Fire Dragon's School Harem

Chapter 1: First Day Part 1

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"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes' = thinking/ thoughts

*moan* = Sounds

-Magnolia town Japan-

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* 'I guess it's time to get up for school.' A shirt less pink haired teen thought as he heard his alarm going off.

'I hate this thing it's too loud.' He thought as he destroyed he alarm clock.

'I'm going to get a bit more shut eye.' He said to himself as he rolled over but as soon as he did he felt something soft on his hand.

'Huh what is this it's softer than my pillow' He thought as he decided to grab this abnormally soft object.

*moan* 'That was weird pillows don't make that sound' He thought as he grabbed the soft object.

'Maybe I should see what it is to make sure it's not something gross' He thought as he opened his eyes.

'White hair?' He thought as he moved the covers and to his surprise he saw familiar white haired beauty.

"MIRA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!" Natsu yelled at his childhood friend Mirajane Strauss completely naked.

"Oh hi there Natsu I was going to wake you up early so you wouldn't be late for your first day at my school but then I saw you sleeping and you looked so cute so I decided to join you." Mira explained while stretching not realising that she was showing Natsu her huge breasts.

"Mira could you put on some clothes on I can see everything." Natsu exclaimed while looking away.

"I thought you were naked so I got naked too." Mira said innocently.


"*Sniff* *Sniff* I'm sorry you feel that way Natsu I just thought you would like it." Mira said as she started fake crying.

"Wait please don't cry I didn't mean it like." Natsu begged Mira who was hiding under the cover but he didn't get an answer.

"I'll do anything." Natsu said.

"Do you really mean that?" Mira asked Natsu as she got up from under the covers.

"Yes one hundred percent." Natsu said not knowing what he had just got himself into.

'I've got him now.' Mira said to herself as she came up with a plan.

"I know one way you can make it up to me." Mira said in a seductive voice as she started to crawl towards Natsu.

"W-w-what could that be?" Natsu said nervously as Mira got on top of him.

"I want you to kiss me." Mira said in an extremely sexy way.

"But we need to get school it's my first day." Natsu said trying to get Mira off him.

"I don't think they will mind if we are a little late." Mira said.

"If I kiss you will you get off me?" Natsu asked as he got up and put his face so close to Mira's that their noises where touching.

"Wait I'm not emotionally ready yet." Mira said with a bright red blush on her face.

'Yes finally my first kiss.' Mira thought becoming even redder.

"But you're the one who asked for it and we really need to get going." Natsu said as he kissed Mira on the cheek.

"Damn it Natsu that's not what I meant." said a very annoyed Mira.

"Hey you never said where to kiss you now get off me and get dressed." Natsu demanded.

"Fine but I will get that kiss." Mira promised as she got off Natsu.

"You know just cause you live next to me doesn't mean you can break into my house whenever you feel like it." Natsu said as he put on his uniform which consisted of a white short sleeved shirt with a black fairy tail insignia on the shirt pocket, long black pants and black shoes. a black tie and a white scarf which wasn't part of the uniform but he liked to wear it anyway since it was a gift from his late father.

"Well If I didn't who would make your food, take care of you when you're sick and make sure you get up." Mira said as she put on her bra and panties on.

"But if people see you coming out of my house they might get the wrong idea." Natsu said as he attempted to tie his tie.

"I don't really care if they get the wrong idea." Mira said seriously as she put on her uniform which was a short black skirt that only just went past the middle of her thighs, black stockings, black ribbon around her neck and a white short sleeved shirt with a red fairy tail insignia on the shirt pocket,

"I guess if you're OK with people thinking we are going out then it's fine." Natsu said as he started heading down stairs.

'I wish we were going out' Mira said to herself as she followed Natsu down stairs.

Natsu sat down at the dining room table while he waited for Mira to finish cooking.

"So how are the people like at your school?" Natsu asked Mira who was currently cooking bacon.

"Well I would say they are um... unique." Mira said nervously as she put the bread into the toaster.

