A/N This will be Bayverse, but VERY VERY AU. It takes place a couple of months after the second movie. I will be continuing with my stories about Ash and Jazz, this idea has just been nagging at my mind for awhile. I hope you enjoy this story :D Thank you for reading and please review! -AnAshBlackSword

Phoenix awoke to the sound of shrieking children and angry children's home workers. She groaned and covered her head with the pillow, hoping to get some more rest, but it was pointless. The noise got louder and louder and with an annoyed groan, she got out of bed and stalked over the wardrobe where she pulled on her favourite clothes. Blue jeans, flannel shirt, grey hoodie and her beloved leather jacket. Finally, she grabbed her ipod shuffle which she guarded with a vengeance.

She had lived in the children's home for seven years now. Her parents had died in a car crash, no relatives had taken her in and the last time she was fostered, she had been seven. Nobody had wanted to adopt her then because she was a bit of a weird kid and nobody wanted to adopt or foster her now because she had a whole bunch of annoying issues.

Throwing open the door, she walked downstairs to grab her breakfast which was always a cereal bar because the cereal was always old and nasty. The workers were all there for the money, nobody actually gave a damn about the kids really. Grabbing it she turned to Phil, the head worker there who was currently separating two of the smaller kids from fighting.

"I'm going out. I'll be back later." He nodded, not really caring when later was. Some of the older boys stayed out all night. She grabbed a set of keys, and walked out. It was literally that easy to leave the kids home. Phoenix decided that as it was a Saturday, she'd go to the woods instead of the park. There were always less people in the woods, and even though it was further to go, she could spend all day there in the peace and quiet. She played her favourite song, which was "Monster" by Skillet. This was the norm for Phoenix. For seven years, she'd lived in the same damn home. Same routine, same people, same town, same woods. Same everything.

When she arrived, Phoenix headed for her favourite place in the woods, which was an old tree that had fallen over. People were rarely seen in that part of the woods which was good. When she got there, she saw that someone else was already at the tree. Sitting on it. Huh. Weird.

"Um, Hi." She greeted the stranger, who was a boy that looked to be around 17, which was two years older than her.


"I haven't seen you around here before, what's your name?" she asked him, sizing him up. Phoenix knew from experience that older boys in the woods were never a good thing. Despite being short, she could hold her own in a fight and besides, a good knee to the groin worked wonders and had never failed her yet.

"Ah'm Jazz, and nah, ah'm not from here. What's ya name?" He had a heavy accent that Phoenix did not recognise at all.

"Phoenix." Instead of shifting uncomfortably under her scrutiny like most people did, he looked at her. He was wearing dark glasses and she couldn't see what colour his eyes were. He was also wearing blue jeans and a short sleeved grey shirt.

"Ya look like ya are considerin' how good ah am at fightin'."

"That's because I am."

"Why?" He asked, seeming to be genuinely curious. She snorted.

"In case you cause any trouble."

"What kind of trouble would ah cause?" She snorted again. Either he was really stupid, or the people where he lived were actually decent. She suspected it was the latter, but she wasn't ruling out the first one just yet.

"Nevermind." She'd let him figure it out himself. Sastisfied it was safe enough to get closer and that she could punch him if she tried anything funny, she pulled herself up to sit beside him. "So, what brings you to this area? I mean, it's not exactly nice here." That was the understatement of the century. This town was an absolute dump, nobody came here anymore.

"Ah wanted to get away. An' yaself?" Well she could understand that as that was why she often left the home a lot and ignored curfew more than most.

"I live in this shithole unfortunately. I'm stuck here until I graduate from the shithole they call high school, then I can leave."

"Are ya allowed to use tha' kinda language? Ya look ah bit young." She looked at him disbelievingly.

"Everyone talks like this and I'm 15 so I'm not young." He nodded at her and she sighed. "You really aren't from anywhere near here are you?"

"Nope." They sat in an awkward silence for a bit. Phoenix wasn't one for small talk really and Jazz didn't seem to be either.

"How old are you?" He stopped and seemed confused for a second. Yep, definitely stupid.

"17 and ya are 15 right?"

"Yep, 15 today." It was her birthday. She had never celebrated her birthday really. The home made no effort for it and the foster homes hadn't been that great either.

"Oh so, are ya gonna have a party? Whatcha doin' in a forest? Where's ya family?"

"I live in a kids home, we have no parties there. Nobody gives a damn about anyone. As for the forest, said kids home is also a shithole, just like this town."


Jazz's POV

Jazz looked at the human girl before him with interest. He had left the base for some downtime after mission city, and had ended up in this small town. He had wanted a walk for some peace and quiet and to just try and forget about the war at the moment, so he had activated his holoform and gone to see what beauty earth had to offer. He had sat down on this tree, and then this girl had come along.

He wasn't really sure what to think of her. She was very different to most humans he had met, deciding if he was a danger before approaching, much like you would do to an enemy. She had a "don't give a frag" attitude about her and Jazz wasn't really sure how to react to her background. He was learning a lot about humans today. When he heard about her uncelebrated birthday, he frowned. It had been a big deal for the Autobots when Lennox's daughter Annabelle, had her second birthday. It had been a big deal for Sam and Mikaela on their 19th birthdays. Birthdays were special and this girl had never had one?

Suddenly, he wanted to help her. Sure, he technically wasn't allowed to do this, but it wasn't like she suspected anything about him being an Autobot. Prime wouldn't even have to know.

"Maybe we could go somewhere for ya birthday." He offered. She turned and looked at him in amazement.

"Um, you literally just met me."

"Ah know, but it seems ah shame not to have ah birthday." She hesitated at this and considered.

"I guess….look, it's not like we can go anywhere in this bloody town anyway."

"Ah can drive. Ah can take ya somewhere." She gave him a look.

"I just met you, do you think I'm that stupid?"

"No, but the offer's there if ya want it." He watched as she hesitated for a bit, thinking about it.

"Okay." She jumped down from the tree, "Better show me where your car is."

"Okay." I'm crazy. Jazz thought to himself. I've barely known this girl 15 minutes and I'm taking her somewhere? If Prime finds out, I am slagged. And I'm out of my pit-slagging processor.