Okay, Hi guys. This is my first TL5Y Fanfic. I realized that there aren't that many for such an awesome show. So hopefully the release of the movie (which is perfection) on DVD will make more fans. This is my first with Chapters in it so I'll be trying to figure that out. And the chapters are all pretty short. It will end up mostly being from Jamie's P.O.V, you'll see why. But yeah enjoy and let me know whatcha think. Thanks.

Chapter 1, The Picture.

Cathy's P.O.V

He changed his Facebook… It was single. Now its 'Its Complicated', he's moved on. And his profile picture, which used to be his book jacket photo, that I had taken, was gone. Now it's Him and Elise, his editor! Their arms are rapped around each other and they're smiling, he's smiling, like he used to before everything happened. She makes him happy… like I used to.

I close my laptop. And set it on the desk. His desk. Oh, who am I kidding? Everything is his! He bought everything! He made all the money! I made at most $600 all summer in Ohio! I'm going to die without him. I can't do anything without him. Doesn't see that? Doesn't he care? It was less than a month ago when he left me. So I had been right, he had been cheating on me. The question is for how long? 2 months? All 5 Years?

The tears are running freely now. I can't do this. How doesn't he not know that I can't live like this?

Jamie's P.O.V

"God! That was the longest book signing ever! I nearly fell asleep in the taxi back over here." I tell Elise as I enter my new apartment building.

"Aw, I'm sorry I couldn't be there. I'll be back in the city on Thursday. Okay?"

"Yeah." I say.

"Cheer up. I've got to go, alright? Bye."

"Bye." I say and hang up. I walk into the elevator and the man there, Jim hands me a letter. It's inside a white envelope that didn't have anything on it. No return address or stamp. It simply says Jamie W. But it doesn't need anything else. I would know that handwriting anywhere. I've seen it for five years on everything, notes, checks, papers, grocery lists, everything. Cathy had written me a letter. Oh boy.

I'm waiting to read till I get to my apartment. I open my door and step in. It's big for Manhattan but small compared to what Cathy and I shared. I sit down at my 'Dinning room' table not know what to expect. I pull the page out and it makes a crinkling sound. I take a deep breath and unfold it, and it was not anything I had expected. It was a suicide note.