"And what's that supposed to mean?." Natsu asked Mira who was pouring his coffee.

"Well you will find out when you get there." Mira said while giving him a plate with toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes.

"That's not really reassuring Mira and thank you for the food." He said before he gobbled all his food like an animal.

"One more question Mira." Natsu said as he finished his food.

"What?" She asked as she ate her own food.

"How where you up so early today anyway?" Natsu asked as he started to clean his plate.

"Well Elfman had early morning judo practise today and so I had to make him his lunch." Mira replied as she finished her food.


"Yep the captain of the judo team is a bit strict when it comes to practise." Mira said as she cleaned her own plate.

"Well we better get going we are already running a bit late because of you this morning." Natsu said as he grabbed his bag and left out through the door.

"When did you start caring about punctuality?" Teased Mira as she followed Natsu out the house.

"Well first impressions are important." Natsu answered.

'Plus I don't want everyone to think I'm a delinquent like last time' Natsu thought remembering his last two years of high school.

"So how are we getting to school Bike or motorcycle?" Natsu asked.

"hmm since we are running late I say we take the motorbike." Mira said as she grabbed her helmet.

'Now I can grab onto him as much as I want." Mira thought excitedly.

"Sure whatever you say but are you sure that's the real reason Mira?" Natsu asked as he got onto the red motorbike.

"What other reason would I have." Mira replied innocently as she got onto the back of motorbike and held onto Natsu as tight as she could.

'Wow his stomach is so muscular he must still be doing his daily workouts, man I want to see him work out so bad.' Mira thought as she rubbed her hands on Natsu' abs as they sped through the streets of magnolia on the motorbike.

"I know we are going fast but do you have to cling to me so much?" Natsu asked while keeping his eye on the road.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Mira said while burying her face in Natsu's warm back.

'So warm and strong' Mira thought.

After a nice motorcycle ride Natsu parked the bike at the car park.

"Mira you could of told me that your school doesn't allow motorbike." Natsu said.

"Sorry I completely forgot." Mira replied scratching her head.

"Well it doesn't matter we have plenty of time and it's only a five minute walk from here." Natsu said as he got his bag.

"Now aren't you happy we took the motorbike." Mira said sounding very happy.

"I guess but please don't forget something that important again." Natsu warned.

-Five minutes Later at the school gate-

"Here we are Magnolia high." Mira said pointing to the sign.

"Wow this place is huge." Natsu said in awe.

"Why do you sound so surprised didn't you move from one of Japan's best schools?" Mira asked "By the way why did you leave your old school?" Mira continued to question.

"Just because I came from an Elite school doesn't mean I can't be impressed and It's none of your business why I left that school." Natsu replied saying the last part a little harshly.

"Jeez calm down let's just go to the faculty lounge to pick up your schedule." Mira said as she grabs Natsu by the wrist and dragged him through the school's gate which drew in a lot of unwanted attention.

"Hey who is that pink haired guy with Mirajane-sama?" Asked nerdy looking boy.

"I don't know but I don't like how close they are." His friend responded.

"Mira can you stop dragging me around people are looking at us." Natsu wined.

"I already told you I don't care what others say about us." Mira said with a wink.

'This will keep those vultures from trying to steal Natsu from me.' Mira said, congratulating herself.

"I haven't seen him around before, is he a new student?" A random girl said to her group of friends.

"He's pretty hot too bad Mirajane-Senpai already has a grip on him." One of the girls said in disappointed.

Natsu heard things like this all the way until they got inside the building.

-In front of the faculty lounge-

"Natsu." Mira said as Natsu was about to open the door.

"What is it?" Natsu asked.

"Just be careful in their the teachers are kind of.." Mira said but stopped midway.

"Kind of what?" Natsu asked sounding worried now.

"Never mind you will find out." Mira said as she started to walk away.

"HEY DON'T JUST WALK AWAY!" Natsu yelled as Mira continued to walk away.

