Italics- The language shared and known by the representatives to communicate secretly amongst themselves without the language barrier. (Made up)

Normal- English

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Chapter 2: The meeting

The Team stared at the building.

"W-Wow!" Impulse cried. "Amazing! This building is sooo crash!"

The Team was facing a huge, white-washed building that looked like a mansion. It even had turrets and balconies and a garden filled with beautiful rainbow flowers. The sweet floral fragrance wafted in the wind, surrounding the building with that aromatic flowery smell. The building was three stories high, and the entrance was huge! Intricate design-engraved mahogany framed the delicate double oak doors, which had gold-plated door handles that glinted in the sun.

"We are 10 minutes early. Come on, we should start finding the meeting room." Nightwing ordered, already making his way towards the doors. The Team followed him soon after.

Finding the meeting room proved harder than the Team thought. The corridors of the building were akin to a maze, with many rooms lining the corridors. Paintings, murals and decorative ornaments filled the walls. Some looked like they were several decades old, untouched by time. The team finally set out in search of a building map.

"What is this?!" Artemis growled. "This 'map' is not helping us one bit!" She and the rest of the Team were crowded at a section of the hallway, trying to decipher a map of the building filled with numbers but had no legend.

"How is the map coming along, 'Wing?" Superboy turned to the two bats huddled next to each other, staring at a holographic computer screen.

Robin looked up, shaking his head. "No luck, this building's security is awfully strong."

"Who in their right mind would create such a map?" Blue beetle fumed, quelling the sudden urge to punch the map into the wall.

"Er…" Someone cleared their throat. The Team whirled around, all taking battle stances, only to see a man and a woman staring back at them.

"Who are you?" Wondergirl asked. The man barely looked 25, and the girl looked like she was just 20. The man had dark brown hair, wore spectacles, had a strange strand of hair sticking up out of his head, and a mole next to his lips. He was wearing a navy blue suit and red tie. Somehow, he seemed to have violet eyes. The girl had long wavy brown hair that reached her waist and green eyes. A flower was pinned in her hair. She wore a light brown dress and for some reason, was carrying a frying pan.

An annoyed expression crossed on her pretty face. "Shouldn't we be asking you that?" She placed her hand on her hips, irked. She had an accent.

"We are the Young Justice Team, a teenage group of superheroes from America and we were sent to protect the representatives of the world at this world meeting." M'gann supplied.

The girl merely quirked an eyebrow. "Protect us? Hah! We are more than capable of taking care of our-MMMPPHHH!"

The man had snaked a hand over the girl's mouth and clamped her mouth shut. He nodded to the Team. "We thank you for your help. We have been threatened lately, so we appreciate the extra protection. Are you lost?" he also had an accent similar to the girl.

The Team nodded. The man sighed, "Do you need help?"

The Team glanced at one another, before nodding cautiously. The man sighed, "Very well…Please follow me." He began walking further down the corridor. The girl glared at them, before following behind the man. The Team once again shared glances, before walking forward to follow the man to the meeting room. Nightwing walked alongside the man, "I'm Nightwing."

The man glanced at him, before focusing on the path in front once more. "Ah, yes. The Dark Knight's first protégé. I'm the representative for Austria. I'm Roderich Edelstein. Call me Roderich."

"I'm Elizaveta, Elizaveta Héderváry, the Hungarian representative." She scowled as she introduced herself.

"This way." They turned into another corridor, before stepping into a posh-looking meeting room.

"Hey! Roderich! Elizaveta! You are here! Who are they?" The man's hair was a dirty blond, and he had blue eyes framed by rectangular spectacles. He had a crescent-shaped strand of hair sticking out from his head.

Robin realized that he recognized him from the pictures. He was the American representative. Sure enough, he had an American accent, but for some reason, he was wearing a bomber jacket. Not formal at all.

"Hi! I'm Alfred F. Jones, the American representative! Nice to meet you!" He said a little too enthusiastically.

'Is he really a country representative? He looks like he's just 20!' Beast Boy thought.

Aqualad introduced themselves and the man looked proud. "Yay! The superheroes from MY country will be protecting us! For I'm the hero!"

Bart did not understand what he just said, but the man suddenly became serious.

"Now, I'm afraid you will have to wait outside. This is a private meeting, y'know?"

Aqualad nodded, before the entire team filed outside, just as Alfred turned to the Austrian and the Hungarian and said, "Na, Aussie, Hoongori. Pir vore, siet. Miieten wis na kormen." (Now, Austria, Hungary. Please, sit. The meeting will now commence.)

