The wind rustled through the night, catching a few leaves and twirling them around along his way to the bright moon. Just as it had decided to stop spinning the poor leaves around, its attention was caught once more. A pair of raven locks had just found their way into the coldness of the night because their owner had exited the safety confines of their car. The moon was illuminated by their darkness. Its rays pooled down and disappeared completely in the abyss of silk. A pair of onyx eyes traced every movement that was made into the night. The calculating gaze noted how one of the lights faded, then came back again as the leaves slowly descended from their midnight dance. Aside from that nothing else had changed, nothing else had moved.

Suddenly a gust of freezing cold air came out of nowhere and started biting down on the white skin. Its poisonous fangs ferociously sank into the soft texture and pulled until redness appeared. The owner of said white skin winced and sighed deeply, creating a puff of warm air in front of his face, successfully distracting the wind enough to escape its clutches. It seemed that the gelid hands had had enough for they had left him alone, having decided to pursue another prey.

The man walked towards a nearby building. It was plain. Every window was the same as all the others. The doors of all the buildings on this street were the same, the height of these monstrous cages was exactly the same, and even their colour – a sickly worn gray one – was fucking the same. Everything looked exactly the same and the worst part was that it did not bother him one bit. Sasuke had moved so many times and had lived in so many different places that he had come to enjoy the small changes when they came and pay no heed to those that were constant. Unfortunately, when it came to the latter it meant everything but people. With a dark chuckle let loose into the dimly lit hallway of his new home Sasuke pondered on the fact that he could not remember the last time he had had a real friend or a stable relationship. He inwardly cringed at the reminder that he had not had any of them for the past five years. At least, not a friendship or a romantic relationship that would meet his standards and the worst part was that he was the reason for it all.

The sudden ringing of a phone brought him out of his musings. He sighed as he set bent down, put the last box on the floor, went back up and fished out his phone. Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the text message he had received. It was a reminder from the principle of the school he was going to be teaching at starting tomorrow morning to come earlier(meaning 7 a.m.) and meet up with him before the regular classes began. The Uchiha pinched the bridge of his nose, recalling all the annoying texts he had received from various people that were no longer part of his life. With a deep sigh he uttered:

"A new place, a new ending."

After that he went to the bathroom, took a shower and went to bed.

The sun burned a path into the previously dark sky. Its rays danced around the endless ocean of darkness as it bled back to clear blue. Colours of various shades adorned the vast skyline as different people got up, carried out their morning routine and went either to work or school. Some of them were luckier and could sleep in and then either run some errands or spend the day with their loved ones or at home. Sasuke Uchiha, unfortunately, was neither one of them. When the sun had smiled down upon him, he had cringed, grunted and then brought the covers up high enough to cover his eyes, effectively shielding them from the warm bites of morning air, coming from his open window. He sighed as the sounds of the alarm filled his empty bedroom with meaningless tunes he knew all too well. With another grunt he decided that he had better get up and attend to his morning schedule.

After all the basics from the usual morning routine and breakfast had been taken care of, Sasuke went into his room, got dressed in a simple white shirt, coupled with a dark blue tie and black pants(*), grabbed his suitcase and keys and went to the door. Naturally he then unlocked it, opened it, went out and made sure he had secured the entrance to his new home before descending down the stairs. After that he went to his car, started the engine and began his drive to Rockwood High (**).

Naruto woke up that morning to a wonderful greeting of screams. At first he had tried to ignore them, but then his mind had told him that it would be unwise to anger his mother further. That was the reason why he had woken up with a yelp when a fist collided with his pillow. Naruto bolted upright, gasping for air as he gaped at his mother, who was just standing there, smirking at her son. With a soft chuckle Kushina reached out her hand and gently combed a few of Naruto's unruly hairs. She then withdrew her hand once she had been satisfied that her son had calmed down and looked directly into his eyes as she said:

"You need to get up, Naruto, or else you are going to be late for your first day of school."

Naruto was about to protest and complain, but the glare his mother shot him told him that now was not the time for such frivolities. With a roll of his eyes and a groan he nodded, then lied back down. Kushina rolled her eyes but could not help but chuckle at her son's antics. She almost laughed heartily when she exited the room and heard an all too familiar crash and screams of where is this or where is that coming from Naruto's room. With a soft sigh she climbed down the stairs and went into the kitchen in order to prepare breakfast for her son and husband.

