Happy Monday, everyone! Time to get down with Diddy's first day back to school! How well will things go for him?

Let's find out!

The sun was rising over the southeastern horizon on Kongo Bongo, indicating the start of a fresh new day. The animals in the jungle were already up and about, with the many birds chirping their most lovable morning tunes.

Diddy woke up in his bed after having a mixture of good and bad dreams. He still had his dreams about being a hero, but he also had some nightmares about still being bullied at school. It was a fear he couldn't get over. He figured it was still possible after what happened to him yesterday at the return party.

Just then, he heard a knock on his door as he was sitting up in his bed and stretching his arms while yawning.

Sure enough, the door opened and in came DK.

"Rise and shine, little buddy," the ape greeted with a warm morning smile, "Good morning, sleepyhead."

"Good morning, big buddy," replied Diddy in a weak voice.

DK walked over to Diddy and sat down on the little monkey's bed.

"How are you feeling this morning, Diddy?" asked DK as he petted his nephew's head.

"Some good dreams, but also a few bad ones," sighed Diddy, "I'm still worried that the others might bully me."

"I'm sure you'll be okay, little buddy," said DK gently, "Remember what I told you yesterday. Just focus on your schoolwork and don't let them push you around."

"What if they do?" asked Diddy with a worried expression.

"Just try your best to ignore them, and if that doesn't work, you could fight 'em back while Wrinkly's not looking," suggested DK.

"As if I'd wanna disappoint her," said Diddy sarcastically.

"Sometimes, when kids bully you, ya gotta stand up to them and fight back," said DK, "Remember those times during our adventure when you proved that you could kick some real butt?"

"Yes. I remember them all," replied Diddy.

"So, if you fight 'em back, then they'll want to bully you less. They'll have learned a valuable lesson in bullying," added DK.

"I hope," sighed Diddy.

"Aw, Diddy, my little buddy," said DK gently as he picked up Diddy and held him on his lap for some family hugs, "Everything will be okay, little buddy."

"Are you sure, big buddy?" asked Diddy as he cuddled into DK.

"I'm sure, my precious little sweetie-buddy," replied DK in his family-loving attitude.

The two Kongs hugged each other on Diddy's bed for several minutes. Diddy wished this moment could last forever, but he knew he had to go to school whether he liked it or not.

"Why don't you go ahead and jump into the shower, little buddy? I'll get your breakfast ready," said DK.

"Okay, pal," replied Diddy softly as he slowly slid off DK's lap and walked out of his room.

While DK went into the kitchen to make Diddy's breakfast, Diddy went into the bathroom to clean himself up. He really needed a shower after such a sweat-pouring adventure with his uncle.

As Diddy closed the bathroom door and took off his red clothes, he looked to his left and found another pair of clothes sitting on the counter in front of the mirror. He felt thankful that he didn't have to go rummaging through his drawers to find another fresh pair. After all, he and DK only washed their clothes once a week, which was why Diddy had at least ten pairs of the same red clothes; just a simple red baseball cap and a red tank top.

Soon, the little monkey turned the shower knob, and the shower head began pouring some fresh warm water into the bathtub. Diddy stepped in and shut the curtains, then he let the warm water sink into his flesh and fur. The sensations were instantly soothing him as if he hadn't felt this good in weeks. The water felt very nice, and he almost didn't want to get out of the tub.

However, Diddy knew that he couldn't stay in the shower forever.

The simian reached for a bottle of mango-flavored shampoo, and he poured some on a small orange sponge. Then, he began rubbing the soap all over himself, reaching for any spots that could be leftover from his adventure with DK, and any possible blood stains that may have been left behind by an enemy attack. Thankfully, there were no blood stains, but there were still some dirty spots on him that he hadn't noticed in two whole days.

Diddy quickly washed all his spots away until he was a fresh-looking monkey again, for the first time in over three days!

Finally, the monkey turned the shower head off and stepped out of the tub. Then, he reached for a red towel and started drying himself off as fast as he could.

Within five minutes, Diddy was dry and sparkly clean! He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled at the sight of his fresh pale flesh and brown fur. The monkey then put on his clean tank top and his cap, and he looked at himself again.

"I haven't looked this good in a long while," he said to himself, "I feel like I could show up at a fancy place and people could smile at me, … if only anyone could think I was somebody."

Then …

"Diddy, breakfast is ready!" called DK.

