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Author's note: It's been a while since I've written anything in a while now for Luna's Doodles, and in a way, I do miss having this quick visit by the muses. Anyway, I'd like to give a shout out to Cullyn the Dwarf for the song prompt: The Dutchman. Specifically:

"Let us go to the banks of the ocean,
Where the walls rise above the Zuider Zee.
Long a-go, I used to be a young man.
Now dear Margaret re-members that for me."

Also many thanks as always to my betareader, astoryinred for her insights. I hope you all enjoy this one.

Musings by the sea

The full moon light shines upon the green peaks of the Dover Cliffs. Five decades after establishing their new home in Ottery St. Catchpole beside the Diggorys, Fawcetts, and Weasleys, a lone solitary woman with her sad grey eyes staring out at sea, walks slowly while her formerly dirty blond and now pale and silver softly dances in the breeze. The tied black ribbon on her left arm sways along with her white flowing robes.

She does not mind the chill in the autumn night or the strands of hair blowing around her face. Her eyes see the various possibilities and in this place where the roaring sea meets the chalk cliffs, she finds solace like no other. Luna Lovegood-Potter sees things around her ever since she lost her mum. Nargles on mistletoe, the elusive Crumple-horned Snorkack until Rolf Scamander vindicated her and her father's chase with capturing and documenting all its habits, and the other creatures still undiscovered by wizarding kind.

It is not the creatures her mind and eyes see, her companions in solace as her withered and frail hand holds her wand. A faint smile lines her lips and whispers, "Expecto Patronum." A group of ethereal bunnies and a stag run around the grassy fields, offering her comfort in solitude.

Ever since she and her husband stumble upon two existences of their possibilities, or as Harry calls it, parallel universes, they've had occasional visits from these two but they've kept it secret. After all, they knew what happened back in school and the vindictiveness of their peers towards things they don't understand. As she points out, only things that are powerful enough to bend the very rules of the universe can travel through these peeks and only stay briefly.

Luna hears the sound of sharp steel slicing through the air and something going through the neat oblong rift. "You're here on the spot where I died," a sharp tone says on her left, the sickly green aura visible in the outlines of the scythe blade.

She's gotten used to this version of her alternate self being the avatar of mistress Death. The being on her left wears tattered void black cloak floating in the air while its hood is resting on the shoulders.

A door appears on her right with pure white and blue flames on the outlines.

It opens and then another voice makes itself known to the two. Only that the voice is younger, just as she sounded like when she was fifteen years old.

"Don't stay out too long, Mrs. Potter. Lily, James, and Kate might be worried sick already."

Her vampire self gives the oldest Luna a fond smile and pats her shoulder to comfort her.

Luna Potter shakes her head and whispers, "don't worry about me, I just needed to have my breath of fresh air, that's all."

Both her companions give the oldest looking one a solemn embrace, resembling grandchildren fond of their grandmother. "We'll always be here to visit but someone's coming," Death-like Luna remarks before disappearing in a portal carved by the sickle in thin air.

The vampire cups her chin and her grey meets her crimson red eyes for a moment, "Remember the good times always, old friend." A door appears and she enters, leaving Luna Potter alone only with her patronuses for company.

A necklace of the brothers three she clasps and it reminds her of a memory upon their first visit to the Netherlands when it was just her and Harry as newlyweds.

"Pity, I can't exactly remember everything, but I did sketch it a few years later with Kate."

The solitude makes everything seem brighter in her eyes, especially to the moon of which she was named after, where under its light, her father professed his love for her mother and asked her to marry him.

A gentle pop is heard near her and a ceramic bowl with thick and warm tangerine-colored liquid float towards her. Luna doesn't even have to look behind her and says, "You didn't have to wait up for me Kate Andromeda. You have to make the most out of your time with your husband before he leaves for the magical law enforcement convention."

Kate wraps one arm around her adoptive mother's waist and they both drink the dirigible plum soup she made. From inside her robes is Luna's old sketch pad and Kate opens it to the page about Luna's story about seeing the Zuiderzee with Harry for the first time and it was also their one and only collaboration sketching the image they now both see.

Kate's exuberant use of her stubby fingers as a child to paint the landscape is evident, because her landscape wild and almost random, yet at the same time, depict the clear summer day by the beach. Luna drew the magical Dutch warship that travels around the world with the words 'The Flying Dutchman' embossed in polished brass on the reinforced wood.

As Harry would put it, it was life-like down to the various changing of lights or the occasional smoke coming from discharged cannon. The sails flutter in the wind and the birds fly overhead, and below the photo is two perfectly drawn hands with their fingers intertwined. On the left was Luna's and on the Right was Harry's as far as Kate can remember.

"We miss him too mum, but I think it's best to come home with me to James and Lily with my nieces and nephews. After all, there more of the plum soup waiting for us." Kate remarks and looks directly into Luna's tearstained eyes.

"We're in it together, I'm sorry for making you three worry so much," Luna smiles sadly, "you always did have a knack of finding me when I want to be alone."

Kate leans her head to the left slightly and grins brightly, "Even at fifty years old, I haven't forgotten this place when you brought me here once. Dad was hot on another case and my older brother and sister were both at Hogwarts at the time and you were sad after receiving the news about grandpa Xenophilius passing away. So you brought me here with you that one time just to grieve silently."

Luna nods and she hugs Kate tightly, weeping on her shoulder and the tears soaking the side of Kate's periwinkle blue dress. She mumbles words in between sobs but the only thing Kate manages to understand, "my Harry come back for me."

Andromeda holds her adoptive mother tightly, fighting back tears as the moonlight beams on them as they sit on the grass, waiting for Luna's grief to subside.

After a few minutes of solitude, Luna composes herself and smiles apologetically at Kate. "I think it's time we head back back, beloved."

Kate returns her smile with a sad one and nods, "Let's head back to family, mum."

"That we will," Luna holds Kate's hand and they portkey back home after her musings by the sea.