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Sasuke cringed when he opened his eyes, but only ended up blinded by the stupid artificial lights. He growled and put a hand over his eyes, as though that would shield him from the pesky things that kept staring at him as though he were the most interesting part of this room.

Suddenly Sasuke's wish came true and the lights over him faded. He sighed in contentment and was just about to let his hand go back to its previous position when he realized something. The lights would not fade or turn off on their own. They would be turned off by someone, but they would not in a million years stop shining willingly. Before Sasuke's mind began racing a million miles per hour and thus formulated a thousand different scenarios most of which involved the demon he had created escaping from Sasuke's body into the real world, he remembered Itachi's last words:

"Now, I fear it is time for me to leave and for you to wake up and face a very angry Naruto."

Sasuke kept his eyes shut, wishing for the boy above him to go away. He had yet to open them, but he knew that the chances of someone else to be hovering above him were slim to none. After all, ghosts did not have a physical form and Kakashi would not come back this soon, which only left one option – Naruto.

"Open your damn eyes, teme." The strangely familiar voice said.

Sasuke's eyes immediately shot open once he heard the offensive word, even though he knew that Naruto meant no harm when he had used it to address him. It was simply the way the boy had decided to call him which was something that bewildered the Uchiha. After all, even though they had kissed, Sasuke was still Naruto's teacher and they did not even know each that well. Normally Naruto should have more respect for Sasuke and should not by any means provoke him or address him in such a manner. Oh, who was he kidding? Their interactions had been strange from day one and Naruto held little to no respect for most of his teachers mainly because very few of them actually managed to capture his attention. Asking such a thing from or trying to teach Naruto to have some respect for a figure of authority he did not tolerate or find worthy of said respect would prove to be futile.

Despite all the nonsense that had just gone through Sasuke's head, the only response that came was this one:

"Hn, dobe."

After that Sasuke opened his eyes only to find himself staring at blazing blue ones. He was surprised to see Naruto so enraged. What had provoked him this time? Had something happened when Sasuke had been away to ala dark land and was battling his demons… literally?

"Teme…" Naruto growled out as he clenched his fists. They even began to shake, but before Sasuke could say or do anything, they returned back to their original position and Naruto's anger dissipated. Sasuke frowned at the sudden shift in atmosphere. He was just about to question the reason for Naruto's being here when he was silenced completely by what came next out of the boy's mouth.

"I can't believe you would do such things to yourself." Naruto spoke so softly that it was hard for Sasuke to hear, but the latter managed to do it, hence the widening of the Uchiha's eyes.

Suddenly several different questions raced through Sasuke's mind – did Naruto know about Sasuke's powers? If so, how much did he know? Exactly how and when had he found out? Was Naruto aware of other aspects of Sasuke's life that were supposed to stay a secret? And the most intriguing of all – did Naruto possess a gift that made him different from the others and as a result had managed to single out Sasuke because usually when two people who were able to see and/or hear ghosts were near each other, they would be able to feel that something was odd about the person next to them? Was such a possibility even worth considering given the fact that Naruto might not know anything and could just be referring to something else entirely?

" Listen, Sasuke, I know that all of this," Naruto began as he made a small circle with his hand in the air, "is beyond strange. I don't even know why I'm even here. I don't know why I kissed you back at the park three days ago or what I'm doing here. I don't know what is going on between us or if I even should consider there being an 'us'. God, I don't even know where to start."

Sasuke was surprised at first to hear all of this coming from Naruto given the fact that the boy usually seemed so sure of himself. However, considering everything that had happened since their paths crossed, Sasuke should not be too surprised that the boy did not know what to say or even how to turn his thoughts into coherent words, much less sentences. He was not actually. If Sasuke had to be honest, he was more astonished by the fact that Naruto was even here. The Uchiha had thought that the boy would throw a fit over the kiss. He even considered the possibility of Naruto telling the principal or even involving the authorities. He was glad that no such thing was happening.

With a soft sigh Sasuke motioned with his hand for Naruto to come and sit on the nearby chair. Naturally the boy complied wordlessly for which Sasuke was thankful. The Uchiha waited for Naruto to make himself comfortable. Once Sasuke was certain that his student would not be going anywhere, he looked him directly in the eyes and said:

"First things first, Naruto… tell me what you think of me after what happened that night at the park."

