The End

The Sleigh
Unconfirmed Territory

"Well, I guess the little tyke turned out all right in the end" Aster admitted.

Aster and North were reclining in the captain's quarters, passing a bottle of vodka between them.

Aster took a sip "Christ, this stuff burns" he coughed, passing it to his friend, who took a swig like it was water.

"You ever regret not giving the kid to his dad like we were hired to?" Aster asked

"Not for a moment" North answered "That man was an ass"

Placing the bottle down at his feet, North picked up the containment orb that Jack had given him.

"You know, I still haven't looked inside to see if it is genuine" he admitted

"I thought the kid said if you looked at it too long, it'll drive you mad" Aster reminded him

"Do you think me weak minded?" North asked, raising a bushy eyebrow.

Aster pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

North opened the orb. Inside it was not a Chakra, but a small christmas elf figurine.

Aster's face went from confused to shock to anger in a matter of seconds "That little bastard conned us!" he shouted.

North wasn't angry, he wasn't his usual stoic self. He was laughing.

"Boss?" Aster asked uncertainly, afraid that the leader had had a little too much to drink.

North stopped laughing. Wiping a tear from his eye, he smiled.

"That's my boy"

Western Kingdom

"How do you even know this" Jack asked

He was sitting a hospital ward, being spoken to by a young woman named Dr. Forrester.

"We ran your blood when we were fixing you up" the woman explained.

"So I'm not sapien" Jack clarified

"Well... yes and no" the doctor answered "You definitely have sapien DNA in your system, probably inherited from your mom if your memory's right. But you've inherited DNA from another species, probably your dad, it's just, I've never seen a lifeform like it"

"Any ideas?"

"Well, judging from your pale complexion and white hair, it says on your file it's leucism, but I think they're traits from some kind of winter being"

"Explains your powers over snow and the wind" Rapunzel said, sitting not far from his side.

"Mr. Overland. Miss Rapunzel" came a voice from the doorway, it was the head of government, Snow White.

"It's good to see you both alive" she said with a smile "On behalf of the people of Burgess and the Western Kingdom, I would like to express our immense gratitude for your bravery and selflessness" she added with a small bow.

Jack gave a nonchalant wave of his hand "It was nothing"

"I'll send Officer Hawkins to collect you" said White. She turned to Dr. Forrester "Providing your doctor is satisfied with your condition"

The doctor shrugged her shoulders in response "They're good to go"

White nodded and left the room.

Hiccup sat by the edge of Toothless's bed.

The dragon had been declared dead for half an hour. Afterwards however the doctors were amazed to find that the Night Fury's heart had started beating again. They had immediately seen to his burns, treating the worst, leaving the lesser ones to heal on their own surprisingly quick time. They couldn't save his tail though. The doctors were forced to amputate his left tail-fin.

They had left about an hour ago, saying that all the dragon now needed was rest, but Hiccup refused to leave his friends side. He wanted to be there when his closest friend woke up.

Merida had decided to sit in with him as well. She had fallen asleep twenty minutes ago, sprawled out in a chair. If Hiccup had to be honest, he had to admit the ginger-haired madwoman was growing on him, in more ways than one, but he wasn't too sure how to deal with complicated emotions like that yet.

The government lady, Snow something, had visited, wanting to express how thankful she is, bla-de-blah-de-blah, but for Hiccup their win was hollow, it would stay hollow until he could look Toothless in the eye again.

Hiccup had nodded off but was awoken to the sound of whining growls.

Where's my breakfast? I'm hungry!

Hiccup rubbed the sleep from his eyes to see the large shape of Toothless, his bright green eyes shining with mirth.

Morning, Fishbone

Hiccup sprung from his chair to hug his beastly friend, before slapping him across the nose. Toothless gave him an irritated grunt, his head tilting in confusion.

"You scared me!" Hiccup said, his voice louder than he had expected it to be "I though your were dead!" He threw his arms around Toothless's neck again, tears forming in his eyes "Don't scare me like that"

Toothless affectionately nudged the boy with his head.

I'm not going anywhere, Hiccup

The dragon looked at his tail, and he gave off a rumbling growl akin to that of chuckling

I guess we match now

"I make you something so you can fly again" Hiccup promised.

This rewarded him a giant lick across the face.

"Ugh! You know that doesn't wash out!" Hiccup exclaimed, trying and failing to be serious.

The two embraced. Both creatures, one of a kind: a vat-grown vivisection experiment and the last of the Night Furies. They might not have anyone like them in the world, but at least they had each other.

Who said true brothers had to be related.

Officer Hawkins had arrived to collect Jack and Rapunzel, and as he escorted them they had ran into Merida, Hiccup and Toothless, the latter being carried via a forklift.

Rapunzel slowed down so that she was walking alongside Merida "May your family rest in peace knowing you have avenged them" she said

The taller girl looked at her "Thank you" flashing a rare smile.

"Of course," she continued "Drago was only a puppet. If I want justice, I'll have to kill Mor'du"

Rapunzel rolled her eyes"Good luck with that" she smiled

Hawkins led them outside, where an they saw an almost identical model of the Crescent Moon awaiting them.

