Hey guys! Hold in there! Chapter 4 is- wait for it- ACTUALLY HAPPENING! GASP! I know, right? After three months' worth of tumblr and reading, Kero is finally working on Six Feet Under. It's probably the only one of my ongoing fanfics I'll be writing for in a while, but that's better than none of them. To tide off your patience, here's a snippet from the upcoming chapter:

"What a warm welcome," Holly commented. She sat down abruptly on her own bunk.

"I am famous among the campers for being a very warm and fuzzy individual. You're Holly, right?" He managed to indicate, by a minute change of expression, that she had passed cursory examination and would now be subject to a skeptical glare.

"Yep. And you're Nico, complete with angst and dark hair. I think my life has a type."

He stared at her for a beat. "Yeah, I'm not even going to ask. Do you like burgers? Awesome. Let's go to McDonalds and figure out how the hell you happened."