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Brock hiked on a path just outside Pewter City. He'd left the gym to journey with Misty, the former gym leader of Cerulean City along with a young trainer from Pallet Town named Ash Ketchum. Ash's Pikachu perched itself on Ash's head, since he didn't keep it in its ball. Several other trainers that passed through Brock's old gym did similar things with their Pokemon, though it wasn't very common. Earlier, Brock's father had helped Ash to supercharge the little Pokemon to be able to incapacitate his rock Pokemon. It was a cheap shot that Brock had no way to see coming, since electric Pokemon shouldn't even sting rock Pokemon.

Ash had made several attempts to capture Pokemon in the woods, and failed horribly each time. The kid was definitely a beginner, and nowhere near as good as he thought he was. He hardly ever even used his other two Pokemon, and he didn't even recognize Misty as the gym leader of Cerulean City.

"Hey look, a meteorite!" Ash said. Between the trees, a fireball with a trail of smoke was cutting its way through the sky.

"I've never seen one so big. Is it dangerous?" Misty asked. Brock knew she used to be a gym leader in Cerulean City, which explained why she only carried water Pokemon. Misty explained to Brock that she was along because Ash destroyed her bike and that she cared little about acquiring new Pokemon or battling other trainers. Anybody who did even basic research would know who she was, so naturally, Ash was completely oblivious. Misty made Brock promise not to tell him.

The meteorite was close enough that Brock could see some details of the meteorite and even smell the smoke. Except, it didn't much look like a meteorite. It was sleek with several pylons protruding from it. "We're about to find out." Brock grabbed Ash and pulled him back just in time for him to miss a smaller piece of the meteorite that had broken off. The main rock roared overhead while tearing through the treetops, disturbing several pidgeys. Many trees in its path toppled over, and a loud crash thundered through the woods. A large dust cloud blew in every direction.

"You OK?" Brock asked Ash.

Ash nodded. "Thanks."

The piece that nearly killed Ash was still smoking on the ground, and didn't look like a rock at all. It was metallic and looked manmade. Pikachu grabbed it and let out a shriek when it burned his paw. "What is it?" Ash asked, to which Brock shrugged.

"Let's go find out," Misty said, pointing in the direction of where it hit. Pikachu was the fastest and lead the way through the underbrush. Dust was still settling, but it was still easy to follow the path of scorched and ripped branches. They all stopped in their tracks when they reached the clearing that had been made. "It's a space ship," Misty said simply.

It was shaped like a giant arrowhead, roughly the size of a small house. Several parts had given way to air resistance and were torn off. The paint has been scorched off in most areas, but it appeared that at one time it was red. It was dented badly where it had hit the ground, and a dead Oddish lied crushed beneath the machine.

A door on the side hissed and opened slightly. The mechanism groaned until finally giving up, leaving the door slightly ajar. Someone inside shouted and a small explosion sent the door flying. All three of them took a step back to let the door slam into a tree. A feminine figure in a white suit stepped out, followed by a small cat at her heels. The cat almost looked like a Meowth, but it lacked the gold badge on its forehead. Her suit was skin tight, and accentuated her attractive body. She was slender, but curvy in just the right places. A helmet concealed her face. Brock would be at his knees if this woman hadn't just stepped out of a UFO.

The cat eyed the trio. "There are humans here?"

"It talks!" Ash said. The cat ignored his comment.

The black visor on the woman's helmet disappeared and the helmet itself unfolded and collapsed into the neck of her suit. Her eyes were steel gray and her face was slim. Gorgeous blonde hair was done up in a bun. The only inhuman feature about her were ears that pointed and extended up half a foot more than a normal person's. They weren't enough to keep Brock away.

"Oh please take me away on your space ship, and we may explore each other while exploring the stars."

"You flirted with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny on our way out of town," Misty said. "Are you going to obnoxiously hit on every remotely pretty woman we see?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Notice he hasn't flirted with you," Ash said.

The woman interrupted Misty before she can retaliate. "Are there any adults here?"

"Back in town, I guess," Ash said. He sounded confused, and Brock couldn't blame him. It was unusual to ask for adults.

"What of your parents?"

"My mom is in Pallet Town," Ash said. "Why are you asking about her?"

The woman simply squinted at Ash and inquisitively looked at Misty. Brock then noticed Misty's change of expression. Her arms were crossed, and she was glaring at the alien. She must've summoned Starmie when nobody was looking, because it was standing beside her in a fighting stance. The woman said nothing to Misty and started to walk away. Brock caught a glimpse at her backside and ran toward her.

