I woke up beside Viridi, we were still in that shed thing she said that was for emergencies. I lept up for you probably know what reason.

"Viridi?" I shook her awake.

"Hmm… Go away" She mumbled. I rolled my eyes and turned her onto her back. I hope I wasn't being a pervert when I scanned the area around her- umm, yeah…

Well nothing was there at least! I mean her clothes are there and everything. There wasn't any pee though.

A huge blush on my face I shrugged and walked out of the shed and looked back at the ruins. My stupid goddess Palutena. As you know she recently just bombed Viridi's garden. She thought she was doing something good too! Is it just me or she gotten more dumb over the years?

"Viridi" I walked back into the shed and stared at Viridi. We've never actually gotten so deep into our relationship before. It's true we were never quite ready for that stuff. I just felt so attracted to her right now. Just sleeping there. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I knew it would probably result in me being punched in the face.

I sat next to her and lightly shook her again. She groaned and sat up, her hair wildly messed up. She sighed when she realized where we are. I knew she remembered about my stupid goddess. I was starting to think Pandora wasn't so bad as the goddess of calamity.

"Hey." I smiled at her and stood up holding my hand to help her up, "good morning!" She took my hand and I helped her up.

"Well, what now?" That was a good question. I thought for a moment.

"How about while I think, you find somewhere to go pee..." I suggested. She glared at me before nodding and heading off.

How about I take her somewhere fun, not too far away from home. Again for the same reason as before. Wow I really have got to be more specific. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've got my plan, just a little convincing to do.


I finished doing my business in a small area behind some rocks into a forest nearby. The scenery was quite breathtaking actually. The forest ended off with a cliff with a stream running below. The forest had many different levels of plants and trees, with the perfect amount of light peeking through.

I did my business and made my way back to the ruins of my once beautiful garden. I spotted Pit just walking back from somewhere that was behind a couple of trees.

"You took quite a while." He didn't quite yell but said it loud enough for me to hear. I shrugged, fully realizing.

"Yeah… I guess I did." I gave him an annoyed look. Pit just shrugged it off, taking my hand he sat me down on a nearby rock.

"So… I have an idea!" I nodded for him to continue, "I got us front row seats to a circus show!" He smiled, really excitedly.

"A circus?" I gasped, "do you know what savage humans do to those animals!?" I jumped off and gave him the dirtiest look I could.

"No! It's an all people circus!" He nodded, "Just sit back down and enjoy."

"What?" I was very confused.

I sat there as Pit waved his hands to Dark Pit and Phos, who were hiding behind a tree. Dark Pit ran out with a clown suit on and Phosphora came out in a ladies typeroper outfit.

"Ta da" Dark Pit said, unenthusiastecly. I had to hold in my laughter as they started to do what they had 2 minutes to rehearse. I have to say, they were terrible. Not helping that Pit kept coming into it trying to show them what to do!

"No Pittoo, like this!" Pit showed Dark Pit quickly how to juggle the carrots again, "Phosphora, it's 2 inches off the ground! Why can't you do it?" Pit face palmed. Phosphora scowled.

"I didn't choose this…" She crossed her arms, turning away from the "type rope"

"Make it higher, so she'll have no choice but to do it for her life!" The darker angel Laughed.

Pit actually ended up not trying anymore, and just sat there in the mess of the Psycho Pittoo, and not-so Fantastic Phosphora.

I sat there laughing at the pea brains. Happens every time Pit tries to do something fun. I sighed.

"Pit," I got up and walked over to him. "The "circus" is great but, you know, you got to stop worrying about me. I mean like, not taking me anywhere risky because of this pee problem. I'll think of something to get rid of this problem, but it kind of seems I'm in the way of you doing the things you want." I shrugged hopelessly at the sight of Dark Pit and Phosphora.

"What!?" Pit seemed shocked. "Viridi no! I'm not wasting my time with you!"

"Anway, I think I need some time to think alone about the situation I'm in right now…" I smiled at him, looking around at my mess of a garden. hoping to give off the vibe that I'm not mad or sad.

"Oh, uhh… Alright." He stared off to the side, "Palutena probably needs some help around the temple then!" He nodded and waved a goodbye, before running off.

I watched him till he had to take a break from running too far in one go. I couldn't help but think how pathetic he can be. No offence of course.

I activated the power of flight in his wings. He looked surprised but when he turned back to look at me, he gave me a smile before going off. Now that was just a little favour, since he couldn't contact his goddess without his laural wreath. Wait.

I turned back and saw he left it on the ground when he was helping the clumsy duo over there do their circus tricks. I picked it up and sighed. Oh well.

I looked at Pittoo and phosphora to see them already walking away. They were muttering some words I could't hear, and were walking about 3 metres apart. I giggled.

I started walking back to the untouched forest, wear I went before. The perfect place to think. I started running there when I got the sudden earge to go. I really wonder when this is going to end.

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