Naruto gasped. He did not think that would be the first thing he would be asked to clarify, but now that it had been brought up it did seem like a reasonable topic to begin with. After all, what they had done was considered illegal by some, immoral by others and downright disgusting by third parties. Some might even call it forbidden, though that was vague because a lot of things were forbidden, but should their act really be classified as such given the fact that both of them had done it willingly?

As time passed Sasuke grew anxious. It seemed that waiting for Naruto to try and word out his answer the right way was proving to be quite the test for the Uchiha's nerves and patience. A deep sigh attracted his attention, however, and alerted Sasuke that the boy was ready to speak.

"I don't hate you, Sasuke, and I'm not mad about what happened. I actually enjoyed it to some extent, but I can't say that I'm not afraid either." Naruto explained as best and clearly as he could.

Sasuke frowned before he asked, "Afraid? Mind telling me what exactly you are afraid of, dobe, because I thought you were as dauntless as you portrayed yourself to be one time during my classes not too long ago?"

Naruto glared at Sasuke after which he growled out, "I did not say I was fearless, teme. I merely claimed that almost nothing could scare me. And to answer your question – I am afraid of the consequences that might follow and of your reaction."

"My reaction? Why would you be scared of my reaction? And for the record you did not say almost, baka. You just added it now, which I consider cheating." Sasuke replied.

"I thought you would throw a tantrum and blame me or I don't know... I thought you would be angry and disgusted with what happened and of…me. And I did not just add it, teme. It was right there the first time. Perhaps time is finally taking its toll on your memory." Naruto responded as he tilted his head towards the clock on Sasuke's nightstand.

"First of all, it sure as hell was not there. You just said it. And my memory is perfectly fine and the fact that I remember the correct way things played out during that class is proof enough," Sasuke said as he glared at Naruto who glared severely back. However, before the boy had any chance of saying something, Sasuke held up his hand, effectively silencing his student, which was quite hard to accomplish most of the time. He then closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. Once his eyes reopened Naruto gave him a questioning look which turned into a downright bewildered one when Sasuke smiled strangely warmly at him and brought his hand up to ruffle the boy's hair. Of course, Naruto protested and growled out his question:

"Ouch, stop it, teme! What the hell was that for?!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the 'nickname' Naruto had seemingly picked out for him. The Uchiha's smile disappeared and his expression turned into a scowl. He glared at Naruto before he asked:

"Idiot, don't you know it is disrespectful to address your teacher that way?"

Naruto huffed before he countered:

"And don't you think it is inappropriate to call one of your students 'stupid', 'baka', 'idiot' and 'dobe', Mr. Uchiha?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes once more before he said:

"Inappropriate?" He then chuckled before he smirked at Naruto, crossed his arms and continued, "If we start listing all the things we've done and said to each other the past few weeks, we'd be able to write a book."

Naruto huffed. He certainly hated it when Sasuke managed to have the last word which was almost always and it unnerved Naruto to no end. His competitive spirit was kindled and it would not fade until he succeeded in winning what he had just dubbed a debate, but was actually nothing more than their usual bickering. It could not even be considered banter sometimes.

"Then I guess that if we go further and add our thoughts as well, we'd be able to create a whole series, don't you think, sensei? And I think that yours especially would be a wonderful contribution to the hypothetical task at hand, am I right?" Naruto suddenly said as he crossed his arms and smirked triumphantly at his suddenly lightly blushing teacher. The blond-haired boy chuckled. He could not believe he had managed to outwit Sasuke, though he could not deny that he had a little help. Unfortunately for Naruto, Sasuke could feel the presence of the culprit.

"Such sonorous words, Naruto, not to mention that if one looked deeply enough into the hidden meaning behind them, one would think that you were accusing me of having a dirty mind." Sasuke replied as he, too, smirked.

It was Naruto's turn to blush and to add to his embarrassment he stuttered out a response that did not do his previous one justice. The blond's reaction earned him a dark chuckle from his companion. Sasuke then leaned forward until his lips were right next to Naruto's ear. The Uchiha's even breathing made Naruto slightly nervous. His heart rate sped up. Sweat started trickling down his skin. His face became flushed. His breathing was irregular. Shivers coursed through his being when those lips moved and hot wind caressed gently the delicate skin of Naruto's ear. Everything went cold, however, when his brain registered what Sasuke had said.