"Please don't go," Brock begged. The woman sneered, and Brock was hurled into the nearest tree by an unseen force.


Thousands of light years away from the nearest Imperial colony, and there are humans here. It was impossible. The most advanced independent human faction only had the means to travel a couple hundred light years, and that would be on a prayer. Adele rechecked the star map on her wrist to confirm that there was no imperial data on this planet at all. It was only documented to have existed; there was no previous explorations, no landings, not even a detailed mapping of the star system. That part actually made sense, since that was why she was here; to document previously unmapped systems for potential future colonization. Surveying the system was going great until that creature knocked her ship out.

After the initial shock of the crash, and getting away from three annoying, young humans, Adele cleared her mind and sat on the ground. She shut her eyes and let her mind wonder. Almost every lifeform in the forest was magic. It was a strange ecosystem. Also strange were more unsupervised kids throughout the forest. Only two adults in the entire forest, and they were watching her. She made a mental note to be on guard while expanding her view. The nearest city wasn't very far. It would only take a few minutes of walking. She collapsed her magic view and opened her eyes.

"What are we going to do when we reach the city?" Apa, her familiar asked. The question was redundant since she shared a mind with her familiar. However, talking to her familiar was her way of coping with loneliness. After years of being alone in the starship, she had to find some way.

"What we were sent to do," Adele said while walking the path toward the city. "Document, survey, and then find some way home." That last part would be the most difficult. Her ship was totaled, and would never be space worthy again. Given that this particular colony had absolutely no contact with the Federal Empire of Allied Star Systems, and that she didn't detect even the most simple of space vessels during her short time in orbit, interstellar travel was likely not easily available here. If it was even available at all. Apa had to sense her fears, but said nothing. There was nothing to say.

"Wanna battle our Pokemon?" a kid asked. He held a red and white ball in his hand and was holding it up enthusiastically.

"What is a Pokemon?"

The expression on the child's face dropped. "That thing there, dummy." The kid pointed at Apa.

"I am a familiar," said Apa.

"Wow, it talks!"

Strange, the other kid was surprised to see a talking familiar as well. Did they have no experience with practitioners of magic? "This could be a great way to survey local culture,"Apa said.

"Or it could be a childish prank, and a waste of my time." Adele walked away, with Apa following not far behind her. Adele could feel Apa's curiosity, but playing childish games could come after she'd establish how trapped she was on this planet.

"Hey, I am not a waste of your time. Rattata, go!" The kid threw his ball, and the red and white halves separated to emit a white light. Light fell to the ground to form a purple rodent. The ball closed and floated back into the kid's hand.

"Impressive technology for a planet with no interstellar travel."

The kid ignored her comment. "Rattata, bite!"

The rodent rushed into Apa and bit her hard on the tail. Sharp pain in Adele's lower back made her shriek. Blood trickled from Apa's tail.

"What is wrong with you?!" Adele had the wind knocked out of her when the rodent slammed its head into Apa. Leaves rustled and dust stirred as Adele lost control of her anger. "So, you want to play, kid?"

The rodent was in an offensive stance, ready to attack again at the kid's command. Adele didn't know why this kid was relentlessly attacking her familiar, but she wasn't about to tolerate it. Apa channeled raw energy near her eyes and they glowed while she glared at the rodent. "Let him have it."

Twin beams of energy shot from Apa's eyes and met the rodent with a thunderous explosion. It wiped the smile right off the little brat's face, and he burst into tears when the dust settled. Nothing was left of the rodent except a few pieces of gore and bone. Even the dirt near where it stood had been turned into glass. "You killed him!"

"Do not start something that you cannot finish." Adele felt little sympathy for the child. If he didn't want her to kill his ugly rat, he shouldn't have attacked her familiar. Apa wagged her tail, which had healed by now.


"She killed his Pokemon," said James. "I mean really killed it."

Jessie nodded. Whatever this alien was, she was ignoring the normal rules for a Pokemon battle. You never kill an opponent's Pokemon, especially not a little kid who isn't remotely a threat and only has a Rattata.

"I've eaten Rattata, and I think that was wrong," Meowth said.

"That power must be unimaginable." Jessie grinned.

"Excuse me?" said James.

"Pokemon are tough. Even an unevolved normal type like Rattata can survive a flamethrower attack. And her Pokemon vaporized it with little effort."

