Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you've all enjoyed "A Heart with No Hope" with a passion. I spent many weeks jotting some of the chapters down, and it occasionally gave me a hard time. I wanted to make this as heartwarming as possible, and I wanted to make every bonding moment between DK and Diddy as adorable as possible. As far as many are concerned, it paid off big time!

And now, here's a fancy epilogue to this story before I close the back cover. I hope you all enjoy it!


Several weeks had gone by since Diddy and Dixie met. The two young monkeys gradually learned so much about each other when they went on dates and island adventures together. Diddy, of course, had to tell DK each time that he wanted to go on an adventure with Dixie, so that his uncle wouldn't get worried again. As an additional plus, Diddy finally started to realize what romance was all about whenever he was with Dixie, and within a week, they started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, much to the delight of many of the Kongs who were close to DK and Diddy, such as Candy, Funky and Wrinkly. Heck, even Cranky seemed somewhat impressed when he heard the news from DK!

At Kong Kollege, some of Diddy's classmates finally began to settle down on the bullying. Wrinkly's month-long detention and Cranky's anti-bullying group had done a great job at disciplining some of the students. Needless to say, Fomali was an exception. He still had his thoughts on killing Diddy, but he knew that with Wrinkly and Cranky putting the whole class on probation, he figured that the whole class could be expelled if he did commit the murder he wanted to, so he decided that now was the best time to hesitate. Some students still bullied Diddy in the jungle after school hours, but DK and Dixie were always there to keep him safe. Others simply stopped bullying him, but because the relationship between Diddy and his classmates was quite mutual, they still couldn't become friends with him.

Above all, Diddy was the happiest he had ever been in his life, despite still being bullied by classmates and being a long way from being recognized as a hero like DK. He hadn't felt happier than he had been since the day DK took him in to live with him. Diddy was a monkey with a happy heart!

One Saturday morning, DK and Diddy were relaxing together on their living room sofa. DK had Diddy sitting on his lap, and the ape was adorably hugging and cradling his nephew into a tight family cuddle. They kissed each others' faces from time to time just for big smiles and laughs.

"So, … how's my adorable nephew doing on this beautiful Saturday morning?" asked DK as he took a brief gaze out one of the living room windows, which was showing pure blue, cloudless sky.

"I feel so happy to be with you, and I feel so happy that life is getting better," answered Diddy in a cheerful tone that DK always loved to hear.

"I'm so happy to hear that you're so happy!" chuckled DK.

The gorilla planted a huge kiss on Diddy's lips, making the monkey blush and giggle happily.

"Mmmmmmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmm!" giggled Diddy with a smile plastered on his face as his uncle kissed him lovingly.

"I love you so much, little Diddy-buddy," said DK softly in Diddy's ear as he continued to cuddle him tightly.

"I love you so much, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy with such a cute smile.

"So, what do ya plan on doing today, little buddy?" asked DK.

"I'm gonna go on another date with Dixie!" answered Diddy excitedly.

Hearing that forced DK to fight back some giggles as he thought happily about his nephew's romantic relationship with Dixie.

"You know, I'm so excited for you that you finally have a monkey to hang out with almost every day," said DK happily.

"Aww, DK!" replied Diddy in a blushing chuckle, "I'm so happy to have one, too! Life sure hasn't been the same since Dixie entered my life!"

"You're such a lucky little monkey!" chuckled DK as he gave Diddy some more wiggles on his chest, making him giggle in ticklishness once again.

"Eeeekeeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeee!" laughed Diddy.

"I love everything about you when it comes to being my nephew, Diddy," said DK gently.

"Aww! DeeheeheeheeKahahahahay!" giggled Diddy happily.

"Well, little buddy, are ya ready to get going?" asked DK, "Brushed your teeth, and all that?"

"Yep!" answered Diddy, "Had my breakfast, brushed my teeth, showered myself with beautiful shampoo and everything! I'm so ready to go!"

No sooner did he say that when the doorbell rang.

Diddy instantly grew even more excited as he heard the sound of that doorbell. He immediately knew what that meant …

"It's Dixie!" the monkey shouted excitedly.

"I guess it's your lucky day, little Diddy-buddy!" chuckled DK.

Diddy immediately sprang off DK's lap and ran to the front door with so much excitement flowing through his veins. He couldn't wait to see Dixie's beautiful face!

The little monkey took a deep breath to calm himself down before he gently opened the front door …

Sure enough, there was Dixie; her delightful golden hair, pink clothes and gorgeous smile were now all Diddy could see! His eyes popped wide with wonder and happiness as he gazed into her.

"Hi, Dids!" greeted Dixie with her adorable voice.

"Hi, Dix!" replied Diddy excitedly.

Dixie took notice of Diddy's happy mood and couldn't help but smile at him.

"You look so excited today!" she commented.

"I am so excited, Dixie!" said Diddy eccentrically, "I can't wait to take a stroll to the beach and have so much fun with you!"

"Me neither, Diddy!" replied Dixie.

"Shall we?" asked Diddy.

"Yes, … we shall," answered Dixie.

"Have fun!" called DK from the living room sofa.

"Thanks, DK!" Diddy called back, "We will have fun! Lots of fun! See ya later, big buddy!"

"See ya later, little buddy!" replied DK.

Diddy closed the front door, then he took a moment to adore Dixie's irresistible looks. She looked as beautiful as ever on this Saturday morning!

"So, how are you today, my sweetie?" asked Diddy with his all-so-adorable monkey grin.

