundane pranking which means learning chemistry which is similar to Potions. Thankfully I don't have to deal with the dungeon bat anymore, Daph, he treats me like shit because of James Potter, how is that fair? "

Daphne had to admit the Gryffindor had a point with that, " Where should I meet up with you guys. "

Hazel was quick to explain about the Room of Requirements and how to get into it. Daphne grins at that, finally she would be allowed to let down her ice queen demeanor, if only for a little bit, " If you know her, try and sound out Leanne. I want to try and get someone in every house and make sure to keep up the chaos quotient once some of the older ones start to graduate. Plus, by Loki I know damn well the Dark Tosser will be back. His name is Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. and he's a hypocrite what with him being a half-blood. Yeah, he's not even a Pureblood, Daphne. "

Daphne smirks nastily at this and promises herself to do the research and point that out in the Slytherin Common Room, the Heir of Slytherin being a half-blood would not go over well with anyone. Plus, she would finally get to let her inner prankster out. Hazel refused to tell her that James Potter was only her Magical Father until Daphne proved her worth and that Hazel would have her swear a Wizards Oath to conceal that information or cast the Fidelius around it so she wouldn't have people blabbing it about no matter what. There was no way in hell she was letting anyone find out about that until after she had consolidated her power. Wizarding Britain needed a serious wake up call. " Daph, you need to get records in the mundane world, otherwise they'll get suspicious. Where do you think John and I got out telescopes. The Mundane ones are a helluva lot better than the Magical ones. Not to mention you Purebloods get up in arms about Mundane borns wanting to change things yet you expect them to give up everything and most of all the jobs can only be gotten by testosterone laden imbecilic buffoons whom will ruin this world with the stupid creature laws that are in place. "

Daphne winces when Hazel lays it out for her like that. She hadn't thought of it from the perspective of those entering this world. " Plus, there are laws in place to protect women and children in the Mundane world. Then there's also the fact that the Ministry of Magic should be answering to the Queen. "

Now the blonde pureblood pales, " Shit, I forgot about that, we all did. "

" I learned at Gringotts in one of their special rooms. The old goat wants me to be an ill- informed heiress. I refuse to dance to his tune and you should be making up your own mind. Stop being a sheeple and make choices for yourself, well informed choices might I add. At least you know that you shouldn't blindly trust the word of a teacher. Hermione believes that books and Dumbledore are gospel. "

" I realized that. I'll start doing the research right now and making subtle inquiries to the Queen and hope to hell I can redeem the Greengrass name. "

" I have Potter, Peverell, and Gryffindor to look over. Oh, wait my magical godfather named me his heiress as well which will give me the Black family as well. "

Daphne looks at her, " That means that Sirius Black is innocent. "

" Plus, he was chucked into Azkaban without a trial, the Lord of a Most Ancient and Most Noble family had that happen to him all so Dumbledore could try and be my puppeteer. I'm cutting the strings and things will be shaken up. The Purebloods need to get their heads out of their asses. Be careful about whom you sound out, Heiress Greengrass. "

" I will, Heiress Potter. You're right the new generation needs to change things up. "

" Precisely, we need to start figuring out how to make it so dark lords and ladies don't keep cropping up and all of them pretty much spouting off the same nonsense. Dear Morgana, I doubt she had to deal with this shite! "

Daphne had to admit Hazel probably had a point with that as well. Lady Morgana would never have tolerated anyone treating her how the Purebloods treat the Mundane born students. Merlin wouldn't have either, magic is magic, and everyone happened to be human. " Please don't tell me Salazar started this nonsense, Daph, now go sound out those closest to you, and tell them to do the damn research before they run at the mouth. "

Daphne grins, " I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, Heiress Potter, what kind of relationship remains to be seen. "

" Myrtle, are we clear? "

" You are, Hazel. "

" Oh, yeah, Salazar's Chamber's Entrance is in here, Daph, just don't tell the other Slytherins. Plus, you have to be a Parselmouth to get in. "

Daphne smirks and her ice queen persona is back in place, they leave at separate times and the Potter Heiress rolls her shoulders, she would change Magical Britain for the better. It bloody well needed to be done. The Purebloods needed to have a bloody wake up call and get their heads out of their arses. If she could find out where they lived she would bloody well rob them blind. Then again with how many of them willingly took the mark to begin with and when she beat the Dark Tosser she could just claim their vaults through right of conquest. Oh, the look on Malfoy's face when she did that.