Diddy quickly put all his thoughts aside and scurried out of the bathroom, then he turned towards the kitchen and ran in on all fours.

The little simian was treated to the sight of some gorgeous banana pancakes on a plate, with banana bites and maple syrup poured all over them! Next to the plate was a cup filled to the brim with banana juice!

"WOW!" shouted Diddy excitedly as he licked his lips, "DK, YOU'RE THE BEST!"

The monkey happily ran up to a chair by a partially open window and sat down, then he set his plate in front of him and started taking bites out of his pancakes while allowing the fresh air from the outdoors to further soothe his fur.

"Hehe! I know how much you love pancakes, little buddy! I just had to make some for you to give you a fresh start to this beautiful-looking day!" said DK.

The two Kongs smiled at each other while Diddy kept eating his pancakes like a five-yea-old. Banana pancakes always excited him so much, even when he was feeling so down, and DK knew it all too well!

Diddy had scarfed down both of his pancakes within four minutes, and he quickly began to gulp his juice down to wash the rest of the pancakes down his throat.

As Diddy drank his juice, DK noticed something that wasn't quite right yet.

"Did you remember to brush your teeth, little buddy?" asked DK.

Diddy suddenly realized that he had forgotten to brush his teeth before breakfast.

"Oops," he said with wide eyes of shock.

The monkey instantly finished his juice and scurried right back into the bathroom.

"Hurry, little buddy! You don't wanna be late!" called DK.

Diddy grabbed his toothbrush and poured a small bit of toothpaste on it, then he got the brush wet with sink water, and he began brushing his teeth. He didn't want to go back to school with bad breath.

It took only a minute for Diddy to hit all the spots on his teeth, and he soon rinsed out the toothpaste and looked at his teeth in the mirror. They looked shinier than they had been for days!

"Now I feel like a new guy," he commented to himself.

Then, he put his toothbrush away and left the bathroom again.

"Are your teeth nice and clean?" asked DK.

"Yep!" answered Diddy happily as he rushed back into his room and grabbed his backpack, which was filled with schoolbooks and his schoolwork.

As Diddy put his backpack on his back, with the straps over his shoulders, he exchanged another faint grin with DK.

DK could tell that Diddy was still feeling nervous. He could read his nephew like a book.

The monkey walked up to his uncle and embraced him in another hug. The ape sat down on the floor and pulled Diddy onto his lap once more, and he returned the gentle hug.

"It's okay, little Diddy-buddy. I know how you feel," whispered DK.

"(sigh) I wish I didn't have to be so nervous," said Diddy.

"Just try your best to have a good day, … okay, little buddy?" said DK.

Diddy gulped again and nervously looked at DK, while the ape stuffed a banana sandwich in a plastic bag into Diddy's backpack for his school lunch, along with a juice box filled with banana juice.

"I'll try," the monkey replied.

"That's my boy," said DK gently, "I love you, little Diddy-buddy."

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy in a cute voice, earning a grin from DK.

"I'll be right here when you get home. When you get home, you're free to jump right onto my lap and snuggle with me," said DK.

Diddy giggled at that idea.

"You're such a loving uncle, DK," said Diddy.

"And you're such a loving nephew, too, Diddy," replied DK.

The two Kongs kissed each others' faces for a minute, then …

They heard the sound of a light tick. They knew what that meant …

DK looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 AM.

"Oh, dear. You better hurry up, little buddy. It's already eight o'clock," said DK.

Diddy's eyes grew wide as he heard that. He knew that class started at 8:30. If he wasn't out the door now, he'd probably be late for school!

"Better start running, little buddy!" said DK as Diddy jumped off his lap and headed for the front door.

Diddy exchanged one last look at DK as his hand reached the doorknob. DK knew he was still feeling somewhat reluctant about going back to school.

DK signaled his nephew to go ahead and start his journey.

"(sigh) Bye, DK," said Diddy in a shy voice.

"Goodbye, Diddy," replied DK as he watched his nephew nervously open the door and step outside.

Diddy closed the door and walked to the edge of the porch. Then, he slid down the ladder and started running on all fours through the jungle towards Kong Kollege.

At times like these, Diddy always felt reluctant about even going to Kong Kollege. He remembered all those rough times he had there. He was one of the smallest of his sixteen-student class. He was one of eight Kongs in the class, along with eight Kremlings. However, each and every one of his fifteen classmates despised him for how small he was, how much a coward he acted around them, how defenseless he was whenever they started to beat him down, and for how weak he was altogether. He felt like he didn't fit into this class, even though his aging great grandmother was the teacher at the school.

