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I know due to my other 3 stories this one is SOOO far left field, BUT after starting to watch the new 2015 Thunderbirds Are GO! And reading some awesome fan fiction on the 1965 series I was inspire to write something myself

This is not a one shot

Ok if you haven't figured out the title to this is a song I will be running thru however long this story goes for, I was listening to this song and also hymn to the sea from the Titanic soundtrack while writing, you will see why I had to listen to them when you read, and I had to sort of write my take of well known Titanic scene to guess which one

** After Selene says "up she goes" play hymn to the sea from titanic and you will get the emotions I was trying to write into the story



Anyway I don't own THUNDERBIRDS or TITANIC for that matter; if I did I would totally be Rose and live in my Jack Dawson bubble for eternity

Ratings will change as the story goes on, WINK WINK ;)

The POV will be of my main character Selene, remember some of it may not make a lot of sense as she is not in the right frame of mind see you at the bottom

Just beware that some of my grammar is not conventional English


The sound of my shoes on the hard concrete floor echo through the silo, still, silent, the glow from several lights above me in a line lighting my path, even though I hadn't been here for that long I had memorised this path that I was walking on now, having travelled it for this and that, but coming into the big open hanger always took my breath away, the flying machines, saviours of the skies.

It truly is a wonder how this can fit under what was a small island in the middle of nowhere, one I would have to sit down with the family and ask one of these days, family huh, I thought still walking forward, my new family, welcomed in with open arms, smiling as the familiar smell of grease and jet fuel hanged in the air, my destination now going down two flights of stairs, it was a blessing and also a nightmare at first getting to this secret organisation, not stumbling on it, you may say I fell into it, I was saved that day when I had given up, by a strong man, a son and a older brother of five with brown hair and blue eyes, those blue eyes saved me that day and now I was going to repay him the favour, saving him from himself.

flash back

The throbbing pain in my side, my arms ached and my breathing hard and raspy, lying sideways curled into a ball, my head pounding in sync with my heart beat, on this floating bit of metal debris, the ocean carrying me to nowhere, the sun pelting down on me as I feel the blood from my nose and mouth dry and cracked on my skin, my hair sticky with sweat maybe blood around my shoulders, trying to swallow, copper tang left on my tongue, my lips cracked, gently swaying on the ocean current as I lay here, I had survived the accident, the explosion that rocked through the plane as I was heading back home to New Zealand, how could I have survived, thinking this over as I am gently rocked like a baby in its crib, the ocean noise and sea salt in the air calming, with my hand on the wound on my side, wet stickiness seeping thru my fingers, I was dying slowly and I knew it, it was a disturbing silence.

Blackness creeping into my vision from the sides, why won't death come already, I was thinking still lying here my eyes now closed, so tired, trying to stay awake was a feat in itself, what was I going to do, I could be anywhere now, the currents are gentle and I don't know what direction I ended up going, with my eyes still closed my mind wonders back to the plane sitting there in my seat next to the exit, a baby crying behind me several seats back, "that's not good", I thought to myself, then followed by a "don't be paranoid", but still the feeling of something was coming settled in my gut.

"Would all tray tables be folded in there up right positions and seat belts remain fasten"

A loud male voice beamed across the cabin, looking out of the window beside me sighing watching the seas below, just 2 more hours to go before I am home, I love to travel and coming back from England from a 6 month trip I was happy, no place like home, not to mention my lovely soft bed was waiting for me, I remember at the time thinking I am not going to leave my bed for at least a week.

With that memory I am jolted back to my reality, tears escape my eyes and roll down my cheeks mixing with the blood and dirt, as I lie here on the air plane wreckage, god bed if only a luxury that I took for granted how I wanted it so bad.

Sighing I slowly turn over onto my back, my right shoulder now numb from lying on it for so long, hours maybe I don't know, my mind so foggy I couldn't recall if night had fallen and the sun risen again, fading in and out of consciousness my mind succumbed to the blackness again, the nightmares started again, flashes.

