Neb: I do not own X Men Evolution

Silver Wolf: Weren't you doing my story

Neb: I decided to make another mutant, though I will continue your story. Your story will be based on what happens after Season 4. Vibrants story will start at Season 1 kk.

Silver Wolf: Alright then.

Vibrant: Bro, are you going to say Bub! :)

Silver Wolf: I am not Wolverine!

Vibrant: Your him minus the claws, wait, why are you a wolf if you don't have claws.

Silver Wolf:...

Neb: On with the story, it all started at Barkwood High.

"January 31 the millennium year 2000, I'm Ricky White and I'm surviving yet another day in this place known as school," a man with black long hair, blue eyes, two long scars across his cheek, and a smile that caused girls to stare at him as he walked by. He was Caucasian and six feet tall and he wore a brown leather jacket, a plain white t shirt, blue jeans, and brown leather boots. "Had a little set back cause of family issues, but the school aloud me to continue courses hear so long as I start at where I left off sophomore year."

"I thought your name was Ricky Powers," a girl laughed as she walked by.

"Not anymore, got my name changed yesterday," Ricky responded with a grin before turning back to the camera. "It's true, I have family issues being adopted three times, but so long as I keep that smile on my face life can't get to me." He smiled at two girls who walked by and they responded by giggling. He overheard their conversation about his long flowing hair and he grinned.

"Look whose finally back in school," a man yelled waving to him. He turned to see his social studies teacher.

"Whelp, gotta go, stuff to do." He shut off his camera and then headed to his teacher.

"Hey kid, how you holding up," the teacher asked.

"Same as always, happier now that I've changed my last name."

"I know what your dad did was wrong, but that doesn't mean change who you are."

"You don't get it, changing who I am is very much like me. This guy is the third dad that I've had and he was no different from the others, they always wanted something out of me. Well my first dad just wanted me dead, but still." The teacher gave him a look of pity, but Ricky just smiled back and walked past him. Growing up was tough, especially with his ability, that very power was the reason why he never held onto a set of parents. He had a little sister who loved him from his first set of parents and a pair of twin boys as his brothers for his second set, but the third set only wanted one son and he was to much for them. Well the dad saw a way to make a quick buck, but that jerk is behind bars, he now has a new last name, he got approval from the judge to change his last name and live on his own being his third mother was not capable of being a parent. When he got inside the school he tried to open his locker, but it wouldn't budge.

"Having trouble with your locker combination Ricky," a guy laughed with two girls standing behind him giggling. He glared at the boy and recognized him as David Smith a guy who just loved messing with him when they were freshmen. The difference now was that David was a senior and he was still a sophomore. He decided to ignore him and work on opening his locker. The jerk messed with his locker combination while he was away, whatever, he can just open the lock anyway. The boy walked off laughing as the two girls followed behind him and when the coast was clear Ricky decided it was safe. He grabbed hold of the lock and held it in his hand for a second. He could feel it, the vibrations from within the lock. The molecules from within it stuck up against each other, but still moving. His hand began to vibrate faster and faster until the lock came loose and he was able to get in.

"At least I learned one fancy trick from the useless old man."


"I've located a mutant," a man spoke from the shadows. A blue woman turned around and smiled. "His name is Ricky White and he has an ability that will prove useful to the Brotherhood."

"Of course Magneto, I will find him right away," the blue woman replied as she walked out of her office door and she transformed into another woman.


"Professor, did you detect someone," a guy with sunglasses asked.

"Yes, Cerebro has picked up on a mutant life form in Maple City," a man in a wheel chair responded.

"Time to fly then," the sunglasses guy replied before running off with a red head girl.


"Hey Ricky, can I like talk to you," a girl with blonde hair tied into pigtail and a blue cheerleader outfit spoke up. It was Lilly one of the two girls who was friends with David.

"Lilly, what's up," he smiled as he decided to walk with her, if only for his amusement.

"I saw what you did," she spoke up. His smile almost left his face, but he kept it up. "How did you move your hand so fast, it was like it was vibrating and fast enough to break your lock.

"My lock isn't broken, check it yourself," he smiled knowing he won.

"Of course it's not cause you did the vibrating thing again and fixed it. Look, you know this school has security cameras and one peep from me and they'll check them." She got him there. If he didn't think of something quick he was going to get expelled or worse, persecuted as a freak. "Don't be ashamed, I think it's cool and better yet, I think we can make some dough off of an ability like that."

"What, sick of being one of David's background crew," he spat. She became furious and got up in his face.

"One, he's the captain of the Football team and if I don't pretend to be some stereotypical nut then I'll have rumors spread about me faster then a blink of an eye. Cheerleaders are vicious when they want to be."

"I see, forgive me for being insensitive of your situation," he smiled.

"My god, your so Vibrant, I'll call you that from now on," she laughed. "Come on, we're just going to fill our pockets with money, you need it anyway if you plan on living by yourself without your step mommy trying to collect her son." Ricky stopped smiling for a minute thinking over his situation. She was right, even with his part time job as a pizza guy, he can't make enough money to live on his own and he didn't want any of his families clamming him as their own again.

"I don't know, let me think about it," he responded.

"Looks like you already did, just come with me and I won't tell a soul about your... ability," she explained.

"Fine, I'll help you," he sighed.

"Oh, where is that cheerful smile," she cued. "Carry my books for me," she smiled. He did his best to smile back and carried her books, he'll just have to do what she says for a little bit...