Fire Dragon's School Harem

Chapter 26: Den of Tigers (Minerva & Yukino)

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It had been a week since Minerva had her first encounter with Natsu. Her public life hadn't changed much. The dark-haired woman was still the domineering Tigress, acting with unparalleled confidence and radiating a borderline supernatural amount of smugness. She still very much enjoyed throwing her weight around and worked to ensure that everyone knew she was one of the Cronus Academy's elite. However, her private life changed dramatically.

She now spent most of her private time indulging in her deeply masochistic nature. It had caught her completely off guard at first as she had always taken pleasure in seeing people beneath her heel. However, that simply couldn't compare to the euphoria her recent encounters with the pinkette had exposed her to. Over the past week had Minevera had been spanked, choked, gagged and even lashed by her new lover, and she still wanted more. She craved the feeling of being completely and utterly dominated to the point in bordered on addiction. Luckily for her, Yukino's previous date and upcoming date had put her in a sharing mood.

It was now fairly late in the night, but Natsu's room had been especially lively tonight and things were likely to continue that way. This was thanks to two beautiful guests he was currently entertaining. One was his beautiful girlfriend Yukino and his masochistic mistress Minerva. Natsu imagined having multiple partners like this would have taken a bit of getting used to, but this seemed to come naturally to him. The pinkette attributed this to just how open Yukino was to this idea, something Natsu decided not to question since this situation was simply too good to pass up.

He was now preparing to go another round with his short-haired lover, who was on her back, attempting to catch her breath. This sight of a ravaged Yukino was a truly breathtaking one for the teen, one that he decided to take in from top to bottom. The way she looked at him with her somewhat dazed brown eyes screamed for more, but her face was flushed and the heavy breaths from her partially parted lips told him to give her a break, leading to an expression that was equal parts unyielding lust and exhaustion. This alone had been able to bring the pinkette back to full mast, but his gaze continued to go down. The next thing he landed on was her large heaving breasts, a sight he could never get enough of no matter how much he saw them. Natsu's gaze lingered on the set of perfect twins and couldn't stop himself from grabbing one before he continued to venture south.

"You really haven't been slacking with your training, have you?" Natsu mentioned as he found her stomach. Considering she was the most diligent students enrolled in the combat course, it was no shocker that her once soft stomach had become very well sculpted. This only proved to excite the pinkette more, who's groping hand slithered down from the soft flesh of Yukino's tits to her solid sweat-covered stomach. "We really gotta have a proper fight sometime soon." He trailed off before eyes landed were they were connected. The thought of sparring with the woman quickly faded as an even more base instinct took over. "Never mind about that, you ready for another round?" He questioned his dazed as he pulled out discarded yet another condom. Though he loved going bareback, something about seeing so used many condoms littered around the room was arousing, plus it was better to be safe than sorry, he still wasn't sure if wanted to have kids just yet. As he excitedly reached for another one, his other guest made herself known.

"You ran her ragged for hours... Maybe give her a break." Minerva suggested, pressing her bare body up against her lover's back. Thanks to Yukino hogging the pinkette, Minerva had got very little action tonight. A week ago, she wouldn't have let this stand. Having being made to sit and wait for Yukino's scraps had been an utterly humiliating experience, but even if she had been revealing in it, she was still desperate for some action.

The humiliation plus not being allowed to pleasure herself meant that she was more than ready to take everything her lover had for her. "Come on Natsu, I've been waiting long enough." She continued, her voice laced with desperation and lust. That same desperation and lust translated into her actions as she continued to press her soft breasts against his back while her hands moved down to grip his manhood.

