Harry potter and the End of All.

After the last war the world had seemed to darken, the life that Harry had known and cherished had been destroyed along with the Hogwarts castle.

Many bloodlines in the magical community had ended leaving a scant few, and with the discovery to one of the entrances to the ministry of magic found and the suspicious deaths caused by Voldemort's Death Eaters were in fact witchcraft, a new age of witch hunting had begun. Instead of stakes and drowning, missiles and bullets were used against the population of wizarding England.

With the bombings many land marks and forests were destroyed and soon the pollution caused by the muggles killed many of the magical creatures leaving nothing but the centaur tribe in the forbidden forest and a few werewolf packs scattered in the far most northern corners of the world.

With every attack another wild place would die and with it another pocket of the magical world. Said magic that had been protecting and healing the earth since before sentient thought had evolved into being.

Rather suddenly, all of wizarding England was gone. It left only one survivor, a Mister Harrison James Potter, in its wake.