When she enters the Room of Requirements the older pranksters pale, " Dear Merlin, not that look. She only gets that one when she's plotting something truly devious. " Lee says.

" Just plotting for when I kill the Dark Tosser off. See anyone whom bears his mark once I kill him I can claim their vaults through right of conquest. Now, imagine the look on Draco's face when I do that. " Hazel says.

" Good reason for that look. Colin simply has to get a picture of that. " the twins say together.

" Yeah, but I still have to find the rest of the Horcruxes before I can get rid of Tommy-boy. " Hazel says.

" Well, there was your scar, the diary, the diadem, and the goblins found Hufflepuff's cup in Bellatrix's vault. He probably went for seven then. " George muses out loud.

" True, there'd be something of Slytherin's. Room, I need pictures of all of Slytherin's artifacts and heirlooms. " John says out loud.

All five currently present start poring over the books and pictures, " Best bet would be this locket. " Lee says half an hour later.

They all take a good look at the locket, " Dobby. "

" Yes, Mistress Hazel? "

" Do you know whom the Black family elf is? "

" Would be Kreacher, Miss. "

" Thank you, Dobby. Go make sure Luna and Melissa aren't being bullied, if they are subtly deal with it. "

" Yes, Misstress Hazel. " Dobby says and pops out.

" Kreacher! "

" What does the filthy half-blood want? " Kreacher asks.

She shows him a picture of Slytherin's locket, " Have you seen this, if so, take it to the Goblins and they can destroy it. Tell them Heiress Potter sent you and that you have a Horcrux of the Dark Tosser's. "

" Master Regulus order Kreacher to destroy it but Kreacher not able to. "

" The Goblins can and then you are to help take care of Sirius so once we catch the traitor known as Pettigrew he will be fit to stand trial. Dobby, the Potter family Head Elf is also taking care of my magically bound godfather. " Hazel says.

" Understood, filthy half-blood. "

" Good, oh, do not associate with Narcissa, Draco, or Bellatrix, they are unworthy of the Black name as Narcissa has allowed herself to be ruled by an idiot male and Bella is too damn insane. Draco, well, he's unworthy of being a Slytherin, not one ounce of cunning in him. Ambition, yeah, but no cunning. "

" Understood, filthy half-blood. " Kreacher says and pops out.

" That takes care of another one. So, now we need to figure out where the other two are. If we can get rid of the damn things quickly enough then we may be able to get out of here for a little while until we can figure out how to get certain individuals out of power. " Fred admits.

" Well, first of all someone needs to bring back the Prewett family and start gaining political capital. We need to make sure our generation has a consolidated power block, otherwise we're screwed because another Dark Tosser will just crop up. " Hazel says.

" Hazel raises a very good point. Daddy is willing to help whatever agenda you wish to push forward. " Luna says as she and Melissa join them.

" Equality for all sentient species. The werewolves and vampires join him because they're so oppressed here. Our new DATDA teacher is a werewolf, I want a wizard's oath from all of you to not reveal that tidbit, Uncle Moony can tell me about my parents. I'm hoping to hire him on as a tutor once this year is over. "

" It would be nice and with you paying him he'd easily be able to get his potion. " George says.

" Though he needs to learn to work in harmony with his inner animal. " Hazel says.

" True, but not many think of it like that. The way our society is set up means that anyone different is looked down on. " Fred murmurs.

" Sadly you speak the truth, my step-mother is known as Storm, one of the X-Men and she blood adopted me. That's how I have electrokinesis and we're still not sure if I'll develop anymore of her abilities or not. She controls the very weather. " Luna says.

" I'm a half-blood but I understand what you mean to do. This world needs a serious wake up call and whom better to deliver it then the Girl-Who-Lived? " Melissa asks.