After what felt like ages running endlessly in the Kongo Jungle, Diddy could see the schoolhouse where he was taught, … and also bullied …

Kong Kollege.

Diddy hid behind a tree and peeked at the grounds in front of the school. To his dismay, several of his classmates were there, being the same idiots they always were.

The little monkey listened in and soon realized what they were talking about …

"Did you see how the others simply threw him out of the celebrations yesterday!? It was so amusing!" said an orangutan.

"I still can't believe he claimed to be the one who knocked out our leader with a cannonball!" said a Kremling.

"What an idiotic mistake!" said a second Kremling.

"And a pointless one, too!" said a young gorilla.

Diddy quickly registered that they were talking about him. He hadn't even set foot on the grounds and he was already being chastised. He wanted to turn around and run straight home from here, but he knew he couldn't afford to miss another day of school. What would happen if he missed too many assignments from Wrinkly?

The nervous monkey took a few deep breaths, gathered up his courage and stepped out from behind the tree, ultimately revealing himself to his enemies as he approached the school front.

As he had predicted, the kids all noticed Diddy and gasped.

"Well, well, well, look who's here!" said the orangutan.

"The cannonball pipsqueak!" said the first Kremling.

The four kids all laughed heartlessly at Diddy, much to his chagrin.

"OH, SHUT YOUR MOUTHS, YA BIG LOSERS!" yelled Diddy furiously, pretending to not be frightened by them.

"Oooh!" said the four kids.

"Ooh. Not very friendly," said the second Kremling, "Boys, … I think it's time we teach the little weakling how to respect his superiors!"

"Really!? I hope you don't mean yourselves, you idiots!" Diddy shot back.

The enemies all gasped in shock after hearing such harsh words from Diddy.

"How dare you talk to us like that! YOU FILTHY FREAK!" shouted the young gorilla.

Diddy was taken aback by those words, and his eyes began to grow wide when he realized he was beginning to look like a coward again.

"C'mon, boys! Let's take this wimp down! He can enter the building with some knuckle sandwiches!" said the orangutan.

But then …

The schoolhouse's bell started ringing, denoting that the morning class session was about to begin.

"Haha! Saved by the bell!" teased Diddy as Wrinkly came outside.

She came out just in time to watch the four bullies put their fists down.

"Okay, you boys better not be threatening my brightest pupil again, are you?" said Wrinkly.

"Oh, uh, … not at all," said the orangutan.

Wrinkly wasn't convinced.

"Uh, huh. I can tell whether spoken words are truthful or not. I've lived a very long life, you know. Now all of you get inside!" the teacher ordered.

The four bullies all exchanged evil death glares at Diddy as they walked into the schoolhouse.

Wrinkly turned to Diddy and gently placed her hands on his shoulders.

"It feels great to see you again, Diddy," said Wrinkly kindly, "DK told me yesterday how brave you were on that painful adventure. I even heard you knocked out K. Rool with a cannonball."

"Which actually is true," sighed Diddy, "Although no one else believes me, not even your husband."

"Oh, don't worry about Cranky. He's been that way for a long time now," reassured Wrinkly.

"I almost didn't wanna come today, … because I was sure that everyone would tease me and push me around," said Diddy.

"Now, don't you worry about your classmates, my young companion," said Wrinkly, "All I ask of you is to take care of yourself and be sure to get all of your work done."

"I'll try my best, Wrinkly," said Diddy nervously.

"That's a good pupil. In we go," said Wrinkly as she stepped aside to allow Diddy into the schoolhouse.

The aged Kong followed her great grandson into the one-room schoolhouse, where fifteen other kids were already seated.

Diddy recognized each and every one of them … through previous unfortunate circumstances. There wasn't a single person he didn't know.

Each and every one of them looked at Diddy with either shocked or angry faces. Diddy knew those angry faces could only be death glares. It was quite clear; poor Diddy had no friends here at school.

The little monkey tried his best to ignore the death glares, and he took his usual seat in the front row.

Thankfully, the seat next to him was vacant, meaning that there was room for more students to join this class, although this hadn't happened lately.

As Wrinkly walked across the room, she took notice of some of the evil looks Diddy was receiving from his classmates. This was enough to infuriate her.

