I asked Johanna once if she'd ever loved someone before the games.

She told me she loved her family, when they were still alive and I thought she must have misunderstood the question on purpose.

"No, I meant. . . ."

"Like you and Peeta? Annie and . . . Finnick?"


"No, I never did."

I noticed a subdued tone in her voice and though I knew I must be overstepping my boundaries, I questioned it.

"You're sure? There was never . . . anyone?"

"No, Katniss, there never was. I wasn't interested. I'm still not."

I don't push any more after that. I understand what she means.

Like I said: very short. I may continue these; I certainly have enough headcanons to make a few.

This headcanon - Johanna Mason = asexual aromantic (implied - Katniss Everdeen = demisexual aromantic)