"Alright," Aqualad said once the team was outside the meeting room, "Wondergirl, M'gann, Blue Beetle, Robin, you will be in Beta. Superboy…"

Robin tuned out Nightwing, and was instead focused on the alien language that Alfred had spoken. It was not any language that he recognized; and he knew several languages. 'Time for some research' he thought as he pulled up his holographic computer from his glove.

*Nobody's POV*

He quickened his footsteps through the labyrinth of corridors. He was late late late! He only had one minute to make it to the World meeting. He was dressed in a black suit and a red tie, his brown dress shoes clacked against the wooden flooring. To others, his feet seemed to be a blur. On second thought, perhaps he should not have left the house 8 minutes before the meeting began and stopped for a triple-deluxe chocolate chip, cream cheese, strawberry sherbet, rainbow-sprinkled, marshmallow-topped, vanilla fondue parfait. Especially when he lived on the other side of the world. He rounded a corner and stopped in his tracks. He heard voices. Holding his breath, he began to silently creep along the corridor, where another turn would lead him to the meeting room.

" …Impulse, Artemis, Batgirl, Beast boy, You will be in Delta…"

Green eyes narrowed, 'It's the Team! Merda!' (Shit!-In portugese-)

He gritted his teeth, and bit his bottom lip. 'I cannot get past to the conference room without being seen! My secret will be exposed!'

Pale hands clenched into fists. 'I will have to skip out on this world meeting.'

He swiftly turned around, silently going back the way he came. He fished into his pocket and took out a red IPhone 6. He sent a text to the host of the world meeting, Arthur Kirkland, or as he liked to call him, Dear Eng-Eng. Which pisses him off like there was no tomorrow. He knew, however, that Arthur was quite fond of the pet name; he once said that it was at least better than 'Iggy'.

'E opaligis, Ingurund. E ien amebu ti iteen ze miieten ju ti tirulsanil rizenz. Da matt vit foor ni. Unsu ejein, E opaligis.' (I apologize, England. I am unable to attend the meeting due to personal reasons. Do not wait for me. Once again, I apologize.)

Once the message was sent, he sighed, pocketed his phone, and as soon as he stepped out of the building, the man was gone in the blink of an eye, a slight gust of wind in his wake.

In the meeting room:

Arthur Kirkland, the British Representative and the host for the world meeting glanced at his phone when it vibrated. "Oh, it is from Brazil…" He muttered.

His huge eyebrows went up as he looked at the message.

He sighed, "Alright, everyone, let's-"

"Nuuu~! Ye karmatt supek en Ingureesh! Zheru ere shupersi ootsit ze miieten luum! Une tas shupi-erin, une nas xiversi rangajes! Oue mai ve pund oot! Eur zikrut mai ve labiellet!" (Nooo~! You cannot speak in English! There are superheroes outside the meeting room! One has super-hearing, one knows several languages! We may be found out! Our secret may be revealed!) Cried a frantic Alfred.

Arthur stared at him, then sighed, "A, iges. Buzeel sait shab hib wis matt ve komir ti ze miietin ju ti tirulsanil rezenz. Xoi, lit oos zart ze miieten." (Oh, okay. Brazil said that he will not be coming to the meeting due to personal reasons. So, let us start the meeting.)

Outside the meeting room:

Superboy had an ear tuned into the conversation, so as to catch if anything happened to the world representatives. He heard a British accent speaking in English, before being cut off.

A man with an American accent spoke quickly in another language sounding like he was in a panic, before the British man sighed, and started to speak in the same language as the American. From there, the entire meeting sounded like it would be conducted in that weird language. Superboy searched his memory and store of knowledge that Cadmus had fed him. After going through all the languages that he knew, he was still unable to pinpoint exactly what language it was.

Robin gritted his, his fingers flying across the holographic keyboard. 'Nothing, nothing, nothing! Ugh! I have searched using advanced technology and still no information on that strange language! It is like it doesn't exist! Just what are they speaking? Why must they speak in that language? Why don't they speak in English? It is the language known worldwide. They must be hiding something from us and I will find out what!'

Artemis stood at her post, occasionally casting glances to her peripheral fields of view. Seconds ticked by, the minutes, and soon, her mind drifted back to the words the American had spoken to the man and woman who had led them to the meeting room. 'Come to think of it, I heard Wally speak like that before, but I thought nothing of it since, as a speedster, Wally has a lot of international friends and would have learnt a lot of languages due to being able to travel the world. Her mind thought back to the last time she had heard Wally speak in that language, which was a month ago.