'Jeez that girl can be such a handful first she sneaks into my bed completely naked, makes me break a school rule just cause she forgot, drags me across the school yard now I'm pretty sure every think we're dating and no she leaves me here.' Natsu said to himself as he stared at the staff lounge door *Sigh* 'But I guess I do owe her a lot.' He finished thinking as he turned the door knob.

When he opened the door he saw a room full strange teachers.

'Wow these guys look weird especially the one with the horse costume on.' Natsu said as he stared at the teachers before he was interrupted.

"You there what are you doing staring at the faculty room?" Asked an angry redhead with brown eyes.

"I'm just here to get my schedule I just transferred here." Natsu answered.

"Sorry you looked suspicious normal people don't just stand around staring into a room." The redhead add.

"It's just that these teachers look kind of weird I mean come on one of them is in a maid outfit." Natsu said pointing to the pink haired maid.

"That's Virgo she is the home economics teacher none knows why she wears that maid outfit though." The redhead explained.

"Thanks for clearing that up by the way my name is Natsu Dragneel." Natsu greeted.

"Glad to be of service my name is Erza Scarlet." The girl now identified as Erza replied. Erza wore the school uniform like Mira except she wore a red jumper and glasses. Erza was about the same height as Natsu and she was very well developed.

'Scarlet the same colour as her hair well that will make it easy to remember her' Natsu said to himself as he took a mental note.

"Goodbye Natsu I hope you enjoy the rest of your day." Erza said as she started walking down the hall.

"OK see you later." Natsu said while waving at Erza until he heard talking for the faculty lounge.

"Hey guys did you notice that weird kid." said a man with orange hair, a black suit and sun glasses.

"Yeah I noticed but I didn't say anything." responded a cowman.

"I don't know but he's kind of cute." Said a blue haired woman who was only wearing a bikini.

"Aquarius please stop saying stuff like that." Begged a man with red and white hair.

"Get over it Scorpio we broke up a while ago." Aquarius replied.

"Can you two stop arguing I'm pretty sure he needs something." A pink haired girl with curly hair said.

"Thank you, I just need my schedule, I'm the new transfer student." Natsu said.

"You must be Natsu my name is Leo." Said the man with orange hair who was wearing a black suit.

'I'm starting to feel like theirs a pattern here' Natsu said to himself.

"Yes I am Natsu Dragneel." Natsu said clarifying Leo assumption.

"Good here is your schedule you will be in Class 3-A." Leo said while handing him two sheets of paper.

"What's this?" Natsu asked.

"It's a map, you will need it, this place is pretty big." Leo said as he unfolded the map.

"If that's all I should get going home room is almost started." Natsu said as he looked at the map and started heading to his class room.

-Ten minutes later-


"Crap this map didn't help at all." Natsu said running down the hall as he saw his class room down the hall

"I'm so lucky I made it with a minute to spare." Natsu said as he stopped in front his class.

'I wonder who is in my class." He thought to himself as he entered the classroom and the second he did he got drenched and a bucket hit his head.

"hahaha someone actually fell for it." said A shirtless teen with black hair.

"Gray why are you pulling stupid pranks and put some clothes on." said a brunette with purple eyes.

"Oh come on Cana I'm just having some fun with um... who is this kid?" Gray asked Cana.

"I'm not sure I think he is new here." Cana replied.

"CAN SOMEONE GET THIS THING OFF ME!" Natsu yelled as he tried to get the bucket off his face.

"Sure I'll help.' Cana said as she got the bucket off him.

"Thanks for that my name is Natsu nice to meet you." Natsu introduced himself with a smile.

'Wow this guy is hot and he seems nice I think I caught a good one' Cana thought as she got a good look at Natsu's face.

"It's fine my name's Cana." Cana greeted.

"Cana do you know who set this up?" Natsu asked.

"You don't need to tell him that Cana." Gray shouted from his seat.

"I bet it was you." Natsu replied to Gray.

"I didn't think anyone was stupid enough fall for it." Gray retorted.

"At least I'm not a pervert." Natsu said back.

"What do you mean?" Gray asked not realising he was down to his boxers.