Natsu turned his attention over to the woman as she did this. "I guess it's only fair that I give you a treat." Natsu replied, his tone somewhat mocking. He pulled out of his exhausted lover and motioned the woman over to the black box at the other side of the room. Her face perked up with delight and she rushed over to it, while Natsu repositioned himself at the edge of the bed. Natsu smirked when the woman returned and handed over the black box. The look of pure anticipation and excitement on Minerva's face made him want nothing more than to tease and play with his eager submissive. He opened the box, looking over the plethora of toys, naughty nightwear and a few other items. "Since you've been so good, I think you'll get three presents tonight." He said as he started looking through. He still wasn't sure how Minerva had managed to gather all of these items without raising suspicion, but he wasn't going to complain. This box had made dominating Minerva even more fun than it already was.

Wanting to tease the woman a little more, Natsu decided to take his time picking the items. He occasionally looked over at Minerva, who's attention was split between the box and his manhood. When she looked at the box, her expression was akin to an excited puppy waiting for a treat. This was in stark contrast to how she looked at his cock, she looked like a starved beast eying its first meal in weeks. 'He's making me wait... I shouldn't have to wait... I should just take it.' Minerva told herself, drawing closer to the thick throbbing cock in front of her. She instinctively pouted her red glossy lips as she started to take in the scent permeating from the pinkette's manhood. It was a combination of Natsu's natural manly musk and Yukino's sweet essence that now coated the pillar of man from base to head.

The dark-haired vixen stopped in to process both the sight and the smell. Unfortunately for her, all this meant was that she was exposed to it for longer, and she entered a bit of a state. Minerva continued to stare and stew in her lust, raising it to levels she never thought possible. She'd never been teased and taunted like this before and she'd long since passed her breaking point. This didn't go unnoticed by the pink-haired heir who had finished picking. "Come on Kitten, time for your presents." Natsu told the woman, snapping the woman out of her trance.

Minerva looked up into the man's dark yet fiery eyes. She was then presented with her three lewd gifts. The first was a black choker with a chain leash, the item that had started this lewd collection. Next was a pair of crotchless panties, which had so little fabric that they barely counter. The last gift was actually a two for one, a pair of black cat ears and a matching plug tail. "Thank you." Minerva told, not even trying to contain her excitement at this point. Her dominate prompted to stand and turn around, which she did without question.

Natsu got up with the choker and panties in hand before he stood behind his dark-haired submissive, pressing himself behind her. He took in the feeling of Minerva's taught backside while placed the choker around her neck. Natsu made sure the choker was fastened nice and tight, just the way his submissive loved it. Though it had only been a week, Natsu had trained the tigress so well that all he had to do was tug at the chain to get what he wanted. After grasping the chain leash, he dropped the tiny piece of fabric on the ground in front of Minerva. "Put those on... Slowly." Natsu ordered, with his uncharacteristically commanding tone sending shivers down Minerva's spine. With the leash still in hand, Natsu sat back down on the bed and simply enjoyed the show.

Minerva was never one to disappoint, bending over to pick up the panties, showcasing that perfectly round spankable ass of hers. This sight alone was already doing a number on Natsu's self-control, but it wasn't like he was going to hold back for long anyway. His eyes followed the tiny article as Minerva guided them up her long luscious legs, past her plentiful thighs before they reached their destination, her fat, but firm backside. What little material that was actually present clung tightly to her shapely buttocks while also leaving her moist quivering lips and tight puckered hole completely exposed. As she finished her little show, Minerva smirked, turned around and awaited her next order.

She felt her leash being tugged on and moved towards the pinkette, who handed her the ear while holding onto the tail. "Now let's complete this little outfit." Natsu continued after Minerva put the ears on. She felt another tug on her leash and she was guided until she was over her lover's knee. Upon seeing the beauty's completely defenceless ass, he couldn't stop himself from giving it a strong hard slap. This garnered a loud surprised yelp from the heiress of the Orland household, who then started quivering with excitement. "You're such a pervert little kitten, now relax a little." He ordered as he started spreading Minerva's ass.