Wally's cellphone rang beside her on the couch, and she glanced at the caller ID. She managed to glimpse the word part of the word, which was 'Ame' before a blur of red picked up the phone and Wally was at the other end of the room from her, red IPhone 6 in hand. She had always thought that carrying two phones around was a hassle. But Wally said that one was for his work, and the other was for his everyday life. Artemis thought nothing of it. Wally glanced at the caller ID and groaned, before answering the phone. A peppy cheerful voice sounded on the other end. "Hiii! How have you been, B-" Wally cut him off by saying, "Hak, Emilaka. E ien matt iro ight na. Vitoowa ye bav ti siy, siy et koic." (Hi, America. I am not alone right now. Whatever you have to say, say it quick.) From here, Artemis could no longer hear the man's voice that was previously blaring out from the phone. Wally's face grew grim, and his face became serious. It was not a look that he often had, but one which was becoming more common lately. Wally opened his mouth, "Jit et. E xharr ve zhere punallo. Zes karmatt ji un edi runjir. Oue wis bav ti qus o shtap ti et. Nu natir vit." (Got it. I shall be there tomorrow. This cannot go on any longer. We will have to put a stop to it. No matter what.) His voice had taken on a grave tone, and he sounded so much more older than he should. He talked for a while more, before hanging up. He then sighed, running his fingers through his mop of red hair, as he pocketed his phone. "Something wrong, Wally?" Artemis cocked her head. Wally just gave her that tired smile. "Nah, just some business that I need to attend to. I will be gone the whole day. Please don't wait for me for dinner, ok?" With that, he gave her a peck on the cheek, before going to retire for the night.

End of flashback

She sighed. Wally was actually, contrary to popular belief, a mystery wrapped in extra-secret sauce. She sighed once more, before going back to her job of watch duty.

Aqualad was patrolling the hallway outside the meeting room, when all of a sudden, a scream of pain emanated from the room. "AAUUUGGGGHHHHH!"

Quickly springing into action, Aqualad called the team to assemble in the meeting room, just as he, Superboy, and Nightwing barged into the meeting room, just to see the American representative lying on the floor, all the other representatives crowding around him.

"Please move aside," Nightwing ordered as Aqualad made his way to the front of the group, just as the Team rushed in. Aqualad knelt next to the prone man on the floor, as he clutched his right shoulder, moaning in pain. Aqualad examined the "wound", a confused expression on his face. There was no wound. There was not even blood; but the man had an expression of pure agony on his face, the only evidence to there being anything wrong. He was panting, clutching his shoulder.

"I don't understand…Is there something wrong with your muscle?" Aqualad inquired.

The man shook his head. Just then, the reporter telling the news at that moment on the television in the room, said, "This is just in. The golden gate bridge in America has just been attacked by terrorists, who bombed the bridge, causing it to collapse in the middle. The Justice League is on their way to help. At the same time, a section of the Arcos da Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was also under fire. A huge portion of the monument was blown up, and a few people were injured. No one knows if these two attacks are linked, but authorities in various countries are racing to find and prevent against any other possible attacks…"

The representatives all cast worried looks at each other, murmuring amongst themselves in that mysterious language.

A beep alerted Nightwing to a call on his commlink. "Nightwing here. Yes, alright, ok. Got it." He turned to the representatives. "I know this is sudden, and I apologize, but I need you all to come with us back to the Watchtower in America so we can watch over and protect you while the Justice League spread throughout the world to neutralize the possible threats towards your countries. We feel that as representatives, these terrorists may target you after they target the national monuments in your countries. You would be safe with us in the watchtower. Please come with us."

An albino man frowned, muttering, "Sie sind bereits greifen uns durch einen Angriff auf unsere Länder , Dummkopf ." (They are already attacking us by attacking our countries, blockhead.-In German-).

"What Gilbert Beilscmidt, the representative for East Germany, or Prussia, is that we would have no choice, would we?" Roderich asked.

Nightwing smirked, "Nope." Popping the 'p'.

There were collective sighs, before everyone trudged out of the room, Alfred in Superboy's arms.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Paso Alto:

As soon as he came home, he had laid on the couch for what felt like hours but was in fact, minutes. Soon, after fifteen minutes, he got up and made to go to the kitchen. Before he was halfway across the living room, though, he had gasped, doubled over, a hand to his mouth, another clutched to his stomach. With a mighty heave, he had coughed up blood, to his horror. The red liquid splattered all over the wooden floor of the living room. "That's gonna be a pain to clean and explain to Artemis about…" he muttered weakly. With a groan, he had collapsed on the floor, writhing in agony, his arms wrapped around his abdomen. In the midst of his pain, he thought, 'My Arcos da Lapa….."

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