"And it talks," Meowth said. "A talking cat Pokemon should impress the boss."

"But how are we going to take it?" James picked up the Pokeball holding his Koffing. "I don't want Koffing to die, and I'm sure you don't want Ekans killed either."

Jessie smiled evilly. "Oh, I have a plan to take care of her. Do what I say, and Koffing will be just fine."


A woman with long, red hair jumped out of the bushes in front of Adele. This woman was one of the people spying on her, and she prepared a ball of lightning in her hand while taking a step back.

"Prepare for trouble."

"And make it double," a man with shoulder length purple hair joined her. Apa let the energy swell in her. She wasn't going let another one of these people sick their monsters on her.

"To unite all peoples within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."



"Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light!"

"Meowth, that's right." An upright walking cat with a gold badge on its head appeared between the two people.

"Is light speed really so impressive to you?" Adele asked, holding her ball of lightning behind her. "I traveled far faster than that to get here."

James opened his mouth to say something, but Jessie stopped him. "Ignore her, keep to the plan. Ekans, go!"

Jessie threw out a ball similar to the one that child had, and it let out a purple, snake-like creature. Adele decided to throw her own ball, which had enough voltage to stop a human heart. It was a few feet from Jessie before their cat jumped up to intercept it. Smoke rose from its fur and it fell to the ground with a whimper.

"Are you alright," James asked the cat.

"I'll be just fine," it said right before passing out.

"Koffing, attack." James threw another red and white ball. Its white formed into something that Adele could not compare to any living thing she had seen before. It looked like a big, floating purple ball with a face. Pores were all over it, emitting small amounts of black smoke. The poison symbol was drawn where its chin would be.

Adele grunted when she felt sharp fangs piercing her shoulder. Apa wrestled with Jessie's snake. Venom burned through Apa's veins burned, it was too strong for her elvish healing to counter. It slowed down Apa enough that the snake wrapped itself around her and began to squeeze. Apa let out a pressure wave that forced the snake off her. She pounced on it and scratched. Almost all of her strength went into every swipe, and the snake only received superficial cuts.

"Ekans, acid!" The snake reared its head to presumably regurgitate some sort of acid. Adele willed Apa to send lightning into the snake, but the poison was getting to them both. The acid splashed onto Apa's face, and Adele shrieked in pain. It felt like her flesh was being burned off, all the way to the bone. Adele tried to regain her composure, only to be punched in the face by Jessie. Adele hit the ground hard. "A trainer that feels what her Pokemon feels, that can't be fun. Let us take her off your hands."

Apa recovered and sent arcs of lightning into the snake. The poison was wearing off, and elvish healing was reversing its effects. Adele waved a hand at the ground under Jessie, and chanted an incantation. The ground pulled apart, and Jessie tumbled down. Adele said another incantation and the closed around Jessie. The redhead let out a string of curses after being buried up to her shoulders.

Adele focused the air to blast James back several feet. She picked up a nearby branch and chanted another spell to sharpen one end. She pointed it at Jessie. "Take me to your rocket, or your lover shall perish."

Jessie didn't even flinch. "Save Ekans."

James nodded. "Koffing, sludge attack."

Adele had forgotten about his creature. Before Apa could respond, a blob of sludge hit Apa in the eyes. Their eyes burned as the world went black. Adele stabbed forward with her spear and harmlessly hit dirt. James broke the stick with his foot before punching her in the face.

"Now, tackle," James said. The creature slammed into Apa. Adele tried to use her magic sight, but her burning eyes prevented her from focusing. Apa was placed in a bag, which was tied shut. She struggled for freedom, but was kicked in the ribs. Pain knocked Adele on her side. She blindly sent out beams of energy in a desperate attempt to hit one of them.

"Let them go," said a familiar voice.


"Maybe we should go help her," Brock said.

Misty glared at him. "She attacked you, Brock. She's not interested."

"It was barely a push," Brock said. "And this planet must be very confusing for her."

"We don't even know where she went," Ash said.

"She was asking for adults, which means she was probably headed back toward Pewter City," Brock said. "She couldn't have gotten that far."

"She's a big girl, she can take care of herself." Misty was just looking for reasons not to help her. Brock couldn't tell what her problem was.

"I remember my first time in the Pokemon wilderness," Ash said. "Pikachu and I were nearly killed by a flock of Spearow."

"Pika," said Pikachu sadly.

