Seven days had past. Six since he had started his training under Dagur. His older cousin had explained since they had both been a bit on the hiccupy side it only made sence for him to train hiccup and his sister, which he had been reminded rather fiercely that her name was Dabria* and not "girl Dagur".

Idiotic mistake which had him still nursing a rather dark purple bruise.

"Raise your arms up higher!" Shouted Dagur from the sides, hiccup did so imm

ediately and blocked the berserker warriors strike then slid to to the left to dodge another downward strike.

Jumping forward, hiccup smashed the butt of the training axe into a split in the warriors chest plate. Nothing much happened due to the brawn and chainmail of the berserker and hiccups dismal arm strength but from the side lines Dagur whooped in glee and a glance showed that the insane leader was prancing about the sidelines.

"Bend your arms a but or a slight move from my end could break those twigs." Slightly shocked by the deep voice next to him, hiccup flinched but automatically did as told. "Better, adjust your stance, or else I could..." The large warrior grasped the axe handle over hiccups hand and threw his shoulder forward, knocking hiccup off balance and onto his butt.

The berserker chuckled and walked away "next time." He said over his shoulder without any real conviction.

"Pull the axe back as soon as you hit or.." Dabria waved at his general direction and smirked at his dejected look. "But hey, buck up kiddo, your getting better." She squeezed his aching muscles as she sauntered up to him. "Let's go to the dragon ring." Demanded Dagur and grabbed both teens and tugged them, a slightly insane look on his face.

Hiccup froze for half a second. There was no noise coming from the dragon arena but many warriors were walking back and forth from the docks into the ring carrying crates.

"Some of the warriors were coming back from a raid when they stumbled into a dragon nest. Now-" he tugged the two into the ring and gestured dramatically "we can have an army!"

Six dozen boxes sat innocently around the arena, each containing shimmering silver dragons eggs.

* Dabria means angel of death