The woman's tight puckered hole had remained largely untouched since their relationship started. The only thing that had entered her that way was the odd finger or two, so she was a little nervous about the plug, even if it was on the small side. Luckily her inexperience didn't make things too bad and thanks to a bit of lube, Natsu was able to complete the woman's lewd little ensemble. After receiving another swift but strong slap on the ass, Minerva knew what was next. She moved to kneel in front of the pinkette, once again coming face to face with Natsu's throbbing manhood, which already looked ready to burst. 'I guess teasing me for so long took its toll on him.' Minerva deduced, eyeing her prize.

"Playing with you got me all fired up Kitten, you better start taking care of it." Natsu proclaimed, tugging on the leash a little. He knew he wasn't going to last that long. No man would last long when faced with the deadly combination of Minerva's skill and all this build-up. So he was going to make the most of this. "Start from the bottom and work your way up, I've got a special treat if you do really well." He continued, looking down at his eager submissive.

His confidence was complete farse at this point, but Minerva wasn't in a state to notice that. She was still was in full-on cock-worship mode and she wasn't going to leave it until she emptied her dominant's balls. Right now nothing in the world matter apart from taking the big fat cock into her mouth and making it drop its fattest load of the night. The woman started by planting a wet sloppy kiss on of the young Dragneel's balls, making sure to leave a red lipstick mark. "I've waited so long for this, but it was worth it." Minerva mused as she peppered the underside of the shaft with staining kisses. While she was slowly making her way up with her talented mouth, her hands were also put to good use.

Her soft hands played with the parts of the shaft she'd yet to reach and the sensitive head, something that was made easy since it was still coaked with Yukino's slippery essence. Though she was mostly focusing on what her mouth was doing, Minerva's hands were still making quite the impact on the young pinkette. As much as he liked to taunt and tease the woman in the bedroom, he couldn't deny her skill. If the woman hadn't turned out to be a raging masochist, Natsu was certain their roles would likely be reversed. However, that only proved to make his dominance even more arousing. 'Fuck, she's only halfway.' Natsu thought, trying his best to hold off his impending climax.

Minerva's tongue danced around her lover's manhood, her excitement giving way to hot breathes which only enhanced the experience for the young man. It was clear that the dark-haired teen wasn't going to leave a single inch of her lover's cock unattended. She continued to lick, suck and kiss every bit of her man's meat, finding herself getting even more entranced by the strong flavours, immense heat and scents that was permeating from it. She was so focused that her own body had become an afterthought, the woman paid no mind to the puddle of her own essence forming beneath her or even the intense burning in her core. The woman was so utterly devoted to her dominate that by the time she reached the tip of the thick throbbing rod, red kiss marks dotted it and it looked ready to burst. "Give your little kitten some milk." Minerva muttered through heavy and excited breathes.

Seeing her chance to coax an early orgasm, Minerva started eagerly lapping at the oozing precum while her hands went wild on his slick shaft. As she lapped up her appetiser, she found herself revealing in just how depraved her situation truly was, and how it was likely to get even more intense before the night's end. This thought alone was enough to open the already cracking floodgates. A look of pure euphoria took over her flushed face as she was blindsided by a powerful climax night.

Fueled by the high of her climax, the woman easily swallowed up every last inch of man meat. After taking the man's cock down to the base and coming down from her high, the woman took a moment to once again take things in. She took in the feeling of her lover's warm balls resting against her chin, how difficult it was to breathe on account of her collar's tightness, the simple yet satisfying sensation of being gagged by a big thick cock and even the feeling of the plug spreading her virgin ass. She was in heaven at the moment and rested there for a few moments, but her dominate was going to let her start getting too comfortable. "Maybe I should check on Yuki if you're gonna start slacking like this." Natsu taunted, giving the woman's chain a few strong tugs.

Minerva's eyes widened and she almost instantly got back to the task at hand. She pulled back until only the bulbous head remained, with the rest of her lipstick being smeared around the base. Remembering the warning, she didn't rest, once again swallowing the entire beast and started repeating the simple but ultimately pleasurable action. It only took seconds for the green-eyed prodigy to reach her stride as she bobbed her head up and down her lover's immense length.