"YOU DON'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON!" Natsu yelled at Gray.

"When this happen." Gray said as he picked up his clothes.

"Hey Natsu." Elfman called out.

"Elfman you're in my class?" Natsu asked.

"Yep so is nee-chan." Elfman replied tiredly.

"That's good at least there are some people I know in this class" Natsu said sounding a bit more relaxed.

"Wait you two know each other?" Cana asked.

"Yeah we live next to each other." Elfman answered.

'Wait that means he must be close to Mira than again she said she has never had a boyfriend.' Cana reassured herself

"how was judo training it must have been tough since you sound and look the way you do?" Natsu asked much to Elfman's surprise.

"How did you know I did judo?" Elfman asked.

"Mira told me this morning when I found her in my bed and can you tell her to stop that." Natsu told Elfman who gave him a surprised look.


"You know I heard that Mira came to school with a pink haired boy." a class mate added.

"NATSU WHAT HAVE YOU AND MY SISTER BEEN DOING!" Elfman yelled while picking Natsu up and shaking him.

"I swear I didn't do anything I just woke up with her naked in my bed." Natsu said trying to defend himself but when he realised what he had said he knew he was screwed.

'WHY DID I SAY THAT?' He questioned himself.

Mira walked into the class room after hearing all the commotion what she saw was not her usual class room it was a war zone people were hiding under desks, cowering in fear and some people were yelling for help.

"Oh hey there Natsu how are you liking school so far?" Mira asked Natsu who was running at him.


"What?" Mira asked before Natsu ran into her.

"Ouch are you OK Mira?" Natsu asked as he felt a familiar sensation.

'What is this I remember it from somewhere?' Natsu asked himself as he grabbed something soft.

"*moan* so this morning was enough for you I see but if we are going to do this lets go somewhere a bit more private and I think people are looking at us." Mira said seductively.

"Stop saying stuff like that Mira." Natsu begged as he got off Mira.

"I say this again WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP DO YOU TWO HAVE!" Gray yelled.

"You could say I'm his girlfriend but I would say I mean more to him than that." Mira said as Natsu helped her up.

"I thought you said you've never had a boyfriend?" Cana asked but was ignored since Mira was too busy clinging onto Natsu's arm.

"MIRA WILL YOU STOP SAYING THAT WE ARE JUST CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!" Natsu yelled while blushing furiously trying to break free.

"Don't be shy Natsu." Mira said while maintaining her grip.

"Please stop joking around Mira Elfman's going to kill me." Natsu pleaded.

'Who said I'm joking.' Mira thought as she let go.

"Fine but you owe me lunch." Mira said.

"WHAT WHY?" Natsu yelled.

"Or I'll tell Elfman you kissed and groped me." Mira whispered into his ear.

"Fine but you better not tell him you know how over protective he is and he will completely misinterpret." Natsu said as he pointed at the rampaging Elfman who was still looking for him.

"OK I'll go clear things up." Mira said as she walked over to Elfman.

"Elfman I heard you were trying to hurt Natsu on his first day of school, is that right?" Mira asked in a way that was so sweet it was scary.

"But Nee-chan he violated you." Elfman said.

"How many times have I told you I'm the older sibling and I don't need you to babysit me I can take care of myself and Natsu would never force himself on me it was just an accident and make sure to clean up the class room?" Mira said kindly.

"Now that's cleared up where is the teacher the bell went like fifteen minutes ago?" Natsu asked.

Right after he asked he heard the door open behind him.

'Maybe this is the teacher we really need one this place is crazy.' Natsu thought

"Why is there so much noise, our class is in the middle of something?" Asked a redhead with glasses.

"Oh hey Erza what are you doing here?" Natsu asked.

"Well like i just said your class is making too much noise and our class can't work." Erza said pointing at the chaos in Natsu's class.

"Yeah our teacher has not shown up yet." Natsu said.