Naruto raced around his room at least a dozen times before he managed to find everything he would need for the day. It was only the first day, but one should always be prepared and as much as Naruto hated to admit it, he, too, had started thinking a bit more about school than was necessary at times. With a sarcastic inward laugh he guessed that this was just one of the perks of having a father who was one of the most successful and feared judges in the city, though, in Naruto's opinion, it was the country.

Naruto was greeted with the smell of pancakes as he ran down the stairs. He ignored the small twinge of disappointment when he saw that his father had yet to come down or perhaps he had already left? To be honest, Naruto did not know. He had barely seen his father the past few weeks due to the overload of cases he had been handed. With an inward sigh Naruto thought – just one of the many perks of having a judge for a father.

Breakfast went on as usual. His mother would talk mostly and either give him advice on what to do on the first day, although Naruto had heard it far too many times already, or warn him not to eat too fast because he might choke. With a small smile Naruto listened tentatively to his mother's soothing voice, letting it wash away the void of his father's presence once more.

After breakfast was done with Naruto went to the front door of their house and after receiving a kiss on the forehead from his mother, he walked out and went towards the bus stop. As he was walking down the street Naruto could not help but hum along to some of the songs he heard, playing from the radio of the passing cars. He chuckled when he heard one of his personal favourite – Lifehouse Come Back Down – echoing inside an ordinary black vehicle. Naruto closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. He really did love that song. He was about to start singing when he opened his eyes. Blue eyes widened when they caught a glimpse of pale skin and black hair. He noticed that the car had stopped because of a red light. As Naruto began crossing the street his eyes did not leave the figure inside the car once. His breath nearly hitched when they collided with the black depths of the owner of the vehicle. He inwardly cringed when he noticed how empty and dull they seemed. But before he had a chance to ponder further on the reason why those beautiful eyes could be in such a condition, the person in the car had looked away, effectively closing off the door to his soul from curious and slightly concerned blue eyes.

Naruto had crossed the street just when the light became green. He watched the car drive away, taking the interesting person away with him. With a small smile Naruto decided that he would not think about this person anymore because meeting him or rather seeing him just now was merely a coincidence and as one it probably would not happen again. His small smile turned into a huge grin as he raced off towards the bus stop and collided with the smaller body of his best friend. He spun the girl around, ignoring her protests along with those of her best friend. He soon let her go and could not help exclaiming:

"Good morning, Sakura!"

Sakura rolled her eyes, huffed and then crossed her arms. She then turned her body around and pretended to be slightly angry over the surprise bear hug she had received, though she, Ino and Naruto knew that it was all an act. Despite that, they always played along.

"Aww, come on, Sakura, don't be like that!" Naruto slightly whined as he raced and was soon in front of her. The girl simply huffed and spun around, turning her back to Naruto once more. Naruto and Sakura repeated their actions a few more times, causing Ino to burst into laughter. Their childish antics continued until the bus arrived.

Sasuke's eye twitched when he exited the office of the principal or rather the two lunatics' lair. Honestly, how could a pervert and a gambler run a school together? Especially when they seemed to outright despise each other? Sasuke cringed when he remembered the scene he had stumbled upon.

Sasuke had talked to the secretary, Shizune, before entering the office to the supposed principal. Instead of finding a man or a woman sitting on a desk, doing paperwork or attending to other duties they had, he had stumbled upon a sight he was never going to forget for the rest of his life( if he managed to get over the traumatic experience he had just undergone).

In front of him there was a woman with blond hair running around in rumpled clothing, chasing an older male, who was holding a drawing of what appeared to be a naked woman. After a few shouts and glimpses of the portrait Sasuke realised that it was indeed the blond woman, half naked, lying on a…bed? Quite frankly, Sasuke did not know.

"You!" The man suddenly screamed, pointing at Sasuke. Sasuke gave him a confused looked before he was asked the most astonishing question in his life, "Would you like to pose for a portrait? Or perhaps let me use you as a prototype for a character?"

It was not that the second question was unacceptable, it was merely surprising, but judging by their rumpled clothing, slightly flushed faces that had sweat burning paths on their already heated skins, Sasuke concluded that the man before him was indeed a perverted artist that wanted to use him as his muse. The Uchiha inwardly cringed. He already knew the answer to both questions. Sasuke only shook his head before asking:

"Perhaps I should come back later?"