Even though her mouth would have been more than enough to satisfy the pinkette, Minerva was determined to pull out all the stops. Her dominate was prone to taking away rewards whenever he thought she was holding back and she wasn't willing to take that risk. Amidst the lust and hunger in her eyes, Natsu spotted a fiery determination that generally only sprung up in the heat of battle. The pinkette knew the next few minutes were going to be heaven.

Rather than attempting to cover her lover's daunting length with just her mouth, she made use of her talented hands. One of them started swiftly moving up and down most of her length and the other was focused on fondling her lover's full sack. Thanks to her earlier efforts the pinkette's manhood was so slick that her hand effortlessly moved up and down, allowing her to furiously jerk off what she wasn't tending to with her mouth. She also maintained a strong enough grip to create very pleasurable friction. While she gave the shaft rough and fast treatment, her approach to the sack was a lot gentler. She took great care that she didn't damage her lover's family jewels while still giving them the attention they deserved.

Minerva's masterful handwork didn't go unappreciated by Natsu, who couldn't stop himself from letting out a few pleasured grunts and heavy breathes. Even though her hands were contributing to the pinkette's ever-increasing pleasure, that couldn't compare to the things her mouth where doing. With her hands taking care of his shaft and sack, his busty submissive could completely focus her skilful mouth on the far more sensitive parts, and boy was she focused on it. The aforementioned sounds coming from Natsu were being completely drowned out by the sounds of slurping, sucking and gagging.

The busty teen's full pouty lips had created a strong seal, so even as her head bobbed up and down she let it go. The cock sucking heiress made sure that her lover was never bored. Whenever she pulled back, she'd caress and tease the pinkette's bulbous head with that talented tongue of hers, with her efforts awarding her more of Natsu's salty pre-cum. Things got even better for the pinkette's cock when she'd take more of it into her. The warm wet tunnel Minerva called a throat would close in tightly around Natsu's manhood, massaging it all the right ways. Even though she was working so hard, the woman was having the time of her life. She had a true passion for the art of sucking cock and she was phenomenal at it.

"Fuck! I forgot that you're a champion at sucking dick." Natsu exclaimed, completely taken aback by the woman. The dark-haired teen was a woman possessed, and her ability to multi-task so masterfully was also turning the pink-haired man's brain to mush. The next few minutes were absolute heaven for both of them. Minerva was able to completely dedicate herself to her dominate, and Natsu got the best head of his young life. He was so taken in by the woman in front of him that he didn't notice that Yukino had finally recovered.

The light-haired woman snuck up behind her beloved before pressing her soft milky jugs against Natsu's strong back. As Yukino did this, she found herself wrestling with the joy she felt seeing her beloved in a pure state of bliss and the burning jealousy she felt knowing that it was because of another woman. Luckily, the former was truely an indomitable force and she decided to help Minerva out a little. "Natsu-sama, you're being too mean, give her what she deserves." Yukino whispered softly, sending chills down her man's spine.

Minerva instantly felt the Natsu's manhood throb and twitch with excitement. The heat it was now giving off was so immense that it could only mean one thing, her lover was about to blow. Her eyes quickly darted up to meet her Natsu's, who looked mere moments away from giving her what she deserved. Her focus was so aimed at Natsu that she didn't notice her chain was in the hands of Yukino. So when she felt two tugs, Minerva simply assumed it was her dominate telling her to pull out. "Here it comes." Natsu grunted. This was all the warning the woman received before receiving the hottest and thickest facial she'd ever received in her young life. While the dark-haired teen would have loved to try, it was a good thing that was she wasn't trying to swallow everything being given to her.