"What are you talking about your teacher has been standing outside your door." Erza told Natsu as she pointed to the quivering pink hair beauty with black eyes standing outside of Natsu's class room in a black suit vest with a white shirt and black tie underneath it she was also wearing a tight very short black skirt that showed of her curves and black pantyhose. (Pretty much dressed like any hot anime teacher is my description was not good)

'How did I not notice her?' Natsu asked himself as he walked up to his teacher after Erza left to go to her class.

"Sensei don't you think we should start class we are running really late?" Natsu said as he guided her into the classroom.

"Sorry it's my first day teaching." The pink haired teacher said nervously.

"Don't worry this is my first day at this school." Natsu said trying to cheer her up.

"Thank you, I remember you from this morning your names Natsu Dragneel right?" The teacher asked.

"That's right." Natsu said with a smile which made the teacher blush.

"My name is Aries." She said bowing unknowingly showing Natsu her cleavage.

'Why are all the teachers named after the zodiac?' Natsu thought trying to distract himself from Aires's body.

"Natsu why are you flirting with the teacher when you already have me?" Mira pouted.

"F-f-flirting what are you talking about?" Natsu stuttered while blushing madly.

"I can't believe you're cheating on me." Mira said with fake tears.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to steal your boyfriend." Aries apologised before running out of the room.

"MIRA WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Natsu yelled.

'I'm not going to let any girl take your virginity except me.' Mira thought with determination in her eyes.

"I just want make sure you're not trying to charm our teacher." Mira said innocently.

"YOU KNOW THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS DOING!" Natsu yelled as he went to sit down at a desk.

"I'm going to take a nap tell me when the teacher comes back." Gray said as he fell asleep.

"My god why does stuff like this happen to me." Natsu said as he laid back in his chair.

'This place might be crazy but it's better than my old school' Natsu thought.

The rest of home room was calm for Natsu he just spent it talking to Mira and Cana, arguing with Elfman and Gray, getting death glares from his male classmates which he returned with double the intensity and getting checked out by his female classmates.

"Finally Time for my next lesson." Natsu said as he heard the bell ring.

"Natsu what lesson do you have next?" Cana asked Natsu as she pushed her breasts on Natsu's back as she looked over his shoulder.

"Um let me look." Natsu said with a slight blush on his face while he got his schedule and checked it.

'I thought I made it clear that Natsu was mine.' Mira thought getting a bit irritated.

"I have gym do you know where the locker room is?" Natsu asked.

"I'll show you." Mira called out.

"You don't have to worry Mira i will take care of Natsu." Cana replied.

"No I insist I'm his closest friend." Mira said.

"Well I want to get to know him better." Cana retorted.

"My class is the same way." Mira answered back.

"I'm in his class." Cana countered.

'Damn she's got me there' Mira said to herself.

"Fine you can take him to the locker room." Mira said "But you better not try to anything his virginity is mine." Mira whispered.

"Come on Natsu let's get going." Cana called out to Natsu as she started heading out of the door.

"OK Cana." Natsu said as he ran after Cana. "See you later Mira." Natsu said as he waved her good bye Mira waved back with a fake smile.

'At least now I don't have to worry about Mira causing me more trouble.' Natsu thought as he caught up to Cana.

"So Natsu how long have you known Mira?" Cana asked as Natsu walked by her side.

"Well I've known her and her siblings all of my life." Natsu replied.

'Siblings like plural I thought Elfman was her only relative.' Cana thought

"That explains why two are so close." Cana said back.

"That's some of the reason it's more likely because we took care of each other when our parents died." Natsu said looking down.

"That makes sense she did say her parents died when she was young." Cana said thinking back.

"So how long have you been friends with Mira?" Natsu asked.

"We've been friends since she started high school." Cana said "Come to think of it why didn't you come to this school in your first year." Cana questioned.

"Well in my Father's will he said he wanted me to go to that school since he did." Natsu responded.

"One last question." Cana said.

"What is Cana?" Natsu asked.

"Why did you leave that school?" Cana asked.

"Sorry I can't tell you that." Natsu responded.

"Why not?" Cana asked.

