Rings of Fate

On September 22, 2552, our world; our galaxy fell for a second time. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn never made it to the Alpha Halo. The Covenant unleashed the Flood, the Monitors fired the Halo Rings were annihilating all sentient life...as far as we know.

We are what remains. A motley band of UNSC soldiers, Insurrectionist, colonial refugees, and rebel Covenant forces; we were all abducted by the Forerunner machine that calls itself the 'Sanctuary'. It is a massive and mobile Shield World(our best estimates put the Sanctuary's radius around 2,000 km, about the size of Earth's moon). It has been collecting life forms, be they Human, Covenant, or otherwise, for at least 30 years.

My name is William Fennell. I was born on March 24th, 2511 on the remote Outer Colony world of Tyrell IV. I don't remember much of our world as I, along with the entire colony, were taken into Sanctuary when I was 11. That was thirty years ago.

Now, we are a successful colony tens of thousands strong, building our homes inside the Biosphere at the heart of the Sanctuary. It took time, but we have been able to keep the peace between the UNSC and the Covenant forces in the Biosphere.

Attempts to enter the rest of the facility have been denied, as conventional weapons have not been able to breach the energy barriers surrounding the Biosphere. The key to our escape appears to be the large ring that stands in the center of the Biosphere. It is covered in strange symbols, with a writing style that doesn't match any known language. Our scientists have theorized that the device should be capable of generating a wormhole, allowing us to cross distances faster than even a slipspace drive, but so far we haven't found a way to activate it.

But now everything has changed. Our newest arrival, a SPARTAN named Asger, has told us of the Halos, and the end of all life. Our species has been wiped from existence, our worlds vanished in the blink of an eye.

We will do what we can, and carry on the legacy of humanity. I fear for the trials ahead. Our numbers, once in the billions, are so few. If we fail, if we are destroyed we will be forgotten. Our history, our heritage as the peoples of Earth will disappear; every sacrifice we have ever made, every goal we have ever strived for will have been in vain.

I will not let this happen, no matter the cost.