It had been years since I last spoke to him or to anyone from my past for that matter. I don't know how happy anyone would be to see me, let alone care. Last I checked, only a few were still in the area. But it didn't matter, I had to move back for reasons out of my control and I wasn't happy about it.

"Yeah… Yeah… I know dad. My stuff should arrive before I do… Yes I know. I'll be careful." I groaned loudly as the man on the other end of the phone continued to talk my ear off. "Dad, I've been riding my bike for ten years now, I think I'll be okay." I retorted and rolled my eyes before resting my head in my hand. "Alright, see you tonight. Love you too. Bye." I quickly hung up my phone and plopped down on my couch. Boxes upon boxes were piled up in my small apartment, creating it's own city outline. Lifting off my hat, I ran a hand through my bright red hair another sigh leaving my lips as I admired my life stowed away in boxes. Just as I was getting lost in my thoughts, a knock on the door broke me from my spell causing me pull myself from my comfortable position and face the facts that I was going back home, for unpleasant reasons.

I watched as the moving company pulled all my boxes and belongings from my home of five years to their truck. I couldn't help the sour look on my face as I stood in the corner brooding. They had been done for over an hour before I realized it. I rubbed my face with aggression before taking one last look around the small studio apartment. I felt my phone vibrate once in my pocket, signaling a notification of sorts. I only told a few people about me leaving but it's not like I was moving halfway across the country, just a few towns over. I pulled my leather jacket from the back of the door and picked up my helmet from the ground. Kicking the tips of my boot against the floor I opened the door and left what I thought to be my future behind.

The sun was setting, dipping quickly behind the towering buildings that surrounded me. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and made my way towards my baby. As I approached her, the setting sun glistened against her newly polished red coat. "Gloria, we are heading back home." I cooed with obvious sadness as I mounted the large motorcycle. I gave her a soft pat before revving up the engines. With a satisfied nod, I placed my helmet on and rode towards the highway, not daring to look back.

The trip only took a few hours, but the sun had already set and the moon high and full in the sky. The temperature dropped and I was thankful to be wearing my jacket. The sound of the whipping wind was soon joined with crashing waves and the occasional seagull. I couldn't help but smile, continuing on my journey.

The trees were the first thing I noticed when approaching the small town. Peach Creek got its name for its notorious peach trees that littered the surrounding area. The pink fruit seemed to glow against the moonlight almost as if it was signaling my way home. I felt a small grin creep onto my lips as I drove onto main street. My stomach rumbled, my nerves finally kicking in as I passed high school hot spots. The memories began to flood back, soon becoming overwhelming. I pulled my lip into my mouth and bit it in an attempt to bring my attention to something else. Pain was always the go to, something no one thankfully knew about it. I saw my road coming up and realized that I had been holding my breath as I turned the corner. Each house, each driveway, each family had a special place in my heart and no matter how hard it was when I left, they never left my thoughts.

The cul-de-sac was quiet, the silence was something so uncommon that it felt unnatural. As I entered the small development my motorcycle echoed, bouncing off each house alerting everyone that something unfamiliar was approaching. One by one, porch lights began to turn on as the curious residents peered through their doors in an attempt to see who was disturbing their slumber. I had reached my destination and although my motorcycle was off, my body was still vibrating from sheer nervousness.

"Damn Kevin, you sure know how to make an entrance." The man from atop the steps stated, a powerful laugh leaving him soon being replaced with a hacking cough. I sighed and removed my helmet before looking at him.

"Well, when this is your only method of transportation… You don't have many options." I gave a small grin to the man before pushing my kickstand out and lifting my weight from my motorcycle. "What did the doctor say Dad? You need to rest." I put my helmet under my arm and made my way up the stairs, gently resting my hand behind my fathers back.

"Ah, piss off. I've been resting all damn day. The movers had to put all your stuff in your room. Mary cleaned it out the best she could." I gave a nod, leading my father into the house. Before entering a chill went down my spine and I wrinkled my nose, trying to ignore it the best I could. Closing the door and shutting off the lights, I locked up for the night. The old aromas finally hit my nose and a rush of nostalgia overwhelmed me. "Mary got you a nice bed, should be big enough for you to roll around in, if you know what I mean." Another laugh, another cough. I smiled towards the man, my head hanging slightly.

"Yeah, thanks." My father turned around, rubbing a large, calloused hand on my side. "Cheer up kid, soon this place will be yours." He said with as much happiness as he could muster. I sighed and ignored his comment. He took the hint and removed his hand. "C'mon, it's past midnight. You should rest since you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow with taking me to the doctors and all." He walked towards a small room at the end of the hallway, next to the stairs. It wasn't the room he had when I was growing up, but it was the one that was the easiest to get to. "Goodnight son and welcome home." He said before closing the door for the night.

"Thanks." I mumbled as my head hung further. When the door closed I sighed loudly. "This will only get harder, I gotta keep my head clear." I stated as I made my way up the stairs and towards my old childhood room.

Football posters, biker-chicks and random photos hung from the dark green walls of my room. I gently touched them as if they were an artifact from years past which in a sense, that was accurate but oh how times have changed.

Again, I saw boxes piled up in a familiar room but I felt so lost. I groaned loudly before falling face first on the new bed. It took me a few seconds to register that I was laying on fresh silk black sheets. My fingers intertwined into the fabric and I slowly found myself drifting off to sleep, letting my upcoming nightmares take over my mind.

"Kevin… Kevin…" A soft sigh. A gentle push. "Kevin, it's time to get up…" The unfamiliar female voice rang through my ears and with a groan I lifted myself up and looked at the woman. I blinked a few times, her happy smile plastered on her face. "Good, you're up. Your fathering is waiting for you, you know how he gets when you keep him waiting." She stated before ruffling my hair. I groaned again, groggily pushing her hand away. She chuckled as she took a few steps away from my bed. "I'm glad you like your sheets, our neighbor mentioned that how silk is suppose to help you sleep better. He's a smart one, that boy is." I coughed, my breath caught in my throat as I tried to ignore what she just said.

"Yeah.. I'll be down in a few." With a content nod she left the room and closed the door behind her. I felt my body slip from the soft sheets and my face planting into the pillows. I contemplated screaming, but I knew that wouldn't do anything. But I did give my new bed a few good punches before rising to greet the day. It didn't take me long to find the correct box with clean clothes. I changed into a simple black shirt and dark blue jeans. I looked at myself in the hallway mirror, a grimace on my face. The years had been kind to me, but with the past few months events, I look worse than normal. I ruffled my hair, the bright red locks falling against my face slightly. A reminder that once I get settled in I would need to get a hair cut. My piercing green eyes we dull and almost lifeless this morning. I grew up and although in high school everyone fought for me, I still couldn't grab the attention of the one person who meant the world to me.

A vibration in my pants startled me and brought me from my thoughts. I dug in my pockets for my phone and groaned, realizing the multiple messages I must have missed. I growled softly, scrolling through the messages. Another girl, another problem and another person out of my life. I locked my phone and pushed it back into my pocket. No skin off my bones as the saying goes, but that wasn't on the top of my priority list. I shook my head, and made my way downstairs.

"Let's go pops." I said, ushering him towards the car. He grumbled something about waiting on kids these days. I chuckled, closing the door after he was settled in the car. A sudden movement across the street caught my attention. I narrowed my eyes, examining the house across from ours and with a sad sigh, I tore my eyes from it and entered the car.

"Good heavens, he's beautiful."