Chaper 1

Hiccup glared at the man he had once tried so desperately to please, the man he had once called father. He stalked towards his best friend and stroked the beasts head and shoulders lovingly.

"Son, get away from that beast!" Yelled the Viking leader, a hint of panic in his voice. The boy simply shook his head.

" I won't do that, Stoic..." the man froze at the lack of respect shown to him, and by his son no less!

"I am your father and you will resp..." Hiccup cut him off

"Now you want to act like my father?! I had tried so hard..." His voice broke and he paused , the black demon made a murmuring noise which hiccup responded to with a pat to the monsters head. "I havetried so hard to get your attention and affection, but you..." he pointed at the other Vikings "All of you damned me to a life as an outcast! No one believed in me! No one trusted me!" It was a near scream and stoic saw tears gather at the edge of his boys eyes. "But then I met toothless, he kept me sane in this world of insanity!" he rubbed the night furies head lovingly but kept his icy gaze on the villagers. Stoic opened his mouth to speak but was stopped as the boy climbed upon the dragon.

"You don't GET to be my father because I will NEVER be a murderer like you!" He growled and stared at the open sky and nudged his pet into flight, the nightmare followed them - though it's flight pattern was Irregular from a bite on its wing - to freedom.