Being the out of Goblin town was amazing, euforic almost, not unlike the first time in this new body. Free of aches and pains his true form had accumulated since he had been only fifteen months of age starting with his "signature" lighting bolt scar. Fresh air filled his lungs, rather than the cloying scent of decay.

Behind him he still heard the dwarf who got a mouthful of goblin retching, poor thing. Gandalf pulled the pack of food from Harry's back and gave it to a very rotund dwarf… probably Bombur, the dwarf pulled a handful of mint from a pocket of the bag and nearly shoved it into the tattooed warrior's mouth.

"... 12, where's bilbo? Where's my hobbit!" Gandalf's angered roar pulled Harry from his entertainment with a cold splash of reality. Going to the Isitar's side he pulled on his link to death, asking if the hobbit was dead with a releeving reply of no.

"He is long gone by now!" turning furiously to Thorin, Harry watched as the forgotten Durin slandered the name of his one with mild disgust. Only mild due to knowing the past of his friend, the betrayal that turned a boy of 20 into the stone faced dwarf, wary of outsiders. "You know nothing about who you speak so dismissively of, Oakenshield." Harry drawled. "And you do, elf?" growled Thorin. Yes his was purely Thorin Oakenshield, maybe Harry was raising his friend to a near flawless being but his friend was a lot less… racist. That and he would know, after so many years of searching, when he was face to face with the oher half of his soul.

"I would hope I'm more interesting that someone who has known me for all of two weeks doesn't know me completely." came the cheeky voice of bilbo. The hobbit looked a bit worse for wear but he wasn't missing any parts, even his wit still intact. "Bilbo, we thought you lost!" Minty the tattooed dwarf (if this ragtag group of dwarves wasn't going to introduce themselves to Harry then he was going to name them himself!) Said, giving Bilbo a slap to the back. "He's been lost since he left his home!" Thorin of course ruined the moment with a snide remark.

"It may be true that I miss my home, my books, my garden, but I haven't known what I was doing or where I've been so clearly for a long time, Thorin oakenshield." the hobbit, barely 3 feet tall puffed up his chest proudly. "I signed your rediculous ly long and detailed contract, I intend to keep my word whether or not you like me."

The companies heads turned, nearly as one, to their leader awaiting his judgment. Said dwarf opened his mouth, maybe to remove the foot that had made itself so at home or maybe to shove it in further, but was interrupted suddenly by the howling and baying of wargs.

"Out of the frying pan…" Thorin threw a panicked look over his road weary, battle damaged companions and then to Gandalf who finished his sentence "And into the fire, RUN!"

Harry, well skilled in the fine art of running away, noticed how depleted his energy stores were, making him lag from his usual pace. The body which Eru Iluvitar had crafted for him, despite being elvish, had nothing on his original body. His raven haired self was short, had nerve damage due to the ammount of cruciatus curses thrown at him as a teen, bullet holes due to muggle interference, and short sighted; but the raw power it held due to holding true power over the deathly hallows was astounding. Being in his redhaired self was like being a whale living in a swimming pool, no room to move and every powerful strike had the potential to be critical.

Trying to be as helpful as he could he picked up the lagging hobbit and threw him into a tree, pulling himself up seconds before a large grey warg could get a mouthful of Harry's leg.

An inhuman roar turned Harry's eyes to a large, one armed orc astride a white warg; the Master of Death froze, Azog the Defiler had come for the head of Thorin Oakenshield.


Wowzers was there ever a bunch of weird nonsense in these last few chapters, and magical added plot haha. I got put on a few new meds and have been feeling awesome lately so I decided to edit and update so… yes. Here, take it, I've read it like 6 times to make sure there weren't any unreadable parts like usual. Ugh I finally feel up to the challenge of writing this, thank you everyone who's stuck with me through that long hiatus ?