"Three against one, Misty." Brock turned around, and started the path back toward Pewter City. Ash and Pikachu followed behind. After stomping on the ground and muttering about her bike, Misty followed. Brock tripped and stumbled on a part of the pathway. It looked like something melted the dirt and let it reform. Destroyed remains of what looked like a Rattata surrounded it.

"Still think she's a great person who needs you to rescue her?" Misty said.

"I'm sure Pikachu killed at least a few of the Spearow that were after us," Ash said. "Sometimes there is no choice."

"And sometimes it also destroys people's bikes!"

"If she felt threatened enough that she killed a Pokemon, then I was right. She needs our help." Brock continued leading the others down the path. Their walk turned into a run when a stray beam of energy blasted through the trees. Brock rounded a corner in the path and saw Team Rocket. The alien was on the ground, blindly stumbling around. James held a sack with something squirming around in it. It didn't take much for him to figure out what was happening. "Let them go."

"Or else what?" James said.

"Shouldn't you be at the gym or something?" Jessie said. She was buried up to her shoulders and working her way out. Brock would ask if he wasn't furious. Team Rocket was scum, and this wasn't the first time he'd seen them. He resentfully did business with them, and the first time he'd met Jessie, he thought she was beautiful. Then he saw the way she treated young trainers.

"I retired. Geodude, go!" His job would be easy. It looked like Adele had already taken care of Ekans and Meowth; he only had to fight Koffing. "Geodude, seismic toss."

Geodude grappled Koffing and threw him to the ground. Koffing bounced a bit before floating back in the air. "Koffing, smokescreen."

A cloud of dense smog clouded Brock's vision. The dirt rustled, and he heard Jessie recall her Ekans. They were getting away with the alien Pokemon!

"Pidgeotto, gust!" Ash's Pidgeotto blew the smog away to reveal Team Rocket trying to flee. "Pikachu, thunderbolt!"

"Wait," the alien said weakly. Pikachu ignored her and sent an arc of lighting at Team Rocket. The alien arched her back and wailed in agony until James dropped the sack. Energy threw Team Rocket several feet above the trees.

"Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

Brock helped the alien to her feet while Ash rushed to pick up her Pokemon. Her eyes were shut tight and her movements were very slow. She stumbled before finally resting her slim, firm body against Brock. Bosoms pressed against his shoulder and he felt himself blush. "Are you hurt badly?"

She shook her head while breathing heavily. "I will heal in a few seconds. That lightning really hurt though."

"It didn't hit anywhere near you."

"I feel what Apa feels," she said. Ash looked regretful as he carried the alien's Pokemon. It looked unconscious, and had sludge smeared over its eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," Ash said.

"Pika." Pikachu patted the cat-like Pokemon on its head, Adele smiled at the touch.

"Misty, can you wash the sludge off?" Brock asked. She hesitated for a second before summoning her Starmie and commanding it to rinse out Apa's eyes. Adele blinked her eyes open and rubbed them.

"Much better, thank you." The alien extended her hand. "I am Adele."

"I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town."

"I'm Brock, and Miss Sunshine over there is named Misty." Misty simply grunted. "Feeling what your Pokemon feels must make battling no fun at all."

"You keep using that word, 'Pokemon'. Apa is my familiar. I don't typically use him for battling, at least, not recreationally."

"Is she a pet?" Ash said.

"No, she's a familiar," Adele said impatiently. Apa stirred before leaping out of Ash's arms and Adele stood up straight. "Do you people know nothing about magic?"

All three of them hesitated before Brock said, "In ancient times, I read that they would call Pokemon 'magical creatures'."

"No, actual magic users?" Brock, Misty, and Ash all shook their heads. Adele frowned. "And is information communicated fairly well on this planet?"

They all shrugged and nodded. Adele muttered what Brock assumed to be a swear. "Is there any kind space exploration by the people on this planet?"

"They should be able to reach the moon in a few years," Misty said. Adele screamed loud enough to pop Brock's ears. Tears streaked down her beautiful face. He moved to comfort her, but Ash stopped him, pointing at the small arcs of lightning surging around her.

"We came here to survey the star system, but something in orbit sent us crash landing here," Apa said. "We were also to document the life and culture, if there is one. I can clearly see there is life and culture on this planet."

"You can come with us," Brock said. "Ash is travelling to collect gym badges, you'll see plenty life and culture along the way."

Lightning calmed around Adele and she wiped her eyes. "I have little else to do."