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"Scott please debrief about today" Jeff said to his eldest son sitting down at his desk, in his office, the light streaming from the huge 10ft glass windows facing out onto the water, sun shining on the surface.

Each of sons sitting in a chair in a semi-circle facing him, his second eldest john not present, still stationed up on 5, his holograph shinning from his portrait on the wall.

"well I was going down to the beach for a run when john called and said the outer sea sensors had been tripped, someone or something was heading slowly to the island" Scott said looking towards johns floating imagine to his left

"I was tracking it on 5 father but I couldn't get a read on it, it was too slow and I could not get a clear picture to what it could be, at the time it didn't seem like a threat so I called Scott" john replied back

"so after telling Virgil that its might be possible plane wreckage from the Air NZ crash last week I went to check it out but to stand by just in case, so after that I left for the beach, I was running when I saw in the distance...


beep beep beep

Argh god what the hell.

I sputter out as I come too, looking around the very white sterile room, the smell of bleach and cleanness (if that's a word) hanging in the air.

Slowly sitting up I take stock,

"Am I in a hospital?"

I think as I look at my surroundings, monitors, equipment, cabinets with glass door panels with bottles of I guess drugs lined the walls, two beds, white tile floor, running along one wall was a bench with a sink in the middle, yeap everything you can think about being at a hospital, but this was different, it was to quiet, to small also, a big glass door at the end of the room.

beep beep beep

realising now that the beeping, I woke to was from me, a sensor on my pointing right finger, a iv line and drip in my left hand connected to a half empty saline bag hanging from the wall, the feel of stiff white sheets over my body, which was now not wearing the clothes I had last, that I could remember, a white t shirt and blue sweat pants, navy of course, and thank god for the miracle that I was still wearing my underwear, and thank god no catheter, what that's gross and scary at the same time.

ARGH I yell out as I sit straighter, winching as my side pulls uncomfortably, a thick padding around my stomach, a pain shooting up my right side.

God I hate hospitals they freak me out, cleanliness and death is what they are, very uncomfortable right now.

Taking in a big shaky breath, and letting it out, breathing thru the pain, white led lights on the roof, lighting up my small prison you could call it, no window, is it even day or is it night

"Where am I?"

"How long have I been here?"

Now sitting up and leaning back on the pillows I try and think back to what was hopefully the last couple of days, sighing, getting the phone call in my London flat to return to the safe house in New Zealand, my brother from another mother father, his sudden death hit me hard, coming back from England, a long trip in coach.

My brother saying to be careful, he could be watching me, to stay safe and contact when landing

The plan crash, the explosion, washing up on the island, those blue eyes and soft hands, argh my head, pounding as I tried to remember last, my fingers gripping my hair, iv line tugging my hand.

My brother, does he know I survived, my sister, where are they? my family, where am I?

Virgil and Scott, names, the blue eyes and soft hands on the beach, they found me saved me

I was spose to die on that plane, the feeling of dread coming over me, settling in my stomach, he knew I was on that plane, he knew, oh god all those innocent people, the children, I killed them, it's my fault.

Oh god, I should of stayed in London ignored my brother, so stupid, tears slowly dropped down my cheeks from my clenched shut eyes.

An hour later and things were getting nowhere, in the Jeff's office...

"SO WHAT YOU WANT US TO ABANDONED HER, SHES INJURIED PROBABLY SCARED AND ALONE WE CAN'T LEAVE HER" Scott screamed back at his father, standing 2 feet in front of him.

" don't take that tone with me Scott, we don't know her, she could be a plant by the hood, how can you be sure we can trust her, do you even know who she is" Jeff replied back, straightening up, his voice dropping to that annoyed elder tone, not believing the words coming out from his own sons mouth.