"Alright, children! Enough is enough with all of these angry looks! Stop it with this bullying nonsense and let's get to work!" she ordered.

This managed to get the entire class' attention, and they all stopped glaring at Diddy.

"Now then, class, it's time for today's lesson on history," announced Wrinkly as she took to the front of the room in front of the blackboard, "I sure hope you took some time looking over your notes prior to today's lesson."

The sixteen students all got their notebooks out, … and from there the session went like any other class session. Very few students, including Diddy, listened carefully to everything Wrinkly said, and they took notes on everything that was essential to them. Some of the other students, however, were very lazy, and they took very poor notes, along with some dull doodles all over their notebook pages.

It was no wonder Wrinkly respected roughly half the class. In fact, Diddy seemed to be the only student who got along well with her. In fact, Diddy was seemingly Wrinkly's favorite student. She was the only one he could talk to in a formal conversation in this building, given how harsh his classmates were to him.

Over the next three and a half hours, everything went on as normal. Diddy listened very well, and correctly answered every question Wrinkly asked her, much to the annoyance of his classmates. They thought it was stupid that Diddy was Wrinky's favorite pupil.

By the time the clock struck noon, the lesson was finally over. Needless to say, Diddy was the most well-behaved.

"Okay, class. It's time for lunch break!" announced Wrinkly.

Diddy's classmates all put their notebooks away as quickly as they could, and they scurried out of the building, possibly to escape from their most-hated classmate.

Diddy, however, took his time putting his school supplies back into his backpack. He always preferred to keep them in there since he could never trust any of his classmates to not steal them when he or Wrinkly wasn't looking.

The elder Kong noticed Diddy's nervous behavior and walked up to his smartest pupil.

"Are you feeling okay, Diddy?" asked Wrinkly worryingly.

"I wish I was," answered Diddy in a shy-sounding voice.

"Look, I understand you don't wanna eat lunch out in the school front with the others, but I need some time by myself, too, you know. How else can I grade your assignments if you were to watch me do it?" explained Wrinkly.

"I'm sorry, Wrinkly," said Diddy sadly.

"Aw, don't you worry, my little dear," said Wrinkly kindly, "I can help you feel more comfortable here. Besides, I've heard a little story about another Kong that's about your age who may wanna come here someday. I'm sure it would be a nice fit."

"Would he be considered a friendly Kong for someone like me?" asked Diddy curiously.

"I think so," answered Wrinkly, "Plus, I hear it's a 'she'."

"Oh, sorry," said Diddy, realizing his mistake in saying 'he'.

"It's okay, Diddy. I'll tell you what. I set up a small place for you well away from the others if you'd like to eat your lunch there. It's over in the corner of the school's porch.

"Okay, Wrinkly. Thank you very much," said Diddy with a faint grin.

"You're welcome, my dear," replied Wrinkly as Diddy turned around and left the room.

As the little monkey left the room, he looked to his right and found a small bench with one seat attached. He quickly figured out that it was the tiny lunch space Wrinkly had referred to. Diddy looked around and saw that it was well away from where all of his classmates sat, which were areas scattered throughout the school front.

Diddy tiptoed over to his new lunch seat while nobody was looking, and he quietly sat down and pulled out his sandwich and juice box.

At last, Diddy could enjoy the awesomeness of DK's homemade banana sandwiches! The first bite he took, his tongue was soothed by the glorious banana taste! He thought it was the best sandwich he ever had!

"DK probably made it so good to make my first day back a little enjoyable!" he thought to himself as he slowly ate his sandwich.

Diddy finished his sandwich in just three minutes, then he opened his juice box and poked the straw in through the hole before taking a sip of that delicious banana juice.

The monkey's taste buds were once again treated to that delightful juicy taste of bananas as it gradually went down his throat.

While, Diddy was drinking his juice, he heard a voice yelling angrily from a faraway area where five other students were eating.

"Man! I forgot to get a copy of that assignment!" yelled another orangutan.

Diddy instantly recognized that orangutan. His fur was light brown, and his eyes were brown. He was bigger (and stronger) than everyone else in the class.

"Aw, man! I was hoping I wouldn't have to hear from Fomali today!" thought Diddy as he glared at the sight of the big orangutan.

As far as Diddy was concerned, Fomali was the worst of all. They were the worst of enemies, and they had gotten into way too many fights by now, all of which Fomali would win since he was so strong compared to Diddy, who was pretty much nothing when compared to Fomali.

