Annabeth POV

"Now are you sure that you've got everything?" my mother asked me for the fifth time since we got in the car.

"Yes I'm sure." I answer her yet again.

"Because we can turn back around and-"

"Mom." I stopped her before she could finish. "Trust me, I have everything."

"Well I just want to make sure. It is your first day of collegeā€¦" I drowned the sound of her voice out. Here we go again with the whole college talk. I had been getting this talk since I started high school. She said the same thing every time, if I don't do well in all my subjects then I won't get into a good college and therefore I won't get a good job and so forth. But lately these talks had been becoming longer and longer as the days leading up to my first day at New York University became shorter and shorter.

I can understand why she is so stressed though. She and I have been working towards this day for years. Me making sure that I study well and her also making sure that I study well.

"Okay Annabeth?" she asked me once she had finished her thoroughly rehearsed speech.

"Yes Mother." I answered automatically, knowing exactly what she said without having to listen. The remainder of the car trip was filled with my mother making little comments here and there and her music from her classical music station playing softly in the background. To be honest I'm quite happy to be living in one of the dorms on campus, getting away from my mother and all her rules and lectures would be nice for a change. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother but she has never been the same since my dad left her and married some other women.

When he left she wasn't like most other women who would cry for months on end wondering why he left her. No my mother was different. She didn't shed a single tear, never missed a shift at work and never looked depressed and broken. Instead she became harsher, worked more and only looked depressed where no one could see her.

I glanced out the window at the tall buildings lining the side of the road. A handful of them were beautiful, with high arched windows and beautiful carvings in the bricks. I could spend all day looking at one building, noting the architectural design and construction that went into making the it and not get tired. So it made perfect sense that I will be attending NYU to study architecture.

Some of the buildings we passed had the NYU sign out the front signaling that it is one of the college's buildings. I kept my gaze on the buildings we passed, looking for one in particular.

"There it is Mom." I turned to her pointing out the window towards Greenwich Hall.

Greenwich Hall is a housing system for NYU students. In the heart of Manhattan it's perfect for me to live in and for me to get to my classes on time. Seeing the massive building for the first time in person instead of on a computer screen, I can barely contain my excitement.

My mother pulled the car up in the parking lot next to the building and shut the engine off. I looked to the entry way to the building and saw what I'm presuming is NYU students walking in and out of the building. Some new arrivals like me and others back again for another year.

I looked to my mother and saw the look of disgust on her face. Confused, I followed her line of sight and found a group of people with tattoos lining their arms and piercings covering their faces.

"Now Annabeth," here we go, I thought to myself. "I do not want you associating with people like that. Same goes for goths, punks and others like that. And remember no parties, you are here to study not to spend all night partying."

"I know." I replied. She had given me the whole 'no parties' talk about a week ago. "Now come on." I smiled at her and got out of the car heading towards the trunk to grab my bags. I heard the clicking of my mother's heels on the concrete flooring of the parking lot. I grabbed my duffle bag and two suitcases, my mother grabbing my other bag, containing my comforter and sheets.

After locking the car we hauled all my bags up into the foyer of the building. "What dorm is it again?" my mother asks me.

"B14." I answer her. Luckily the hall is easy to navigate and we find B14 quite easily. Once we are standing in front of the wooden door leading to my new home for the next five years I place the bags I am carrying on the floor, grab the small metal key from my pocket and slide it into the lock. It clicks open and I push the door forward revealing a small room with two single beds, one against each wall. The right bed had black sheets and a dark blue comforter. Clothes were thrown all over the floor on the right side, as if the person those clothes belonged to made sure that not a fraction on clothing touched the left side. The wall the bed was positioned against had posters of bands like Green Day, All Time Low and Blink-182 stuck to it.

I could practically feel the feeling of disgust coming from my mother. I walked further into the room and found a girl, a little older than me hanging clothes up in one of the wardrobes. She had black hair with a dark blue streak down the side. She wore all black clothing and when she turned to face me her blue eyes sparked with excitement.

"Hi I'm Thalia." She introduced herself, setting down the clothes she was about to hang up on the floor and coming over to where I stood.

"Annabeth." I greeted her.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Annabeth." She smiled at me. "You must be Annabeth's mom." She said noticing my mother standing behind me with a scowl on her face. My mother ignored her and proceeded into the room, placing the bag she held on my bed. I mouthed sorry to Thalia who was glaring at my mother.

"Well Annabeth I'm sure you can get yourself settled in from here. I want to get a start on the three and a half hour drive back to Boston." My mother clapped her hands together. I knew she wouldn't stay long, but I didn't think that she would just drop me off like this. I'm guessing my new roommate has something to do with her quick departure.

"Okay then." I smiled weakly and she gave me a quick hug.

"Call me tomorrow once you're all settled in." was the last thing she said before walking out the door.

"Sorry about my mom." I apologized to Thalia.

"It's fine." She brushed off my apology. "So you're from Boston huh?"

"Yeah." I answered lamely.

"What made you decide to come to New York?"

"Well to be honest one of the reasons was to get away from her for a while." I admitted.

Thalia laughed. "Yeah I can see why."

"The other was because I heard that NYU has a great architecture program."

"You're an architecture girl."

"Yep, I love everything about it. What about you? Where are you from?"

"Manhattan so here really, but I wanted to get away from my parents too, they drive me insane. I told them I wanted to have a 'real' experience at college life." She said making air quotes when she said real.

I walked over to my bed, grabbed the bag containing my sheets and comforter and started making my bed. "What courses are you taking?"

"A bit of everything really. Still don't really know what I want to do yet. My parents keep saying to become a doctor or something like that, but who are they kidding? I will never make it as a doctor. But seeing as my father is a heart surgeon, my mother is a nurse and my brother and one of my cousins is studying some type of medicine at college they keep saying that it's in 'my blood' to take on a medical career." She finished rolling her eyes at the thought.

I laughed at the thought of Thalia becoming a nurse like her mom, for the life of me I couldn't picture her being kind and looking after someone. "Yeah no offense but I can't picture you as a nurse or whatever."

"Thank you. I tried telling my parents that but they wouldn't listen." She then proceeded to continue hanging her clothes in the small wardrobe.

Once I was satisfied with how my newly made been looked I grabbed one of the suitcases and started filling the draws next to my bed with socks, underwear, shirts and pants. "This side of the wardrobe is yours by the way." Thalia said gesturing to the left half of the wardrobe.

"Thanks." I smiled at her and started hanging some clothes on hangers. Once I finished this I hung them on the limited amount of hanging space left in the wardrobe.

"Well I'm going to catch a cab down to Othmer Hall to see how my brother and cousin are settling in. Do you want to come?" Thalia asked me grabbing her dorm keys and heading for the door.

"Nah I'm good thanks. I think I might just stay here tonight and get everything ready for classes on Monday."

"Okay maybe another time then." She smiled at me.

"Yeah I would like that." I smiled back at her before she walked out and shut the door behind her.

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