"we looked for ID when we got her stable father but her pockets where empty, nothing" Virgil states back, trying to defuse the situation from escalating further, that good old Tracy stubbornness coming out in both father and son

"John" Jeff yelled out eyes still locked with his sons, not backing down

"I've got fives scanners on her facial recognition right now father, but as of yet nothing, it's as she's doesn't exist, not even a library card"

"We can't trust her Scott, and I am not willing to put the lives of yourself and your brothers as well as the secrecy of international rescue, because you say so"

"she has a name you know and how do you know she's part of the hoods plans huh, haven't you always said to trust in your gut, go with your heart, and to me it's clear father I trust my gut about here we can trust her, you trust my judgement as field commander so why can't you trust me when I say we can trust her"

"And how exactly do you know this" he yells back, loudly making Scott's younger brothers cringe behind him

"Well why don't you just ask me"...


ok I've had enough of this, I have to get out of here, where ever that may be, I could be in danger, I have to get somewhere safe before he finds me, what am I thinking I survived the plane crash, guessing he's thinking I'm dead, my poor family I hope my funeral is a good one, I smirk to myself, my imagination coming out to play badly

pulling the white cotton sheet back over my legs, I swing them over the side of the bed, socks on my feet, my side aching objecting at the movements, ripping the heart monitor off my finger and yanking out the iv line in my hand,

Which hurt like hell by the way, small drops of blood flowing out of the hole it created.

Head pounding with the same constant drone of the heart monitor, flat lined, yanking out the power cord it goes silent

"well here I go" I say as I slowly sink my feet to the cold tile ground, my legs shaking, gritting my teeth together as the pain shoots up once again on my right side, whatever I did it must of been bad to hurt this much.

On shaking sore legs I take, well try to take a few steps

Big mistake

Unable to stop myself my legs give out from under me, I fall to the ground,


"FUCK" I scream, and wouldn't you know it bloody Murphy and his stupid law I land on my bad injured side

Taking in shaky breaths, breathing thru the pain, getting up holding onto the side of the bed, slowly my legs shaking as well as my arms as I pull myself up once again onto my feet.

"Ok let's try that again" I say to no one, I talk to myself sometimes for comfort.

Setting one foot in front of the other I take a few steps, making it across the room to the sink, turning the tap, cupping my hand under the cool water I splash it on my face, turning it off I look up, gripping the bench I make my way over to the mirror on the wall, 2 dull blue eyes stare back at me, dark circles accompany those eyes, sadly looking back, skin so pale, basically I looked like crap, my blonde hair stained with blood on the side loosely around my shoulders slowly turning around once more, scanning the room I see a rubber band next to the sink, grabbing it and tying up my hair, into a low pony tail, running my fingers thru my matted hair, blood flaking off as I do this,

"I have to get out of here" turning for the end of the room, slowly holding onto the walls and bed as my steps are slow and sluggish, like walking thru mud I make my way to the door.

A frosted glass large door, no handle, palms flat on the glass, bumpy under my fingers, pushing it; it shudders as I lean on it, looking around the door I noticed a black rectangle box, reaching up for it, I lay hand resting on it, the doors hissing open

Shuddering as I feel the cold air from the corridor engulf me

Slowly and carefully I step out, looking both left and right, a plain white corridor greeted me, no signs or marking on the floor, no windows, just once again those white led lights in a line on the roof

"Ok then which way to go, umm I always take the right, since I'm right handed so I will take the left"

Stepping forward and out from the door way, is hissing closed behind me I start to walk, well shuffle, my right hand on my side, my left hand on the wall.

walking for how long I could not tell you, when would this corridor end as I lean now against the wall, eyes closed heart racing, head pounding my side throbbing, I push off the wall and carry on, trying to ignore the pain I start to hum jacks lament from nightmare before christmas

Turning a corner I see a light up ahead, from a window

"Great now I might now where I am"

Stepping closer, I realise the light coming from the window was not natural, the same white like shining through stepping up the window my breath stops


Rubbing my eyes, slowly, and blinking them open I look again

"I don't believe it"

There thru the window, it stood, its grey and blue paint gleaming in its well giant shed, the giant number 1 prominent

"Oh my force, thunderbird one"

"thunderbirds, shit, I'm in the thunderbirds secret lair, wherever that might be" my mouth agape, shocked was an understatement, it was impressive, the sheer size of it was amazing, for it being so big meant it had to be hidden either somewhere underground or somewhere that has a big mountain or something like an island.


Ok I get in a plane crash and wash up in the thunderbirds island, I don't know whether to be happy or I don't know, well at least I know they can help me, with that thought I push off the wall I was leaning on and I carried on, following the corridor, my feet padding on the concert, the coldness I could fell thru my socks, concrete gave way to wood flooring.