Diddy watched as Fomali stood up from his seat and walked back into the school building.

"Schoolwork slacker," whispered Diddy as Fomali disappeared from his sight.

Soon, Diddy finished his juice, he stood up and put his backpack back on, then he grabbed his empty juice box and plastic bag from the tiny table.

The simian took one step into the schoolhouse to throw his trash away, and his eyes grew wide at what he saw …

Fomali appeared to be rummaging through Diddy's desk for some odd reason. This caught the monkey off guard.

Fomali looked over and noticed Diddy tossing his garbage in the waist basket.

"HEY! GET OUT OF MY DESK!" screamed Diddy, catching Wrinkly's attention.

The teacher looked up and caught the sight of Fomali closing Diddy's desk as the monkey was angrily stomping up to the villainous orangutan.


"Oh, about a million times!" said Fomali sarcastically.

"You know something? I think you lied about forgetting your assignment. You did this just so you could draw my attention span away, giving you an opportunity to rummage through other students' schoolwork. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!" yelled Wrinkly.

"I feel more ashamed about this monkey's terrible writing!" said Fomali as he held some papers in his hand.

"GIMME THOSE!" yelled Diddy as he took the papers and began to read them, "You know I don't have horrible handwriting! Even Wrinkly knows it!"

"Alright then, Fomali! What have you smuggled into Diddy's desk!?" asked Fomali, her voice sounding as if she was demanding an immediate answer.

That answer soon came … from the first paper Diddy read …

"I am going to kill you, little weakling pipsqueak …


The second paper …

"Die, Diddy!"

The third paper …

"Diddy Kong shall be murdered by my powerful jaws!"

A Kremling, … obviously.

Diddy's eyes began to shed tears after reading these horrible death threats. He couldn't bear the pain from this horrible torture.

"Diddy, are you okay?" asked Wrinkly with worry, having seen Diddy's tears leak from his eyes.

Diddy tearfully looked at Wrinkly, who gave him a worried expression. Then, he looked at Fomali. The orangutan was grinning evilly at his arch-nemesis.

"I'm sorry, Wrinkly. I think I need to be by myself for a few minutes," cried Diddy.

Before Wrinkly could answer, Diddy was already running towards the door.

"I was hoping you'd say that," whispered Fomali.

Just as Diddy ran through the door, several other Kongs and Kremlings grabbed him by the limbs before he could escape back to his private table.

"HEY! LET GO OF ME, YOU MINDLESS CREEPS!" screamed Diddy as his classmates held him by the arms to prevent him from making another move.

"You've deserved this for many months now!" shouted one of the Kremlings.

"And now you're gonna get it!" added another gorilla.

Before Diddy could process anymore thoughts, he suddenly felt a sharp punch smashing his back.

Fomali had punched Diddy right in the back, allowing the other classmates to release their grip on him.

Diddy fell to the ground in front of his classmates. Then, he attempted to get himself back up, only for Fomali to pick him up by the front of his tank top instead.

"You are the worst that Kongo Bongo has to offer, and now you'll be paying us for your big fat lies!" teased Fomali, "YOU DISGUSTING FREAK!"

Diddy tried his best to give his archenemy an angry look, but then Fomali punched Diddy again, this time directly in his right eye, before dropping him to the ground.

The poor monkey went down with a thud, which was enough to put a painful bump on his face. His right eye turned purple, and he was unable to open it.

A Kremling then kicked him right in the butt, while a gorilla punched his forehead, which damaged his baseball cap. That same Kremling then kicked his cap's brim, causing half of it to rip off.

Fomali then picked up Diddy again and punched him directly in the stomach. The pain was instant, and it hurt him so badly that he felt like he was going to vomit.

But the evil orangutan wasn't finished yet …

He gave Diddy another punch in the chest which tore a piece of his tank top off.

"FREAK!" the students all yelled at Diddy.

"BOYS AND GIRLS! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU ALL THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" screamed Wrinkly from outside the school's doorway.

The bullies all looked at Wrinkly and bailed out of the scene, except for Fomali, who continued to hold Diddy by his torn tank top.

Wrinkly noticed Diddy's horrible condition and damaged clothes. He looked as if he had been beaten down in the middle of the jungle by some Kremlings.

(A/N: It's meant to be an exact replica of that disturbing "Game Over" screen on DKC1.)


"As you command, my dear professor!" replied Fomali.

