Summary: After Ichigo defeated Aizen, Zangetsu was lost to him but he retained his shinigami powers and acquired the Hoguyoku. But how will he protect his friends now without Zangetsu and Hichigo?

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I have several stories I want to acknowledge as inspiration. First and foremost, is The Night Hunter and his story The Shark in the Moonless Sky, second is Platinumsabr and his story What the Eyes Can't See and lastly IIIIIIIIIIII for his story Into the Realm of Magic. There were many others that had a hand in inspiring me but these were the biggest.

Without further adieu, I give you, The World He Fought For.


Ichigo and Urahara watched as Aizen screamed trying to claw his way out of the kido prison enforced upon him. "You will never surpass me! I AM god!"

Ichigo turned his head from the sight. While he had no problem with killing the mad man, he didn't exactly like to see people suffer more than they should be.

"Ichigo, you must watch this. Remember this moment for all time. This is what our power has wrought. You owe it to all those killed and wounded by Aizen to see it through now that we are this close." Zangetsu told him as he could slowly feel his presence fading from Ichigo's soul.

Slowly turning his head back to watch, the strawberry head noticed a glow coming from Aizen's chest. Urahara smirked unnoticeably behind his fan as he too noticed this.

'It seems that it has found a new suitable host to live in.'

With a loud scream from Aizen, the Hoguyoku ripped itself from the hole in the dying man's chest. The glowing object slowly hovered through the air to the area before Ichigo's chest. "What is the meaning of this Urahara-san?"

"Ichigo, it has chosen you as its new host. I know you aren't one for taking power, but you haven't a choice this time." Ichigo could head Zangetsu's voice fading as though he were getting further and further away from him. "I leave you with one last piece of advice, stay true to yourself, protect those next to you as you always have. It's been a pleasure, Partner."

'You too Zangetsu. I thank you for your help every step of the way. That means you too Hichigo.'

"Ha! And here I was thinking I could be rid of your ass without ya getting all sappy on me! Remember King, you're never strong enough. The moment you stop getting stronger, there's someone there willing to show you just how weak you are. I expect you to be able to kick my ass if I ever show up again." Hichgo replied.

Ichigo responded with a mental nod as he watched the glowing orb fuse with his chest. Closing his eyes as a sensation of falling overtook him, Ichigo winced in pain.

"It seems perhaps I was not the pinnacle of power." Aizen whispered in despair as he watched. Gazing upwards to the blue sky, he spoke again. "Maybe I was never meant to be nothing more than the one to give you the final push towards your destiny." Looking directly at the now transcended vizored, he let a small smile grace his face. "Goodbye,….Ichigo Kurosaki."

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