Screaming, beeping, lights going out, masks dropping from the cabin roof, reaching for it I hear a crack, pressure on my side and shoulder, the sound of wind, silence, something on my back cold,


Rushing as I feel intense heat, then nothing, for how long I have been on this wreckage I do not know, how far I am away from the crash I cannot say, all I know as I slowly open my eyes that by some miracle of god that being seated next to the emergency door that I was now lying on was a given.

Lying on my back and opening my eyes once again from a deep nothingness sleep I look up and I am greeted with stars, wrapped in a blanket of darkness as the moonlight out in full lighting up the world around me, how beautiful I think to myself, thoughts of my family and home going thru my mind, wiggling my toes in my boots slowly moving my fingers, yes I hadn't lost feeling yet, that was a small comfort, still rocking side to side, I try to sit up but with the small door I'm lying on bobbing swiftly to the side, as the weight shifts, I knew I couldn't sit up and try an look around, not that I could if I wanted to.

Looking at the twinkling stars above watching me in the heavens, is there anyone up there watching me or am I alone to this new world, as I lie here rocking still floating to the oncoming dawn I have a strange thought, feeling like a broken doll, lifting my left arm upwards towards the heavens, stretching my fingers out slightly wiggling them, my right on my side still as the blood slowly seeps through, trying to reach the stars, my mind no longer clear I whisper out...

"Please help me stars guide me to my freedom" a small giggle escapes my lips as I say this, my mind so foggy...

"Come Josephine and my flying machine, going up she goes, up she goes" **

I don't know why I said it or how I remembered it from something but I felt I had to say it, repeating it for what I do not know, watching those stars twinkle brightly, I smile, I feel myself slipping, my left hand dropping onto my stomach as my heart beat slows, my breathing grows shallow, small tuffs of breath hanging in the air escaping my mouth, still looking at the last light of the stars I slowly close my eyes and I leave.

In the black void I am in, I still feel around me but are unable to move, the light of the horizon coming clearly with the dawn of a new day, purples pinks oranges light the sky, the sea rocking violently, picking up speed as I sway back and forth like a rag doll in a whirlpool, I feel my body roll over and the pain hits me like a thousand needles and I feel the sting in my open wounds and harsh skin as I hit the water, ocean salt seeping into my wounds like white branding irons, and down my throat as I swallow in the water, my lungs burning and filling every pour, my body sinking down as the current pulls me along, my once life raft door now long gone without me, this was it, I had no control over it as I sink, my hair bellowing around me, feeling my limbs rising up around me floating, suddenly the pain was gone and I was at peace.


I scream inside my head, fighting to move my arms and legs against the void


Feeling my life at the edge I will my limbs to move and thrash out, snapping my eyes open suddenly they sting from the salt water, looking up I see the sun breaking the surface, clamping my eyes shut again I start to kick out the blackness once again around the edges of my vision as my lungs burn from no air.


I scream once more inside my head breaking the surface gasping for breath, pushing down the suffocating feeling from the salt water still in my lungs, looking around I see in the close distance an island.

With my muscles burning I start to swim towards the island, time just didn't exist as I paddled on as the island grew bigger, I started to tire.


My mind screamed, closer and closer I got till I could see the beach, a jungle cover island getting closer, was it inhabited am I still alone, I wonder as I finally touch the sandy bottom of the shore, dragging my injured legs just a bit further onto the sand only to have them give out making me stumble forward onto the sand.

A sharp pain rips thru my side as I try to scream out a gasp as the sand comes up to great me, landing on my stomach my head to the left pressing my right cheek into the soft sand, my arms resting oddly at my sides, feeling the waves at my feet covered boots gently rocking in and out, sand is hot and course against my cheek, for some time I just lay they gasping as my lungs continued to burn, the now familiar tune still running thru my head haunting ... up she goes


I hear but its distant, trying to lift my head, unable, my eyes to sore to move, I see shoes covered feet running in a slow motion, opening my mouth I gasp a breath, whisper faintly.