The big bully charged up his arm and threw poor Diddy directly towards Wrinkly.

The old Kong's eyes grew wide as she watched Diddy coming towards her with a frightened scream.

Wrinkly opened her arms just as Diddy approached her in an effort to catch him …

… but it was too late.

Diddy went flying past Wrinkly, into the schoolhouse, and his head smashed against the blackboard before he came down, landing on top of Wrinkly's desk, knocking over many of her belongings in the process and scattering them all over the floor.

Wrinkly gasped in horror as she watched her great grandson's fall ruin her desk. She felt traumatized by this horrible beating Diddy had received. She felt so sad for the poor little monkey.

"OH, MY GOODNESS!" Wrinkly panicked as she raced over to Diddy's aid.

The elder Kong lifted her great grandson off the desk and sat in her chair with Diddy on her lap. She leaked a few tears from her eyes as she looked at Diddy …

Diddy's right eye was deep purple, unable to open. His lips were bleeding, part of his red tank top was ripped off, along with half of his cap's brim, and his cap was also scrunched up at the top. His back was bruised, along with his face, just below his nose. Tears were pouring heavily from both of his eyes, even from his injured right eye. His butt also had a horrible dark spot on it. He was only lucky that his backpack was unharmed, as well as his schoolwork and schoolbooks inside. His tail also appeared to be unharmed, too.

"Aww, dear. The poor little one," said Wrinkly with tears, "I'm so sorry you had to go through this on your first day back after quite an exhausting adventure."

"(sniffle) It's not … (sniffle) … y-yo-your fault, … W-W-W-Wrinkly," sobbed Diddy miserably.

"Aw, there, there, Diddy. Everything will be alright," said Wrinkly, "Just relax for a few-"

"No!" cried Diddy as his sobs turned to bawls, "I'm just gonna go home!"

Wrinkly was taken aback by those words. She would never expect Diddy to just run back home after receiving a beating like this.

"Diddy, we still have our afternoon lesson coming up," reminded Wrinkly.

"I don't think I can bear being anywhere near these bullies any longer!" yelled Diddy through his crying, "I just wanna be alone!"

Wrinkly sighed. She knew how horrible Diddy was feeling, and she knew it was best if he spent some time alone with his uncle, DK.

"Okay, Diddy. I'll let you go," said Wrinkly, picking up a few pieces of paper and slipping them into Diddy's backpack, "Here are the assignments you'll need for next week."

"Thanks, Wrinkly," said Diddy.

"You're welcome, Diddy. Now why don't you go ahead and head home so your uncle DK can take care of you," said Wrinkly kindly as she let Diddy off her lap and allowed him to get back on his feet.

"Okay, Wrinkly. Thanks for your appreciation of my well-being," said Diddy.

"You're welcome, my dear," replied Wrinkly, "Now get yourself home so you can get some rest."

"See you later, Wrinkly," said Diddy as he limped towards the door.

"See you soon, Diddy," called Wrinkly as she watched her favorite pupil leave the schoolhouse in dismay, limping from the pains all over his body.

She then turned to the other students whom had beaten up the poor little monkey.

"How dare you!? ALL OF YOU! How could you do that to that poor little simian!? You should be ashamed of yourselves!" she screamed in fury.

The kids simply exchanged hopelessly confused glances at Wrinkly.

"I'm hereby giving you all two weeks of detention, starting tomorrow! You will each write five hundred words about why you should NOT pick on your fellow classmates! I've never been so disappointed in my pupils throughout my entire teaching career!" finished Wrinkly.

The students simply looked at each other with odd glances, knowing they were in for weeks worth of schooling torture from Wrinkly.

Meanwhile …

Donkey Kong had only just returned home after a romantic date with his girlfriend, Candy Kong. He thought it was the sweetest time of his life.

But his day didn't stay so sweet for long …

It was only 1:15 PM when he heard a knock on the front door.

"Well, well, I wonder who this could be?" DK asked himself as he walked up to the front door and opened it.

As the big ape saw who it was, he gasped and nearly jolted back in horror …

Aw, dear. It looks like DK is about to face one of his worst living nightmares, just as Diddy has. What could be next for them? Will DK be able to cheer up Diddy, or will the little monkey stay sad forever?

We'll find out in chapter three.

Until then, ... goodnight ... and good luck.

NOTE: The character Fomali is owned by Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kong. Used with permission.