Rope after rope of Natsu's cum shot out and plastered his eager submissive's elated face as Natsu enjoyed the highest of highs. Things only got better for Natsu when Yukino pulled him in for an intense kiss that driven by immense levels of lust and love. Natsu's poor brain could barely take all this stimulus and for the next few seconds, all he could feel was an unadulterated pleasure. By the time he recovered from this state, he found himself on his back with Yukino laying on top of him and Minerva in a pleasured daze. "Natsu-sama, I think you should give her a real reward." Yukino said, pointing towards her green-eyed friend and placing the chain back in Natsu's hand

The dark-haired heiress had cleaned herself somewhat, but there was still plenty of cum covering her face. Yukino's expression turned to one of delight when she saw a devious smile creep to her beloved's face. She let out a cute little 'eep' when she felt Natsu's free hand grab her large supple ass and prepare to stand up. Despite knowing the pinkette had more than enough strength to carry her like this, she wasn't about to give up a chance to cling to her boyfriend. As Natsu stood, the brown-eyed beauty wrapped her legs around his waist, leaving no room between them. "You were great Kitten, now its time for your real reward." Natsu started, perking Minerva's interest even more.

Seeing her dominate pick and carry the younger Agria so easily was an exciting site for Minerva, who was happily awaiting what was next. Her hopes weren't too high since Yukino was back in action, so she doubted that she'd get the nice long fuck her flower was crying out for. However, anything was better than waiting for Natsu to wear his girlfriend out again, who was already trying to get his attention back. "Don't keep her waiting Natsu-sama, tell her already." Yukino said, pouting at her boyfriend.

A smile snuck onto Natsu's face before he began to speak. "You look a little too fired up at the moment, why don't you take a little walk to cool down... Around this complex should do it and make sure you don't take anything off." Natsu ordered, tugging on the chain a few times. Minerva's expression became one of shock, then worry and finally shameless arousal.

The idea of strutting around naked with a cum caked face was quickly sending the masochistic maiden into a frenzy. After a week of being Natsu's submissive, the woman was no stranger to lewd and degrading acts, but this one took the cake. But that wasn't what the woman was focused on at the moment. It was the risk of being caught that had Minerva more worked up than anything else, that reputation she'd worked so hard to build would be shattered in an instant. She knew very well aware that there was no way she could talk or even threaten her way out if she was caught, which made the prospect all the more alluring. The only thing that could make this better was if her lover joining her walk. With her mind full of lewd thoughts and face dripping with her lover's essence, an exposed Minerva got up and started making her way out of the room.

Natsu watched as the woman made her way out and swore that he'd fuck her stupid when she returned. Teasing her had been fun, but he wasn't going to deny himself of that ass. As she left, Minerva could feel his lustful gaze and she knew exactly what was in store for her when she returned. 'I'm gonna leave that thing so red when I'm done with it.' Natsu told himself, his eyes glued to his submissive's backside. His attention didn't remain on Minerva for long and he found himself being forced onto his back.

Once he landed on the soft bed, he was greeted with the sight of a naked, but pouting Yukino. The young man had been so focused on his submissive that he hadn't noticed his girlfriend's increasing jealousy. "Natsu-sama, focus on me. You've given her more than enough attention for now." Yukino stated as she continued to reassert her presence. She wasn't simply mounting him, she was grinding her already moist flower against his manhood, which was currently pinned against the pinkette's stomach. Considering how much she had to grind on, she didn't have to hold back with how she moved, resulting in a very titillating show for the young man.

Natsu watched to sit back and enjoy it for a little bit. His eyes went from his girlfriend's swaying hips, then her bouncing breasts and finally her cute earnest face. He also found himself enjoying the feeling of her weeping sex running against the underside of his rigid member. He was tempted to let things play out with Yukino on top, but he next to no self-control when it came to his girlfriend. With a few swift moments, he had his short-haired lover pinned down and on her back. "You're too damn cute for your own good." Natsu muttered before claiming his underclassmen's pillowy lips.