Once again humming jacks lament, only thing I could think of at that moment

As I come towards the end of the corridor I notice stairs going up gripping the hand rail I take slow steps up, still on the wood floor in continue on,

"Where is everyone" I whisper as I look around

Passing a few brown doors, locks on the fronts, taking several more steps I hear voices in the distance

"Well I guess I found them, I just hope they aren't mad, I mean I didn't mean to wash up and find their secret liar"

As I continued on the voices got louder, I could hear what sounded like arguing

"SO WHAT YOU WANT US TO ABANDONED HER, SHES INJURIED PROBERBLY SCARED AND ALONE WE CANT LEAVE HER" his voice sounded young and angry, boy who ever he is I would want to piss him off.

"Don't take that tone with me Scott, we don't know her, she could be a plant by the hood, how can you be sure we can trust her, do you even know who she is" another voice answered sounded older to

Scott from the beach, are they arguing about me? Who's the hood? Now at the door frame to the room the voices where coming from, my back against the wall, (pun) trying to hide.

"We looked for ID when we got her stable father but her pockets where empty, nothing" another makes voice speaks, he sounded familiar


"I've got fives scanners on her facial recognition right now father, but as if yet nothing, it's as she's doesn't exist, not even a library card" yet another voice, male again says, geez how many people are in this room talking about me? and of course he wouldn't find anything about me, my family made it that way for my protection, if it got out where I was it could be trouble for my loved ones.

"We can't trust her Scott, and I am not willing to put the lives of yourself and your brothers as well as the secrecy of international rescue, because you say so" the same voice as before again.

Wow he sounds really pissed, well technically you where the one just then that mentioned it so yeah secrets out buddy, I think to myself, ah loopholes till hiding, should I interrupt them, my side now unbearable, no doubt the fall and little walk didn't help.

"she has a name you know and how do you know she's part of the hoods plans huh, haven't you always said to trust in your gut, go with your heart, and to me it's clear father I trust my gut about here we can trust her, you trust my judgement as field commander so why can't you trust me when I say we can trust her" wow he's fighting for me, I don't even know him I haven't spoken to him, well except that embarrassing blunder of saying he was beautiful on the beach, trust me to remember that of all things

"and how exactly do you know this" the elder man once again replied back, I'm not liking his tone right now, it's kind of scary, well I guess it's now and never

"Well why dont you just ask me" I say stepping into the door way of the office

"Well why don't you just ask me" I rasp out my voice harsh and cold, I hate being talked about to say the least but being sore at the same time didn't help also.

I hear an audible gasp around as I lean on the door frame, clutching my right bandaged side, biting my bottom lip hard, squeezing my eyes shut as the pain rips through me, feeling several sets of eyes burning holes into me

"Argh "dropping my head forward

"Selene what are you doing up you should be in bed resting" I hear a voice say, recognising it from the beach, zoning out I look down trying to breath but it comes in gasps.

"hey, it's ok I got you" his voice softly echo's in my left ear as I feel his arm around my back pulling me into his right side, draping my left arm over his shoulder as he glides me over to the couch beside the desk, careful of my injured side, still throbbing, my socking feet shuffling beside him another hand on my back gently guiding.

Carefully lowering me down in a sitting position onto the couch sitting next to me, his left hand rubbing up and down my back as I lean forward, gasping, my ribs screaming.

"Selene just breathe small breaths in and out" the voice next to me says ok in and out feeling the void around me closing in I continue to breathe.

"Yes that's it in and out, good keep it up" he says in a gentle voice

Looking down at the ground I see a shadow then 2 feet, then jean covered knees

"Selene, you doing good, continue to listen to Scott and match his breathing in an out, do you remember me and Scott from the beach Selene do you remember what happened" he says gently placing his hands on my knees

I look up as I recognise his voice, it all comes rushing back to me in images, argh my head is pounding as I place my head in my hands, the tear roll down my cheeks as I feel the hand on my hand gently rubbing circles comforting

"do you hurt Selene are you in pain" the voice in front of me asks softly gently rubbing my knees with his thumbs, thinking over the pounding head this would serious creep me out being touched so much in any other position but with the pain ripping thru me with every heart beat it was a comfort.

