|| Speaking over Commlink ||

:: Speaking over bonds ::

Ratchet sighed as he came into the med-bay with Prowl's energon. The mech was in the same position he had left him in, refusing to leave Jazz's side, not even to refuel or recharge. He placed the energon beside Prowl and turned away, ready to go about his business, when Prowl spoke.

"Do you remember the first time he attacked the fortress of Kaon?" Prowl asked randomly, and a smile passed over the Medic's face.

"Of course, who wouldn't? I was convinced he was going to get blown up you know, running around in front of the entirety of the decepticon troop, constructicons included. That would have been quite the repair job." Prowl chuckled dryly and Ratchet along with him.

"As I recall, he did end up blowing both his legs off below the knee by stepping on a mine."


Prowl cursed as he saw the troops outside the entrance to Kaon. They needed to make it past, or all their preparation would have been for nothing. He looked behind to the Autobots gathered around him.

"We need a distraction whilst the rest of us sneak around and infiltrate the defences to get those locations." He told them and waited for any volunteers. To his surprise, it was Jazz who practically sauntered up, grinning from audio-receptor to audio-receptor.

"Raj can ya get those codes?"


"Then ah volunteer mahself. See ya later commander." And with that, Jazz walked straight in front of the enemy troops and yelled at them. Prowl could feel a glitch coming on. What was his glitchhead brother doing?! He turned back to his comrades, inwardly seething and waved them on around the path that would lead them past the troops to the hidden entrance into the fortress.

"Oi Glitchheads! Ya think ya are all the mightiest warriors tha' Cybertron has ever seen righ'? Well ah think ya are a load of sparkless, spineless sparklings cowering in ya armour like ah creatorless femme sparklin'" Jazz was yelling, and Prowl groaned inwardly and raised an eyebrow at Ratchet, who shrugged.

"Whatever the slagger is doing, it's working." Ratchet replied, certain that someone was going to blow up Jazz any minute.

"Ah challenge ya best warrior to a one-on-one!" Prowl clenched his teeth together, they were almost at the doorway.

A huge mech stepped forward.

"I accept your challenge, Autobot."

"Good mech! Now, this won't be any ol' challenge, cause tha' would be borin' righ'?" He hollered at the crowd and a few shouted back in agreement. "Ya all wan' a good show righ'?" He shouted again and more shouts joined in. Prowl watched as Mirage and Dino opened the door and they, along with Bumblebee and Ironhide ran into the decepticon base. He and Ratchet were left on guard duty in case any decepticons spotted them.

"Alrigh' then! I challenge yah…. To a dance-off!" Jazz announced and the taller mech was dumbstruck. Prowl and Ratchet held their breath as the mech considered, before an evil smirk lit up his face.

"I will oblige you to a dance-off Autobot, before I blast you into scrap-metal." Jazz smiled and offered his hand, to which the decepticon shook. Jazz blasted music from his speakers and the dance-off began.

"I can't actually believe that this is working." Ratchet said beside Prowl who made a noise of agreement and continued watching.

"This is certainly something you don't see every day." He remarked and Ratchet shook his head.

"I'll say."

They watched, hidden, as both Jazz and the Decepticon began to break-dance, Jazz pulling an array of complicated manueveurs. For his size, the decepticon was quite good but Jazz was by far the better of the two. Catcalls came from the watching decepticons who were enjoying the fun quite a lot.

To Prowl's relief, the others appeared and Mirage looked very pleased.

"I have the codes commander."

"Excellent, now we begin the assault." And hopefully rescue my dumbaft brother.

:: Jazz, we are about to begin the assault. ::

::About fragging time! :: Was the snarky reply over the bond. Prowl commed Prime and told him to begin the assault with his bigger team. At the same time, Prowl's team rushed the decepticons from behind. Jazz quickly moved out of the way.

Straight onto a hidden mine.

There was a colossal explosion and Prowl's spark stopped as Jazz and the nearby 'cons were thrown high into the air. Jazz landed and Prowl rushed over to him.

|| Ratchet! || He commed the medic.

|| I've seen. Cover me. || Was the grim reply.

They ran over to Jazz, who was on the ground, seemingly stunned. Then he began to do the most unexpected thing and laugh. Prowl looked at him in confusion, deciding it was processor damage most likely before Jazz grinned up at him.

"Ah can believe tha' actually worked! Ah thought ah was gonna get offlined!"

"You're a fragging idiot." Prowl told him and looked him over. Jazz was missing both of his legs from the knee down, but other than that he seemed to be fine. It could be worse, Ratchet could deal with missing limbs.

"For the love of Primus, stop moving!" Ratchet roared at Jazz, who did so but still kept laughing.

"Tha' was amazin'! What a way to distract 'em! Tha' was amazin', Ah'm awesome righ' Prowl!"

"Be quiet and let Ratchet work." Prowl told him in exasperation. Trust Jazz to have a near death experience and then laugh his aft off about it. Most bots wouldn't be laughing their afts off.

Most bots wouldn't have a dance with a decepticon.

"Help me move this slagger Prowl." Ratchet said and Prowl did so. They carried Jazz back to the ark, Jazz laughing his aft off all the way.

End of Flashblack.

"He's a slagging glitch, that's for sure." Ratchet said, gesturing violently as Jazz's lifeless body. Prowl looked down at Jazz.

"That he is, and I was really mad with him for orns after until he apologised. You now, if he woke up now I wouldn't be mad…. Well I would, but I wouldn't. That's just such a Jazz thing to do though! Attack Megatron of all 'bots! It's a thing only an insane mech would do and not even then."

"Only Jazz would do it."

"Exactly, and now he's paying the price for his stupid slagging actions and he might offline and I… I…" At that, Prowl realised that the energon tears were falling freely down his cheeks and he wiped them away, horrified to be blubbing in front of anyone, let alone Ratchet. He wiped them away, and squeezed Jazz's lifeless hand.

"I wish I'd be there to stop him." He added in a whisper and Ratchet nodded.

"That's why you have such a good bond. He does stupid slag, you stop him doing it. It's the same with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, Sunny gets mad and Sides calms him down. The chevy twins however, are just idiots with an offlining wish sent from the Unmaker himself."

Both mechs snorted at the thought.

"There's nothing you could have done Prowl, and nothing more either of us can do." For the first time, Prowl looked at the medic and realised that he too was suffering more than the rest of the crew. Ratchet blamed himself for not being able to do anymore, just like Prowl did.

"What fools Primus makes of us all."

"Indeed." There was a pause and then Ratchet spoke again.

"If I said you could recharge on that berth right there, would you? Jazz wouldn't appreciate you offlining yourself over worry." The berth was right next to Jazz's and Prowl thought about it.

"Will you inform me if there is any change in his condition?"

"Of course, now drink your energon and get some recharge." Prowl did as he was told, and was out as soon as his helm hit the berth.

The medic scanned Prowl, and then Jazz for good measure. Seeing no change, he went over to Jazz and tapped him lightly with a wrench.

"Wake up already slagger, we all need you and Prowl most of all." He said softly before sighing and returning to his work.