All of Yukino's frustration and jealously evaporated when she reciprocated the loving kiss. Mere moments passed before Natsu's tongue found Yukino's and his hand found her one of her breasts. He didn't hold back on either front, much to the delight of his lover. She couldn't stop herself from moaning as Natsu's warm hands relentlessly kneaded and teased her large milky pillows. This made it even easier for the maiden to further melt into the already heated kiss. By the time Natsu pulled away from the kiss, Yukino was already red-faced and panting. After quickly taking in one of his favourite sights, he started to speak. "I didn't mean to make you so jealous... I love you more than anyone in the world." Natsu apologised, lining himself up with Yukino's sopping flower.

Yukino felt her stalkerish heart flutter at Natsu's words and she couldn't stop herself from bringing him in for another kiss. The pinkette was caught completely off guard by the woman's sudden aggression, but he loved it nonetheless. As the heated kiss continued, the hungrier the young maiden got. Luckily, Natsu was feeling the same way. By the time they separated, any composure the young Dragneel had was shattered and he mostly resembled a beast in heat. "Come on Natsu-sama, show me how much you love me." Yukino almost demanded through her ragged breaths.

Without another thought, Natsu thrust the entirety of his daunting length into his lover. Even after taking her lover's cock the entire night, Yukino couldn't stop herself from letting out a loud pleasured scream as he bottomed out. The walls of her weeping womanhood closed in and clung to the pinkette's manhood. Like the beast he was, Natsu didn't even bother trying to start off slow. His movements started off sharp, strong and fast. The thought of protection didn't even cross his mind as he was accepted in the woman's wet velvety walls.

Within seconds, Yukino Agria found herself screaming as her boyfriend fucked her brains out in the missionary position. Though it was a little basic, this was certainly a favourite for the maiden. She loved how tightly her lover's strong manly hands gripped her wide shapely hips as he continued to slam his monstrous cock into her, splitting her apart and pleasing her pleading pussy only in a way only a man of his size could. She loved how much each powerful thrust made her rock and how she had to cling tightly to sheets to keep herself somewhat stable. However, what she loved the most was the fact it meant she had Natsu's undivided attention. The young man's gaze was either fixed on her face or her breasts, which were jiggling and bouncing in a truely hypnotising fashion.

As the lover's romp continued to ramp up more sounds joined that of Yukino's sweet pleasured voice. The couple once again created the same lewd symphony of sounds as their encounter from earlier in the night. It was fortunate that Natsu's dorm was flanked by those of his inner circle, otherwise, he'd have some very angry and tired neighbours. The most prominent sounds were that of Yukino's elated voice and the wet meaty slaps that came from Natsu's thick rigid manhood plundering her defenceless womanhood over and over again. Another less audible sound was that of the pinkette's heavy breathes and grunts as he raced to please his beloved underclassman.

Thanks to Natsu's unyielding resolve, wild yet purposeful movement and wielding such a fearsome weapon, Yukino found herself on the edge of yet another climax. The poor girl never really stood a chance against her lover, not that she really cared. All she cared about was having her precious upperclassmen's love and affection. With a few more powerful thrusts, Natsu managed to push to another powerful climax. "Don't stop, whatever you do don't stop!" Yukino screamed, tearing up some of the sheets in the process. Her orgasm had hit her like a truck, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from pleasing her man. The pinkette couldn't be happier at the declaration. So even as he watched his flush-faced lover's eyes glaze over with pleasure and felt her pussy spasmed around him, he just kept going. "Natsu-sama!" The teen cried out.

After observing Natsu with his other lovers and experiencing him first hand, Yukino had come to the conclusion that the man she loved was an insatiable beast. This by no means was by no means a bad thing for the short-haired teen. She was greedy when it came to love, and only a man as fiery and passionate as Natsu could give her what she needed. Even with Yukino putting her upperclassman on such a high pedestal, he still managed to blow her away, which just made her love him more.

Though she'd never openly admitted it, she simply couldn't keep up with the man, even with Minerva in her corner. She was going to have to bring back up sooner rather than later and her date tomorrow presented the perfect opportunity. But for now, she was going to enjoy loud bareback sex with her upperclassman until passing the baton to Minerva, who'd more than earned her turn.


