AN- Hello! This is my first South Park submission, so please be kind. Anyway I'm sure that many of you have thought about Kenny's origins, and are curious about the reason he can't die. That's the thought that created this series of little one shots. I had a little help from twinkels when I was writing them. Oh, and feel free to use anything in your stories- just please send me a link, I would love to have a read!

Kenny was... different.

He had something that many other children didn't.

Many have wished for it, in fact many adults claim that it's their greatest dream.

Kenny didn't want his so called 'gift'.

He would do anything to get rid of his curse.


What people didn't realise is that, the pain was still there.

The tires crushing your weak fragile body. As the truck came speeding out of nowhere.

Your head being torn from your neck. As the football team decided to become a little more violent.

The flames slowly eating away at your flesh. As your friends just stand there in shock.

The last thing you see, the pole lodged straight through your chest. As the flag is painted crimson.

You know it's coming.

You don't know when.

But you know it's coming.

However the most heartbreaking thing is, you just wake up.

There is no trace of what occurred the day before.

No one remembered.

"You don't remember what happened last night?"

"Dude you were harassing those raisins girls again."

"No guys, what happened after I harassed those raisins girls?"

"You went home."

"NO! I got run over! Again! You lot were all there! You screamed oh my 'God they killed kenny!', And you screamed 'You bastard!'"

"I think we would remember something like that, dude. Look if you are cheesing again. Tell us, we can help you."

"No Kinneh sniffs paint's cheaper. Poor piece of crap!"

"I don't sniff paint!...Anymore...That often... Anyway! That's not the point, I just died and apparently you lot don't care!"

"Kenny, of course we would care if you died! Your our friend!

"Your scaring me, Kenny, please, if you really honestly think that you died. Go and get some help."

"Stan's right dude, dreams that bad can't be healthy."

"It wasn't a dream! You don't feel pain in dreams! Well I felt pain, so much pain!"

"Wow, someone got their period today."

No one else had that power.

Pip didn't come back.

Chef didn't come back.

So why did he?

What about his family?

Would they come back?

Yeah, they were poor, alcoholic drug addicts, but they still loved each other.

They just did stupid things ,and didn't realise until it was far too late.

But they are trying to improve.

His dreams were always the same. But he never fully remembered them

A dark room.

A dark, candle lit room with three hooded figures.

They were talking, well, arguing but it was hard to make out what they were saying.

" must be done..."

"...he's my baby..."

"...what's going on..."

"...we agreed didn't we..."

"...not to this, never to this..."

" drink my KENNY! booze, you do what I... KENNY!"


"KENNY!, Wake up! Garrison is asking you a question!"

The dark room lit up and became the all too familiar classroom. This had been one of many times Kenny had fallen asleep during class and yet again he was having the all to familiar series of dreams. They had been happening for who know how long now, and yet he was never able to finish them.

"Kenny, answer the God dam question!"

He would have to get this right. He had to take a guess.

"A giant slut?" Kenny carefully answered.

"Oh, so you were listening. Right then homework is due tomorrow, so read through chapters four through twenty-three in your books. Now get out of my sight!"

The class rushed out.

The answers were always just out of reach.