"I'm doing swell today, sweetheart," answered Dixie, "How about you?"

"I've doing great!" answered Diddy, "My uncle's as loving as ever for a family member, and everything at home is just as wonderful as ever!"

Dixie giggled at Diddy's happy words. She loved the sound of Diddy's voice when he was so happy and cheerful. It was music to her ears, just as her voice was to his.

"Well, wait are we waiting for, Dix!? Let's go!" said Diddy happily.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Diddy jumped off the porch and ran on all fours into the jungle.

"Hey! Wait for me, Dids!" shouted Dixie as she quickly jumped off and gave chase to her new boyfriend.

Diddy was running like a cheetah, only he couldn't match the speed of one. He felt that nothing could strike him down. With every step he took, he felt like the fastest runner on Kongo Bongo. He imagined that even his new girlfriend would struggle to keep up with him.

However, he barely completed about half of his journey to the beach when he looked back and noticed Dixie keeping up with him. This surprised him so much that he didn't know what to think of it. Diddy Kong could never imagine his speed being matched by anyone on Kongo Bongo!

Diddy tried to run faster, but he was seemingly going at his top speed. Dixie kept up with him throughout the rest of their journey until they reached the beach on the west coast of the island; the same beach where they first met.

The red-capped simian slowed to a stop to catch a breather, but he didn't get his chance to get his deep breaths as Dixie jumped onto him, and the two barrel-rolled down the sand and stopped next to a palm tree with Dixie on top of Diddy.

"Gotcha!" said Dixie eccentrically.

"Hey! Lemme up!" said Diddy with an evil look on his face.

Dixie spotted Diddy's evil look and only kept pinning him down.

However, Diddy wasn't just any ordinary monkey …

He shot himself up and brought Dixie down to the sand.

"Now, it's my turn!" Diddy shouted with an evil tone in his voice.

Dixie returned the evil look and gave her boyfriend another shove. In no time, the two playful monkeys were once again rolling around in the sand like a pair of little toddlers having so much fun.

It lasted for about ten seconds, while to them it felt like hours of rolling in the sand. It ended with Dixie on top of Diddy again.

"I win again!" said Dixie happily.

Diddy banged the back of his head against the sand, feeling defeated.

"I can beat DK so easily in this, but you're another story," commented Diddy in a slightly depressed tone.

"Aww, sweetie, don't take it so hard on yourself. After all, it's just a fun game where all that matters is how much fun we have," said Dixie in an effort to revive Diddy's mood of excitement.

Diddy looked into Dixie's eyes and could only grin at them. The way they shined created such a lovable sight that just about plastered a smile on his face.

"Your eyes are so beautiful," sighed Diddy, "I can't resist anymore. You're the most beautiful monkey I've ever seen in my life."

Dixie smiled and blushed at those words, feeling so much love sink into her heart. Then, she looked into Diddy's eyes and gazed at his smile. Every time he smiled, she found it to be so adorable that she wanted it to last forever.

"You have the most beautiful smile ever," commented Dixie, "If I could, I would make it last forever."

Diddy blushed as his smile grew even bigger. It now looked like nothing less than a pure monkey smile, which treated Dixie's eyes to an even more beautiful sight.

"I haven't felt so happy in my life before," said Diddy, "Ever since you entered my life, I've been so happy that there's no other way I can describe it."

"I feel the same," replied Dixie, "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life, too. I've felt that way since we fell in love with each other."

"This may sound a little forward, … but … I feel like I want you to be mine forever," said Diddy.

Dixie's eyes grew wide with wonder as she heard those words. She felt so ecstatic to hear how much Diddy loved her romantically.

Dixie's wide eyes nearly worried Diddy. He feared that he may have gone a little too far by saying that, … but that worry was soon taken away by what came next …

Dixie lowered her head and planted a big kiss on Diddy's lips, making him blush even harder. It quickly grew to the point where Diddy had no choice but to return the romantic kiss. In no time, the two were sucking each others' faces as they lied together in the sand, hugging each other.

After what felt like ages, the two stopped kissing and smiled at each other some more.

"I love you so much, Dixie," said Diddy.

"I love you so much, too, Diddy," replied Dixie, "I want you to be mine forever, too."

Those words turned Diddy's cheeks as red as they ever had been during his young life. He had never felt so loved by someone outside his family before. Only just two weeks ago, he thought he would never experience such a thing like this, yet now here he was with a beautiful girlfriend who cared so much about him that he wished they could be together forever.

That wish would most certainly come true for Diddy Kong; who at one time was a monkey with a heart with no hope, yet now he was a monkey with a happy heart. Some of his classmates had finally stopped bullying him, his uncle DK would always be around to give him so much family love, and on the weekends he would have a girl who gave him so much romantic love.

Forever after, life for Diddy Kong would be so happy that he felt like the happiest little monkey on Kongo Bongo!


Well, folks, I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful story! All the pain I went through just to get it down has finally paid off! All of those periods of writer's block wiped away, all of those times when I was so busy doing other things finally wiped away long enough to complete this, and above all, so many changes for a little monkey's life!

I want to give special thanks to my girlfriend, Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kong for inspiring me to write this! I also want to give some thanks to DiddyKGal, Twin Cats and Sairey13 for all the support you gave me while I wrote this. I couldn't have pulled this off without all that support.

Above all, I want to thank all those Donkey Kong Country fans out there, and I'll see you next time with whatever my next DKC fanfic might be!

Until then, … goodnight … and good luck.