While the young couple continued to turn the young Dragneel's dorm room into a den of pleasure and Minerva finished her act of exhibitionism, there was another yet another person involved. This person's involvement was unknown to Natsu and had been forgotten by Minerva and Yukino. But it wasn't like they could be blamed, the two beauties were completely preoccupied with the pinkette and the person was two rooms away. This person had been watching the entire night unfold from a dark room illuminated only by a series of large monitors while the three teens revelled in their lust. This person was Sorano Agria, the older sister of Yukino and one of the top students of Chronus Academy.

Despite being an afterthought at the moment, she was one of the most well known and respected figures on campus. Her reputation proceeded her some much that she was known by many names around at Cronus Academy, with two sticking out more. To her many enemies, she was the Angel of Death. But to her friends and teammates, she was the Guardian Angel. Both stemmed from a combination of her expertise in marksmanship, her keen eye and ability to always know the word on campus. As her nicknames suggested, she was a great ally to have, but a terrifying enemy to have. She also had the distinction of being one of the three students Yukino actually listened to.

Unlike her close friend Minerva, Sorano didn't really care about her status, but she accepted it simply because of one benefit. The school was rather lax with its top students, which was perfect for someone like Sorano. The woman always enjoyed watching people in their daily lives, which wasn't too bad on its own. The woman only got to the point of voyeurism when her sights landed on one person in particular. Natsu Dragneel, the man she loved.

Much like her sister, she was obsessed with the salmon-haired teen, she'd been that way since they were first made partners. In fact, she had unknowingly planted the seeds for Yukino's obsession simply because of how much she talked about him during their first-year together. The only real difference was that Sorano never had the guts to act on her feelings, and by the time she'd mustered the courage, it was clear that her beloved younger sister was in love with the same man. She had decided to back off for Yukino's sake, disguising her love for the man to simple basic lust. She'd even tried to go as far as attempting to convincing herself she didn't have feelings for the man, which obviously hadn't go that well.

Even with the door was open to her, the young woman still didn't have to courage to properly convey her feelings to the man. She was sure if she'd tried to proposition the pinkette now, she wouldn't come off in the way she wanted and that terrified her. So Sorano resigned herself to simply watching the man from a distance with the occasional bit of flirting here and there. Maybe one day she would be able to relay her true feelings, but for now, she'd settle for enjoying the show. Luckily for her, it was one hell of a show.

"Fuck." Sorano cursed, her eyes glued to the largest monitor. The eldest Agria had been watching the entire night and pleasuring herself to the indecent display. She'd used a combination of her own hands and her little collection of toys, but she doubted anything she could do would compare to what Natsu was doing to his guests. As the night went on, she had watched her darling sister's face contort with pleasure and a feeling of envy had festered as a result. The maiden wanted so badly to be in her sister's place. "Harder, Harder." She muttered as she slid a sizable pink toy in and out of her tight quivering pussy.

Her troubles had long fled her mind by this point and she solely focused on her more base desires. One hand focused on thrusting the pink vibrating phallus while the other fondled her soft sensitive pillows. She wasn't sure why she was so worked up tonight, but she had never masturbated this much and she didn't feel like stopping any time soon. Maybe her frustration had finally reached its boiling point. Maybe she was anxious about Natsu and Yukino's next date tomorrow. Or maybe she was just feeling extra frisky tonight. She didn't focus on this for long as she peaked once again. She completely lost control of her voice as she rode out a messy climax.

As she came down from the high, her mind began to clear somewhat. Those negative feelings came back with a vengeance and inspected the mess she had made tonight. The beauty threw put her toy away before slumping in her chair for a few seconds. "Maybe I should get some sleep, I won't be able to properly watch over them tomorrow if I don't." Sorano sighed as she started making her towards her bed. Before she even got to the bed, she noticed just how much of a mess she was. "Looks like a very cold shower is in order." She muttered as she entered her bathroom. She wasn't sure how tomorrow would play out, but she knew it would at least be a good show.

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