"So what's the game plan for this week?" I asked as we sat around Naz's dining room table. Double-D had a cup of tea in his hands and would take a small sip every so often. I found myself watching him frequently until a small child began climbing up into my lap. Eddward chuckled as he watched Junior get comfortable in my lap.

"Someone already likes his Uncle." Naz cooed as she watched her son play with my phone. I heard the sound of a camera shutter and looked towards Double-D. Naz laughed louder as she finished making lunch.

"This is only the start of many memories this week Kevin, be prepared to be in many photos." Double-D hummed as he glanced at the photo on his phone. I chuckled, ruffling Juniors soft blonde locks. We sat like this for a while, eating and talking about days past. After a few hours of lounging around, we decided to go out.

"It's the start of summer, let's go to the beach." Naz suggested, getting a scoff from Eddy.

"They live at the beach, it's going to be the same thing." Naz sighed before Double-D chimed in.

"Actually Eddy, our town is basically the shore, filtered from a lake not the ocean. Although it is portrayed as a beach, it is in fact just a lake. And the sea air from the Atlantic is good for the skin. Plus after a night of research, I have found out that there is a start of summer festival going on a few miles away." Double-D finally stopped talking which caused me to laugh at the dumbfounded look on Eddy's face. His face went red as he walked to the door. "I guess that means we are going!" Double-D said excitedly, jumping up and towards the door. Naz and I exchanged glances but followed the two.

The sun glistened high in the sky as we walked the packed festival street. Juniors giggling and Double-D's Rolodex of facts filled the group with joy as they made a stop at a booth filled with summer toys and treats. I found a pin wheel and bought it, bending down to give it to Junior. As I was playing with him, I heard the faint snap of a camera shutter. Naz chuckled again, veering us off to a small food shop.

"I'm hungry, let's rest for a minute and eat before the fireworks start. We'll need to find a good spot on the beach since they shoot them off the water." Naz plopped down on a chair, a sigh of relief leaving her lips. Double-D took the seat next to her, almost mimicking her actions. "Eddy, get junior and me a sandwich please." He did as he was told and walked to get in line.

"Double-D, do you want anything?" I asked him sweetly, looking around the crowded room.

"Just a chicken Caesar salad please." With a nod I quickly bent down to kiss his cheek before walking in line behind Eddy. I could hear Naz giggle from where I stood. Eddy looked behind to me, a soft expression on his face, something I was unsure I'd ever seen.

"I'm going to be serious for a moment shovel-chin. And I'm not going to repeat myself, so listen good." I was curious as what he was going to say, but I let him speak. "I haven't seen Double-D this happy in years. I'm going to say this slowly for you. Do. Not. Hurt. Him. He's been through a lot, more than you probably think. He's strong yet fragile. And to be honest, he should hate every inch of you. I do, but Naz has helped me realize you aren't a bad guy. So make sure that doesn't change or you will have a shovel to more than just your chin." Eddy looked me over again before turning back around just in time to order his food. I blinked a few times but tried to focus on ordering my food as well. More has happened too him? I thought to myself as I brought over his salad and a sandwich for myself. He pepped up and started talking to Eddy and Naz.

After our meal we went out to the water and found a nice little spot by a off the path dune. The sun was now set by the time the fireworks started. Double-D inched closer to me as the first of many shot off in the sky. Juniors loud squeals of excitement brought a smile to my face as I wrapped my hand in his. His hands were soft and warm, a comforting feeling and one that brought me happiness. With his phone in his hand, he brought it up to the sky, the screen switched to the selfie mode.

"Do you mind if we take a photo together Kevin?" He asked sheepishly, hit gap tooth grin illuminated by the blues and reds from the fireworks.

"I'd love too Double-D." I said happily. He aimed the camera high, and right before he pressed the button, I planted a gentle kiss on his pale cheek. My timing couldn't have been more perfect, because as I kissed his cheek, the brightest red firework went off. Illuminating us in red, the color of passion, the color of love. Double-D blushed brightly as he looked at the photo.

"T-This is perfect…" He whispered into his phone, doing something I couldn't see and then closing it before looking up towards me. "This was much needed, I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am." I chuckled, bringing a finger under his chin and pulling him closer.

"I am, I'm loving every second of this." I said softly before pushing my lips against his. He shivered, but fell into the kiss. The outside world fading to the point that I didn't even realize Naz had taken a photo of us. I released his lips, not before biting the bottom one lovingly. He blushed brighter, holding his mouth as he looked out to the water. His face in awe as he watched the rest of the show. I brought him in with my arm around his shoulders, pulling him closer to my chest as I kissed his wavy black lock covered head.

The show ended and as we made our way back to Naz and Eddy's place. As we entered the car, Double-D grew tired and used my shoulder as a pillow. I chuckled and brushed some hair from his face. Shortly into the ride I glanced at my phone and felt my eyes tear up. Naz had sent me the photo she had taken, and I couldn't help but make it my background photo.

I promise I won't hurt him ever again Eddy, you can bet your ass on that.