Vladimir's Gazette

Finding Carter: Young Dhampir makes safe return to Academy.

Carter Stevens of St. Vladimir's Academy has become one of the most talked about guardians in the modern age. Having grown up alongside Princess Taylor Dragomir, Carter became a novice at the academy, working towards becoming a guardian to Taylor, the next in line to the throne. Princess Taylor, simply known as Tay among her friends, or Carter had no idea that they were in fact sisters.

The story began a year ago, when rumours began to circulate that Carter Stevens was in fact Princess Lyndon, who was abducted at the age of three from the Royal Court. It was alleged that soon after that the Dragomir family ran tests and before an assembly at the Royal Court could be called, the news had leaked.

Queen Elizabeth and King David issued this statement:

"Yes, the rumours are true. The Dhampir, Carter Stevens, that has been guardian for Taylor, is in fact our daughter Lyndon Dragomir. It is with this announcement that we give Lori Stevens seven days hence forth to give herself up before a warrant for her arrest will be issued."

When Carter was asked further by the press, she responded:

"Although Lori has been my caregiver for the past thirteen years, I cannot forgive her for the hurt and pain she has caused my birth family. I have been training as a guardian all my life and to find out that I'm not Dhampir, but in fact Moroi and of Royal blood, just makes the betrayal that much worse. I believed that my human-father left when I was young, and my single-mother raised me to be a strong, independent guardian. That does not exempt her from her crimes."

After the warrant for the arrest of Lori Stevens was announced, Lori went into hiding and emerged a Strigoi, vowing to the press in her endless publicity stunts that Carter and she would be reunited. Lori was further provoked when Carter refused to stake her claim on the throne, becoming next in line before her sister Taylor.

Carter said:

"I am claiming my Dhampir status and continuing to live under the identity of Carter Stevens. I understand this may look disrespectful to my birth family, but I have been raised with this name and wish to continue my guardianship of Taylor. My Moroi blood does not make me the perfect candidate, but with the help of our family friend Max Wilson, the Dhampir who trained me at St. Vladimir's, we aim to keep Princess Taylor as safe as possible."

Shortly after this statement was issued, Carter Stevens Dragomir was kidnapped. Queen Elizabeth and King David issued a reward for Carter's return. Needless to say, yesterday Carter returned to the Royal Court, safe alive and well, naming Lori Stevens, now assumed dead, her captor. The Dhampir Princess was transferred over to St. Vladimir's Academy overnight and resumed her education as a novice.