Eastern Kingdom- Moragia (maw-RA-jee-ah)

The night was blackened from ash, the earth itself stained black, buildings lay in ruins, torn apart by fire and the elemendts, there was no life to to be found here.
Except for one ship, the Crescent Moon.

Its body a sleek silver and blue, it flew with great speed, and an element of skill not found in a common pilot. Touching down on the charred ground a figure emerged. A strange figure.

It was a young man, in his early twenties at most. He wore a blue hoodie, tinged with white, as if it had been left lying in the snow. His trousers were brown, his feet were bare, but the strangest thing about him was his hair. It was white as snow.

He carried an unremarkable wooden staff around which resembled a shepherds crook. Spinning it as he walked, the man hummed and, like magic, frost and ice curled out from underneath his feet like spiderweb.

The hooded figure looked as if he were looking for something, that much was apparent, he sped up and down the ravaged streets checking in every ruin he could find. He eventually settled in front of a large temple, it giant, majestic architecture having left it surprisingly intact. The figure tried to open the doors, to avail.
He sighed, he didn't want to damge the city anymore that it already was, but he had a job to do. He raised his staff, and a blast of what looked like blue lightning shot from the tip, striking the old wooden with freezing cold ice. The doors broke almost immediately.

Smiling to himself, the man strolled through the now obliterated doorway and into the temple's main hall. There rested his prize.

Resting upon a pedestal was a small orb. It was small, about the size of an grapefruit, crafted from a silver metal, decorated with intricate patterns of a language long lost. The man didn't know much about the orb, only that selling it to his buyer would make him rich. He plucked the orb from its stand. It was heavier than he had thought, and he could sense a hum of powerful emanating from it. It was enough to make the hairs on his arms stand on end.

"Don't move!" yelled a voice from behind him.

He turned to face a man, perhaps a little older than himself. He was clad in dull metallic armour which included a horned helmet. His face was scarred, three identical marks (maybe claw-marks) drew down his face. The most unsettling thing about him though was his eyes, they were a dark brown and almost a manic gleam to them. And he had an axe pointed at him.

"Drop the orb" he yelled, bringing him back to attention "NOW!"

The hooded man drop the orb like was hot coal "Okay! Okay! No problem (Another one of the axe-wielding man's men jabbed him in the side of the head with a crossbow) at all!"

"Who are you and what are you doing here with the orb?" the horned man demanded "Look man, I'm just a scrounger" the hooded man lied, "I came across the place hoping to make some money, okay"

The deranged axe man wasn't discouraged "Come with us!" he barked "Drago's gonna want to ask you questions"

He turned away from the "scrounger", motioning his goons to grab him. "Wait, wait!" the man in the hoodie called "there's a name you might know me by!"

The axe man turned backed to him expectantly. "Jack Frost"

The axe man stared at him looking dumb as an ox, "Who?"

The white-haired man seemed to take offense to this "Come on man, Jack Frost, legendary outlaw?" The horned man shook head in confusion, "Guys?" "Jack" gestured to the two goons, they too shook their heads.

"Aw forget it"

Jack slammed the base of his staff into the floor, sending everyone flying off their feet with a blast of freezing cold wind. Holding on to the staff with all his strength, Jack lifted himself into the air and shot off and out of the building with the speed of a jet.

"After him!" yelled the axe man, who had just managed to scrape himself off the floor.

Jack landed rather gracelessly (ie. on his face) next to his ship and clambered inside. As he rose into the air, a beam of fire just narrowly missed one its wings.

"Crap" Jack muttered to himself, the thugs must have caught up to him.

Jack spun his ship away from the beam, however the group below must have assembled more cannons, for there were now three beams for him to evade. Cursing and spinning, Jack climbed higher into the night sky, and didn't stop until the yells and blasts had receded to silence. Sighing, Jack leaned back into his chair before switching the ship to autopilot. A noise behind him startled him into a spin, raising his staff threateningly.


The voice came from a young fairy, Jack's latest conquest, she was bigger than the stereotypical fairies of myth, hell she was five feet tall. Her body was adorned with a wild variety of blue and green feathers. Her purle wings buzzing like a hummingbirds, her violet eyes shining with confusion.

"Oh hey, um..." Jack said, snapping his fingers as he tried to remember his fling's name.

"Tooth" the fairy finished for him.

"Right! Tooth!" Jack exclaimed, "I'm gonna be honest. I completely forgot you were here"

Authors Note

So how was it? This is my first attempt a multi-chapter story so please some reviews and suggestions.