"Because I said so." Natsu replied.

"Maybe I can convince you somehow." Cana said as she unbuttoned her shirt so she could show off a large amount of her cleavage and even a bit of her white bra.

"Please keep your clothes on Cana." Natsu said with a huge blush as he backed into the wall but Cana just followed him.

"Don't worry Natsu it's just me and you so let's have a bit of fun." Cana said in a sexy voice as she started grinding against Natsu.

'Sorry Mira I can't help myself' Cana thought as she started getting aroused.

"Cana, please stop we are in public someone might see." Natsu said trying to stop his erection but he failed.

"Your dick says otherwise." Cana whispered as grabbed the bulge in Natsu's pants.

"Will you stop if I tell you why I left my old school?" Natsu asked as Cana started to remove his belt.

"Nope that won't do any more." Cana said she undid the buttons on his pants.

"Please Cana we need to get to class we are going to be late." Natsu tried to reason but Cana ignored him and started to pull down his pants but was interrupted.

"YOU TWO WHAT ARE IN THE HALLWAY?" Yelled a very pissed of redhead.

"Shit it's Erza we better get out of here or she will kill us." Cana said as she grabbed Natsu and started sprinting down the hall.

"GET BACK HERE" Erza screamed as she started gaining on them.

"She's going to catch up to us soon I have an idea." Natsu said as he scooped Cana up and picked her up bridal style which made Cana blush.

"I CAN NOT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH DOING SUCH LEWD THINGS AT SCHOOL!" Erza yelled but Natsu was going too fast as they were losing her.

"Why is she so angry?" Natsu asked Cana who had buttoned up her shirt.

"Well she is the student council president and she is really strict about perverted things even though she is a closet pervert herself." Cana replied as they approached the stairs "You should see the books she reads." Cana joked.

"Cana I need you to hold on tight." Natsu said.

"Gladly." Was all Cana said before Natsu jumped down the stairs.

"Damn it they got away but they will pay for not having the decency to do that stuff somewhere private I mean for breaking school rules." Erza said to herself out loud as she stopped at the start of the stairs.

"I'm glad we got away but please don't do something like that again your too good to be throwing yourself at me like that." Natsu said as he put Cana down and spotted the locker room.

'He's still nice to me even though I just molested him.' Cana thought.

"Sorry about that Natsu I don't know what came over me." Cana said while hugging Natsu.

"it's fine this stuff has happened to me before I'm sure the same thing happens to other guys all the time." Natsu reassured.

'That's not normal Natsu' Cana thought as she let go of Natsu who started heading to the locker room.

"See you during P.E." Natsu said as he entered the locker room.

"OK bye Natsu." Cana said with a blush.

'I'm glad he doesn't think less of me because of that' Cana thought as she went to the girl's locker room.

Natsu arrived in the locker room and got changed into his P.E. gear which was just a navy blue track jacket and pants with a plain white shirt underneath and a pair of black runners.

"Shit I'm going to be late if I don't run" Natsu said as he ran out of the locker room.

When he arrived at the sports field he was greeted by an angry man in a horse costume.

"Why are you late?" The man asked in an angry tone.

"Well this is my first day and I kind of got lost on the way here." Natsu lied he really couldn't say he was molested by his hot class mate to his teacher.

"Fine just go join the other boys who are play soccer but before you go can I get your name mines is Sagittarius." Sagittarius said.

'OK I want to speak to the person hiring the teachers why are they all named after the Zodiac.' Natsu thought as he joined the other boys.

Natsu joined in playing soccer and his team beat the other team by a large margin thanks to him.

"Wow Natsu you are really good at soccer." one of the boys in his team said.

"Yeah how are you so good?" Someone form the opposite team asked.

"I had been playing soccer since elementary school." Natsu responded.

"The only reason you guys one is because that pink haired punk caught us by surprise." A black haired teen who was covered in piercings.

"Calm down Gajeel he just got lucky." said of Gajeel's team mates.