"Come Josephine...in...My... flying machine... going... up... she goes... up... she goes"

I feel warm fingers on my cold skin; my eyes still open focusing on the sand beside me, almost twinkling, a voice speaking its muffled, trying to focus.

"Hello can you hear me"

when will this end

"Virgil its Scott get to beach now, bring your kit"

Blackness surrounds me

I just want peace

"Scott, what have we got?"

"I need you to hold her head as I turn her over"

Come Josephine in my flying machine going up she goes up she goes

"Ready on my count 1 2 3"

My eye sight blurry as I feel a tear roll down my cheek as I feel my back against the sand.

"She's got a laceration on her side Scott, I need to stop the bleeding, or she won't make it"

"Just hurry Virgil; I can barely feel a pulse"

Come Josephine and my flying machine going up she goes up she goes


"Shit she's stopped breathing"

"I can't feel a pulse"

"Drag her up to the bank"

"Starting CPR"

voices far away

"Still no pulse"

"Keep going we have to save her"

why do need to save me please let me go

Pressure on my chest a pounding, the cool taste of air on my tongue

"Come on come on breathe"

"Scott it's no use we've been at it for 15 minutes she's gone"

"NO I will not give up, I can't"

why cant you

"I'm giving her a shot of adrenaline"

My left arm sparked as I felt a shot, heat coming thru my veins, my stomach rolling as I feel the salt water burning my throat as I cough it up, gasping for breath as I spit out the water my eyes snap open as I feel strong hands rolling me over, focusing on the once again sand, hands rubbing circles on my back then gently placing me on my back, another spark of pain hits my shoulder like before, shivering I feel something wrap over me.

Dull voices again

"Can you hear me we are here to help, what's you name"

Rolling my head to the left then to the right seeing two blank unfocussed faces in front of me my lips parting slightly as I feel my damp hair brushed away from my forehead.

"Do you know where you are?"

"Do you feel pain?"

why all the questions, my eyes fluttering trying to shut

"No you can't go to sleep just yet you have to stay awake and tell us your name" feeling my shoulder being shaken there voices getting louder

"Selene" I whisper out

"My name is Selene" still whispering as I try to keep my eyes open

"Now that wasn't too hard was it, what a pretty name"

"no you can't go to sleep yet ok we need you to stay awake a little longer Selene, my names Virgil and this is my brother Scott" the blurry face says as I roll my head from the left to the right, trying to focus

"you are going to be ok, all you have to do it stay awake, let me see those blue eyes a little longer" his face now coming into focus, his eyes meet mine and I gasp, my eyes meet deep soulful blue eyes, strong jaw and brown hair.

"Yes that's it just keep them open a little longer can you do that for me Selene" feeling pressure on my side once more

For reasons un be knowing to me I couldn't answer him with a yes, oh I wanted to but, his eyes, I was lost in them I could see the pain and worry settling in the iris'

"Beautiful" I whisper out shocking myself.

"Ok Scott ill grab the hover stretcher, keep her awake"

"FAB Virgil"

Scott my saviours name was Scott, looking at him as I lay on this beach covered in a blanket, on his knees, silence only the waves breaking the shore, some seagulls flying nearby, his hand gripping mine, when did he do that, feeling my fingers around his I squeeze, a smile reaches his face.

"Yes that's right it's ok, we are here to help, just stay awake a little bit longer" he says running his finger again through my wet hair on my fore head,

Closing my eyes as I feel his finger tips on my skin, sending a spark of heat where he touched, a moan escapes my lips

"SELENE" he yells gripping my hand tightly

Whispering back "come... Josephine... and my flying... machine... going up... she goes" opening my eyes again looking at him continuing "up...she... goes up... she... goes" my eyes roll into the back of my head then rolling to the left


ok my fellow TB readers what do u think, I know it takes a ill while to get the boys into the scene but it's just the set up, should I keep going, remember you've just read the start up flash back, the story technically hasn't started yet, so where is Selene going to in the TB silos?, who is she going to help? I was thinking about doing flashback chapters in the story b 4 she actually reaches where she is going in the silos to whom, love to hear your reviews

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