"Nonsense!" The woman screamed before she snatched the portrait from the male, smirked in glee, and looked at Sasuke before asking, "You are the new Math teacher, correct?"

Sasuke only nodded. He then yelped as he clumsily caught the stack of papers that had been thrown at him. He then looked at the woman questioningly before she sighed and explained, "In there you will find everything there is to know about this school, the students you will be teaching, the teachers that work here, etc, etc. Come back if you have any questions."

Before Sasuke had a chance to say anything the blond woman screamed the name of her secretary, who ushered the Uchiha out of the principal's office.

Hearing the screams that were coming from the inside of said office, Sasuke was glad he had been kicked out of it. He then realised that he still did not know which class he would be teaching first. He then remembered what the strange blond woman had told him and decided to skim through the papers. After some time, he concluded that indeed, in them he could find everything there was to know about the school. He read which class he would be teaching first and with a soft sigh started making his way towards the classroom.

Naruto jumped jubilantly up and down as he raced his friend Kiba to the classroom. After a few seconds and shouts from random people (most of whom were teaches), the two were in front of the classroom. Naruto groaned. He could not believe his second period would be Math. He had just had Homeroom and had received his weekly schedule and to his joy, he had his least favourite subject right after. Of course, Naruto was partially looking forward to it because the name of the teacher he had read that would be teaching him was of someone he did not know and had not even heard of, which meant they were probably new. That was the reason why Naruto complained less than usual and immediately quieted down when his eyes clashed with the form of the person he had seen in the car. Naruto watched as said person put his belongings on the desk, then stood in front of it and motioned for everyone to take their places and quiet down.

Blue eyes were watching him intently as Sasuke made each move. The Uchiha was aware that a new city, meant a new school, which meant new classes, which meant new students, but Sasuke could not for the life of him fathom how he had ended up teaching the blond that his eyes had clashed with this morning.

Ignoring the gasps from the people at how young he was to be teaching a jungle filled with monsters such as them, Sasuke looked impassively ahead as he introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Sasuke Uchiha and I am going to be teaching you Math this year."

He inwardly chuckled when he heard a few groans from the back at the mention of the subject he would be forcing down their throats for a whole year. Before Sasuke had a chance to continue a hand shot up and asked, "Why are your eyes so black? Is something wrong with them?"

To his surprise it was a brown-haired boy, Kiba Inuzuka, who had questioned the reason for his eye colour. Sasuke closed his eyes, sighed deeply and replied, "It is genetic. There is nothing I can do about it."

Before anyone had a chance to ask him further questions Sasuke's hand shot up, successfully halting every movement that had been about to be made. He then chuckled, before smirking and saying, "I would prefer if the questions will be postponed because I have a surprise for all of you."

With a dark smirk Sasuke pulled out a couple of papers from his suitcase and handed one to each of them, not missing the intent look the blue-eyed boy he had seen this morning throw him at least a several times. He heard a cacophony of groans and complaints because he had just given everyone a pop quiz. Before anyone had a chance to accuse him further of being the worst teacher in the world Sasuke explained, "This is just a way I can see what level everyone is at and prepare the schedule we'll be working with because, apparently, not all of you are mathematical geniuses."

Sasuke was shocked when a hand shot up and when he had been given permission to speak the blue-eyed boy nearly screamed, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I will ace this test, believe it!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow when a few pairs of hands shot out of nowhere and successfully brought the boy down. The Uchiha chuckled darkly before replying, "Alright then, Mister Uzumaki. I will be looking forward to grading it then."

"Wait. Didn't you just say that it would only be used as a way to determine our level?" Naruto asked meekly to which he only received another, darker, chuckle which was followed by a sinister smirk.

A shiver ran down Naruto's spine when that smirk grew bigger and his new teacher responded, "Yes, but I will make an exception for you."

Before Naruto had a chance to blink the smirk was gone and Sasuke's blank mask had fallen into place once more, though there was still a ghost of a smirk at the corners of his lips. With a scowl Naruto decided that he hated his new Math teacher before proceeding to do his test, almost missing the watchful dark eyes that were monitoring him like a hawk would its prey.

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