"Yeah just cause we beat you guys doesn't mean you have to have a tantrum." Yelled Gray who was sitting on the sidelines.

'I better go and get changed before I get pulled into this fight' Natsu thought as he started walking away.

"Hey pinkie where are you going." Gajeel said in a threatening tone as he grabbed Natsu's shoulder.

"I just don't want to get into a fight on my first day of school and the name is Natsu not pinkie." Natsu said as he continued to walk away.

"Fine you're probably not worth it." Gajeel said as he got back to his friends.

'I handled that much better than last time' Natsu thought as he made his way to the locker room.

But before he got there he was stopped by Erza who was wearing her P.E. which was a pair of red bloomers which showed off her nice ass, white knee high stockings that hugged her legs and a white shirt.

'Why are all the girls at this school so hot and the uniforms are so skimpy, god damn it I need to get my head out of the gutter.' Natsu thought as he had a blush that was the same colour as Erza's.

"Natsu can you come with me I need to ask you a few questions." Erza said in a slightly menacing tone.

"Yes Erza what do you need?" Natsu as Erza grabbed his wrist.

"This way." Erza demanded.

-Gym storage Shed-

"So what do you need me for Erza?" Natsu asked again.

"Well first I need you to help me move some stuff." Erza replied.

"Why should I help you I'm going to be late for my next lesson?" Natsu asked.

"Well I saw you playing soccer and I can see your strong and fast so you seemed like the best person to help me." Erza said as she eyed Natsu's muscular body Natsu noticed this which made him blush.

"But I can't be late." Natsu retaliated.

"Natsu stop complaining let's just call this punishment for doing dirty things with my friend Cana in the hallway." Erza said playfully.

"HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME?" Natsu yelled.

"Well you are the only pink haired male at this school." Erza said.

'And Cana would never throw herself at anyone unless they are super-hot and all the hot guys are taken.' Erza thought as she undressed Natsu with her eyes.

"Erza why are looking at me like that." Natsu asked fearing the same thing that happened with Cana happen with Erza.

"Don't worry about it Natsu just get those boxes." Erza said as she started climbing the ladder.

"Can you hurry up Erza?" Natsu complained.

"OK fine." Erza said as she started to climb faster but when she did she fell forward but Natsu rushed under her to so she could break her fall.

'Ouch that hurt.' Natsu thought 'What is this soft feeling on my lips and hand.' Then he opened his eyes and he found himself face to face with Erza.

'Wait am I kissing her and is my hand on her ass.' Natsu thought.

'What is this on my lips I don't know what it is but it's warm and something is touching my ass I don't know what this feeling is but it feels great.' Erza thought.

'Wait am I on top of Natsu.' Erza thought as she opened her eyes.

When Erza realised what she was doing she got off of Natsu.

"Erza I'm sorry about that it was an accident." Natsu said while getting up with a huge blush on her face. But Erza did not say anything all she did was walk closer to him.

"Erza are you OK?" Natsu asked.

"Natsu that felt good let's do it again." Erza said in a sexy voice with a huge blush across her face as she walked toward Natsu.

"Erza calm down plus I've never done anything like this before." Natsu said as he backed into a wall.

"Neither have I that was my first kiss and you taken it so you have to take responsibility." Erza said as she captured Natsu's lips.

'This is getting out of hand normally I can stop the girl before she kisses me but Erza is abnormally strong.' Natsu said as he tried to push Erza off him but Erza just kept going until they heard the door open.

"Natsu I came to get you since you were running late someone told me you where help..." Mira said before she realised her childhood friend/crush was being kissed by her best friend. Natsu noticed her voice and finally got the strength to push Erza off him.

"Mira it's not what it looks like." Natsu said but it was too late he could see the tears in Mira's eyes and they weren't fake like normal they were real genuine tears.

"I can't believe you would do this Natsu I loved you I was going to be your first kiss." Mira said sobbing as she ran away from the storage shed.

"Natsu I'm sorry for doing that I think you should go after her." Erza said with remorse in her voice. Natsu ran outside and went after Mira.

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