"We tried to keep it close to the original" Hawkins spoke "Everything we managed to salvage you'll find inside"

Jack shook the Officer's hand "Thank you"

Hawkins smiled back "I have a family, here in Burgess. They're alive because of you, so thank you"

He looked at all the others "We've also expunged all your criminal records but, we still warn you not to commit any crimes in the future"

"Question" Hiccup spoke up "What if I take something, and it just happens to belong to someone else?"

"That would be illegal" Hawkins answered

"But what if I wanted it more than the owner wanted it?"

"It's still illegal"

"No, that doesn't compute. I want it more sir, understand?"

Rapunzel led him away, trying not to laugh

"What's so funny?" Hiccup seemed genuinely confused "Why are you laughing?"

Merida also asked a question "What if someone pisses me off, and I just decide to stab him in the heart"

Hawkins was so shocked by the question that it took him a while to formulate an answer "Well, that's murder, one of the worst crimes one can commit, so yeah, very illegal"

Merida "Hmmed" in response, and walked onto the Moon.

Jack patted Hawkins on the shoulder "I'll keep an eye on them" Hawkins raised his eyebrows in response "That doesn't make you feel better does it?"

The Crescent Moon II
Unconfirmed Territory

Jack sat in his own quarters, sitting on the edge of his bed, a piece of paper in his hand.

When he was in the hospital, he had managed to convince someone to run Emma Overland through the Western Guard's database. Finding only one identity with that name, Jack had written a letter out to her address. To say that Emma was overjoyed would have been an understatement, she came to visit with her father. Jack didn't tell them much about the past five years, only that he was saved by a man who took him under his wing as he had recovered with amnesia. They had talked for hours until she had to leave.

As he was leaving Burgess, he recieved another letter from his sister:

Dear Jack,
I'll admit it was weird seeing you alive again. I mean, I had mourned you, I went to your funeral. Mom kept telling me not to worry, that you were 'With your father' but that never gave me real comfort. She died though, Mom, a couple years after you supposedly died. Cancer, it was.
To be honest, I always blamed myself for what happened to you, I blamed myself for a long time. Then I hated you, for leaving me. I realise how stupid that sounds but I did, and I'm sorry. You saved, protected me, just like you always did. I don't know how much you remember, but I was always getting myself into trouble, and you were always there to help me, and vice versa.
So thank you, for being my guardian.
Your sister,

Folding the letter up, Jack pulled out a blue shoebox from one of the drawers. Opening it up, its contents were a broken piece of a reindeer's antler, an snow globe that North gave him on his 19th birthday, a pencil sketch of the original Crescent Moon, a necklace that he had bought for Tooth, but she had given back to him, and small blank CD.

He put the letter in the box, but before he closed it he heard a voice from behind him "What are they?"

It was Rapunzel.

"Hey, I didn't hear you come in" Jack sighed

Rapunzel came and sat down next to Jack "They're memories" he answered.

"When I had amnesia, I obviously didn't know how I lost my memories so, I kept small trinkets from things I liked to remember"

Rapunzel picked the CD out of the shoebox "What's this?"

"It's music" Jack answered. Taking the CD from her hand, he placed it in a nearby CD-player. Almost instantly, the room was filled with the sounds of musical instruments and single soulful sound alto singer.

"I remember my mom saying something about me having 'an old soul' whatever that meant" Jack said

Rapunzel had to admit that the music wasn't that bad. Unconsiously she found herself swaying with the music. Jack smiled at her as he saw it.

Walking up to her, Jack took one of Rapunzel's hands in his and the two were soon swaying together.

The music changed. It was slower now.

Without really realising it, Jack let go of Rapunzel's hand and moved closer, wrapping his hands around the curve of her back.

Rapunzel didn't violently lash out like last time, however, rather gave a unusually shy smile, and put her arms around Jack's neck.

"You know, Rapunzel" Jack said "I know you don't like the fact that I play around a lot, but if... I don't know, you wanted something more, I'd be willing to change"

Rapunzel sighed "Jack..."

Jack spoke again "I mean, I'd understand if you didn't want anything to happen between us, I mean, I'm not exactly a good guy, I'm a bit of an ass, I steal a lot, I've killed people, I'm a bit strange to look at but..."

Rapunzel shut him up with a kiss. It was just a quick peck, but it was on Jack's lips, so his brain short-circuited a bit.

"Jack" Rapunzel began "You are an honourable man, whether you deny it or not, you're funny, intelligent and dare I say, handsome. My only problem is that you just. won't. shut up"

Jack smiled back at her, and gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

"I'm glad you're here Blondie"

"Me too"

The original Crescent Moon was home to a thief, a thug and his dragon, an assassin and a maniac. Now, well, they were still a thief, thug, assassin and maniac. But at least they had rules now.

They were Guardians. They would travel the world, saving and helping those in need, they would protect the world from evil forces and they put criminals to justice.

But hey, what's life without doing something bad as well.

Good, bad and a bit of both. That was the life of a guardian.

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