Looking up I see the face in front of me, the same one from the beach, his eyes full of concern

"Virgil" I whisper out as he smiles back

"Yes that's right I'm Virgil now please tell me where you hurt and I can see what I can do for you"

Sitting up slowly with the help of the person next to me I continue, still aware of the faces around me but not to concern as they wait for me to speak

"ok well I apologise in advance because I'm not going to be polite, my head is pounding like shit, I ribs are bloody screaming at me and I feel like I have been hit in the gut with a fucking sledge hammer, sorry" I say leaning back on the couch squeezing my eyes shut, "oh and by the way I don't know who all of you are but I know you were talking about me before I interrupted so don't stop on my account of being here" I continue

I hear a snigger in the back corner with a follow up of "shut up Gordon" in a harsh tone "shut up Alan"

"Both of you shut up" a stern elder voice breaks out,

A hands grips my right tightly as I look over to the man next to me, blue eyes greet me, a small smile on his lips, the same one from the beach; his gentleness reminds me of Brian, my family

Blinking sharply out of my thoughts, I'm back to reality

"Just breathe thru it" he says as I focus on him, not noticing the needle going into my arm, ok when did he leave and get that?

"I'll have to put in another IV line" I hear a grumble in front of me, yeah sorry about that

Feeling the needle sliding out I wince, the hand in my right tightens

"look I'm being honest I know you don't want me here, I know you are worried about your secret, look as soon as these awesome drugs Virgil gave me wears off I will be out of your hair and I promise I won't tell anyone your secret scouts honour"

"What secret is that Selene" Scott asks still holding my hand on the couch

"I know you are the thunderbirds"

And with that one sentence the room falls silent; you could hear a pin drop at that moment as I look around at all the faces, staring bugged eyed and wide mouth at me

"How did you know" a male says stepping towards me from behind the couch, looking at him I don't recognise him, but he's differently a fiery red head

"well not to hard actually, maybe next time you rescue someone off you beach you should really close your blinds to the underground garage that is just down the hall from the medic room I was in, I wasn't prying I was just trying to find my way out when I went passed it and saw thunderbird one.


"Language Alan" Jeff cuts in then continues "you know it's important we keep our secret

"I understand, I really do, and I will keep it, but I need you to understand something, I need you to keep a secret of mine"

"and what is that, Selene" I hear a voice from the side looking over I noticed it's a hologram, ok cool never seen one of those before, a weird looks crosses my face

"Ok before you answer that, I guess its best we introduce our selves" Virgil says still knelt down in front of me realising the look of uncertainty

"Ok well, sitting beside you is Scott, he's the oldest, then behind me on the hologram is john" Virgil says as I look round him "hi" I say with a smile that he mirrors back

"Ok then theres me Virgil, the red head behind you is Gordon and then to the right of him is the baby of the family Alan"

"Hey nice to meet you all I guess, so do you have a last name as well"

"It's Tracy" Jeff says and I'm the father Jeff Tracy"

"Oh shit, you mean ex astronaut/ billionaire Jefferson Tracy"


"Oh shit no" I say my voice panicked as I try to stand up on shaky legs, I can feel the blood draining from my face,

"If he finds out that I am here and oh my god I have to go"

"God I have to go" I spit out trying to move past them

"wow Selene come down" I hear Scott say as he stands in front of me now blocking my path, the feeling of his family around me with mirrored looks of shocked and worry itched onto their faces, Scott's hands on my upper arms trying holding me steady

"Selene calm down what are you talking about, when who finds out" he says in a calming soft voice, his eyes looking into mine.

"Is she talking about the hood" I hear a voice in the back who from I don't know

"You don't understand none of you do" my voice rising starting to yell as I trying and break my grip from Scott's hands but he grips tighter

Panicking I start to breath raggered, shaking I can't feel my legs, my vision is starting to fade around the edges to grey, sinking to my knees I hear my name called out to me, several voices around me

"You don't understand I whisper out, I was spose to die on that plan he's trying to kill me, now he will kill you too"

"Who Selene who"

"Deckard Shaw"

Eyes rolling into the back of my head I succumb to the dark void.


Can you guess what story arc I chose in the end?

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