Hazel groans at this though she could work with that political capital, " Luna, I'm going to contact my PR person and I do have one now and set up an interview with the Quibbler, hell, I'll speak exclusively with the Quibbler. I need to start setting the stage now. "

It was a Sunday when the cage was ready and the seven friends were finally ready to deal with the traitorous rat. George was easily able to borrow him from Ron and bring him to the room and put him in the cage. Once the cage is shut and locked George smirks, a smirk Peter Pettigrew recognized from being friends with Sirius and James. He'd been found out and out played by the new Hogwarts Trouble-Makers-In-Chief. Hazel sends Dobby off with a message for Amelia Bones, the Head of the DMLE. Oh, Dumbledore would not be happy with her but, she really didn't give a flying fuck about that.

Amelia Bones was stunned when she was given a rat by the Potter Heiress, two Weasleys, and the Lovegood Heiress. More stunned when asked to check if the rat was an animagus or not. She does so and her eyes narrow then she sees the missing toe and every piece falls into place. She had never believed Sirius was guilty. No magically bound godparent could harm their godchild like that. " Well, Peter Pettigrew, you faked your death and framed Sirius for your crimes, huh? "

Up at the Staff Table Remus Lupin stiffens, Peter alive, Sirius innocent. That pathetic little rat had turned on the pack. Hazel flashes her Uncle Moony a grin and the werewolf realizes whom had orchestrated all of this. Apparently Hazel had the smarts of all three of her parents rolled into one.

A week later the headlines all read essentially the same thing. SIRIUS BLACK INNOCENT! Several of them also went into how he never received a trial, how he was Hazel Potter's magically bound godfather, and then the fact that he was suing the Ministry and Wizengamot for failing to grant him a trial. The Black, Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor, and Slytherin lines didn't need to pay him. Every other member of the Wizengamot and those that had, had a hand in his illegal incarceration had to pay him through the nose. Cornelius Fudge barely kept his job, Bartemius Crouch Sr. was sacked outright for dereliction on duty. Delores Jane Umbridge was found out to be skimming from the orphans fund and promptly sacked with no hope of ever getting a government job again.

Fred reads the articles out loud while the others work on their essays. John and Hazel were having fun with their Healing classes. Hazel was actually enjoying Potions now that she had a competent teacher. Melissa had stuck with Snape for two classes before she wrote to her parents and asked to be a part of Hazel's private lessons. Neither of her parents had a problem with that and Hazel worked out a deal with them. Apparently Melissa's mother was working on using communication mirrors like cell phones. She'd send some to Hazel and her group for testing while Hazel would invest in her business. The Potter heiress was also investing in the twins' future joke shop, it promised to be good.

The mirror thing would go over well with the mundane born and half-bloods so they could stay in touch with their family's easier. Daphne had managed to get Theodore Nott on board as he too was realizing how stupid the purebloods were being. Daphne had also shown him the research she had done into the Dark Lord's genealogy. That had been all Theodore needed to realize the Dark Tosser was one of the biggest hypocrites around. They had been attending the meetings of the Trouble-Makers-In-Chief and had realized just how far behind the purebloods were in comparison to the mundanes. They'd seen Hazel and John's telescopes, having even used them.

Theo had managed to get Ernie MacMillan on board as well. The Hufflepuff had quickly come around after reading several mundane history books. Like Daphne and Theo he realized the need for change and would rather throw his lot in with Hazel than the Ministry which was way too damn corrupt, even with the house cleaning that had happened due to the mess that was Sirius Black's lack of trial. With him he'd brought Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot, this meant all the houses were represented now. Hazel was currently working with all of her friends to hash out a proper equality bill, only after they got the idiots out of office.

Theo looks at Hazel, they were meeting in the Chamber of Secrets, " I must admit, giving Draco pink hair was a genius stroke, using his shampoo, and he has yet to figure it out. "

" Hey, chemistry rocks, mundanes have numerous ways to pull pranks and when you're plugged into the prankster network you can get access to a lot of stuff. " Hazel says, Colin was also with them so he could safely develop the pictures he'd been taking. They'd found several more rooms in the Chamber and one was Colin's Dark Room. They were still looking through the books Salazar had collected and hit with preservation charms that they had renewed. Dobby and Kreacher were working to clean the Chamber up and Hazel had found another entrance as well.

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