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"Double-D, I don't know why we let Eddy drive. I'm safer on my fucking bike than he is in an SUV." I groaned, my stomach churning violently as we rounded a corner. Double-D laughed nervously as his hand squeezed my inner thigh.

"Language Kevin, there is a child right next to us. But, I would have to agree with your statement… I would much rather be on your motorcycle than in this vehicle." Nazz looked back from the passenger's seat, glaring at the two of us.

"Be quiet, we're only going this fast because someone had to make a stop." She turned her attention to Eddy, the glare more violent than before.

"Don't look at me like that! I needed some snacks for the plane!" She groaned louder as she crossed her arms over her chest. Junior giggling as he listened in on their argument. I shook my head but rolled the window down further in order to get a bit more air into the car.

"Another fifteen minutes Kevin…" Double-D cooed as he turned forward, watching the world pass by from the middle seat. I sighed softly before closing my eyes and listening to the sounds of passing card.

With just enough time to check in our luggage and make our way towards the loading gate, we boarded the plane with minimal problems. The moment we sat down I ordered a ginger ale and sat in the middle of the row, with Eddward by the window. He fidgeted in his seat, sweat beginning to pile up against his brow.

"Oh… Don't tell me…" I mumbled as I looked over to him. The normally prim and proper gentleman was shaking with nervousness. "Are you okay Double-D?" I asked, mimicking his actions from earlier and placing my hand on his thigh. He jumped, avoiding my face as best he could. "Eddward…" I mumbled lower, sternness in my voice. He whimpered before turning to face me. Blue eyes were as bright as the sky as he pulled his lower lip into his mouth.

"I-I-I have a phobia of heights…" He ashamedly admitted. I sighed heavily but brushed the long black locks from his face, placing a gentle kiss against his lips.

"It's alright, just hold my hand and we will be there in no time."

"But Kevin! You do know that the chances of the plane crashing is-" He began to say before my lips cut off his words once again. His body seemed to relax more as each second passed.

"Be quiet. I brought you music so that you can listen to your science podcast while we're in the air." Eddwards eyes lit up as I handed him the packaging of a new and already loaded iPod with fresh, unopened headphones. His cheeks grew red as he took the items from my hands and began to play with them.

"Thank you…" He mumbled as he placed the headphones into his ears, drifting away into peaceful sleep. I sighed and entwined my hand into his, resting against the seat as the plane made its way towards our destination.

Groggily, I awoke to the sound of Junior and Nazz giggling loudly. With sleep in my eyes, I rubbed them aggressively and blinked. The world came too as I glanced around, my eyes locking on a still slumbering Eddward. His hair was disheveled as his head was tilted over and resting on my shoulder. The smell of Lilacs filled my nostrils as I smiled brightly.

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty." I said while pushing against his chest. With equally sleepy blue eyes, he opened them slowly, longingly looking up to me and after a moment smiled brightly the gap between his teeth peeking out through his lips. I couldn't help but lean down to kiss his forehead. "Sleep well?" I questioned.

"Oh yes, the podcast this week was about microparticles that are safe for us to digest and that are found in everyday items." I continued to stare lovingly at him as he rattled off fact after fact. The plane began to descend down to the airport. It jostled the cabin a bit, causing Eddward to grip onto my hand and bury his head into my chest. I giggled and turned my head to where Nazz, Eddy and Junior were sitting. Junior watched Edd with large hazel eyes, and almost immediately imitated him into his mother's chest. Giggling sweetly the entire time. The plane landed and after we grabbed all of our items, we exited the plane and made our way towards the parking garage.

"Should we rent our own vehicle?" Eddward asked me as he adjusted the laptop bag resting against his shoulder. I shrugged, looking at the prices of the rental.

"I don't see why not, we will be doing things on our own so we don't want to rely on Eddy and his shitty driving." Double-D rolled his eyes but smiled as we approached the counter.

"I read about how people in Florida drive, I suggest an SVU or possibly a Sedan. Just incase something were to happen, I would feel protected with a larger vehicle." Eddward gave a firm shake of his head, curls bouncing with the movement. I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Alright Mister Know-It-All. I'll get an SVU and I'll be the one to drive." Double-D pouted but remained silent. I stuck my tongue out at him as I began to fill out the proper paperwork for the rental. "Two weeks should be alright, right?" He gave a nod of confirmation before turning to let Nazz and Eddy know of our plans.

Twenty minutes later we were packed in our car and following them down the highways towards sunny Orlando. We passed by the exit for Disney and Universal Studios. In the back of my mind I had a plan in motion, but tried to think little of it until the day came. It would be an agonizing two weeks, but hopefully it would make up for all those years lost.