"I did not know you could hear my brother, Naruto." Sasuke said. He then leaned back and scrutinized the blond as he asked, "Can you see him as well?"

"Your brother?" Naruto questioned as he looked at Sasuke confusedly.

The Uchiha's eyes widened. His whirling thoughts seemed to have crashed into an iceberg. His heart rate quickened its pace as sweat adorned his pale skin. Had he been wrong about Naruto? Perhaps the boy did manage to conclude the fact that Sasuke had a slightly perverted side that he normally kept at bay on his own? That was probably it since currently bewilderment was written all over Naruto's face. However, soon the expression on Uzumaki's face changed into something Sasuke had never thought he would witness – a mixture of sadness, guilt and sympathy.

Glassy blue eyes looked into dark hollow ones. Pain was written all over Naruto's face. His lips quivered. His jaw tightened. His eyes were suddenly shut as his fists were clenched. Those balls of fire shook as rage poisoned them. A blazing trail of lava erupted from the ocean that was now swirling with different kinds of emotions. Sasuke's eyes widened as he could only remain silent and frozen. He felt a pang in his chest when he realized that there was nothing he could do to help Naruto. The Uchiha did not care that soon the boy's painful realization about Sasuke's current situation was going to be voiced. No, oddly, the only thing Sasuke cared about at that exact moment was the fact that Naruto was hurting and he was the reason for it. The Uchiha's fists clenched and unclenched as his jaw tightened. His nostrils flared when an unknown emotion shook and nearly destroyed the walls around his bleeding heart – guilt. Agony. Misery. They all mixed to form the endless pit of darkness that was currently the only living thing inside Sasuke's body. Ironically it was thanks to it that the Uchiha had been unable to feel anything remotely positive or negative in order to conclude that he was alive for the past fifteen years.

"I can… I can hear him." Naruto suddenly said in a strangely calm tone. His voice held no trace of the volcano that had erupted inside of him not too long ago. Oddly his words managed to drag Sasuke back to Earth and a strange feeling invade the Uchiha's previously hollow being – relief.

"You can hear guardian angels?" Sasuke asked. What he was rewarded with as a reaction made him chuckle. Naruto's eyes bulged out of their sockets. His mouth opened and then closed. It repeated the actions several times before the boy managed to choke out:

"G-g-g-g-g-guardian a-a-angels?! You mean to tell me that I can actually hear guardian angels?!"

Sasuke cringed when the blond-haired boy screamed his trademark word. The Uchiha immediately regretted that he had revealed to Naruto what he could do, though he had thought that the boy knew. Soon, however, Sasuke realized his error.

"You can only hear ethereal beings, not see them, can't you?" He asked as he looked straight into Naruto's eyes, searching for any sign of deceit. When the boy merely nodded, Sasuke found none.

The Uchiha sighed. He leaned back, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose before he mumbled:

"That explains why you could not distinguish a guardian angel from a regular ghost."

Naruto blinked confusedly before everything that had been said the past few minutes ago sank in. It did seem logical. After all, Naruto could only hear voices. He could not know whose voices they were. He had only assumed the voices he had heard belonged to ghosts. It seemed he had been wrong.

"How long?" Sasuke suddenly questioned, successfully bringing Naruto back to Earth who scrunched up his eyebrows before asking in order to clarify what Sasuke wished to know:

"How long have I known or for how long have I had them?"

"Both." The Uchiha uttered as he removed his hand from his eyelids and opened them.

Naruto sighed. He scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. He began scratching the back of his head as he answered:

"I think I've had them for as long as I can remember. But I only found out or rather confirmed that I was not insane a few years ago."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly. He could not help but ask:

"Your parents…"

"Went ballistic when they found out. They thought I was just pretending when I was a child, but as time went on and I entered middle school and still had not grown out of that 'phase' as they dubbed it, they… sent me to a psychologist. He prescribed me some drugs, but once they did not work properly, I was… sent to a psychiatrist. The rest… I don't want to talk about it. The point is, they didn't believe me when I told them that I could hear voices of dead people. None of them did so I just kept quiet about it and thus was forced to endure three years of medication and then one more of visits to a psychologist until he stopped regarding me as threat to myself and to the others around me." Naruto explained thoroughly.

"Oh my…. I, uh, I'm sorry." Sasuke said as he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and squeezed it.

Naruto chuckled at Sasuke's attempt at pacifying him. It seemed that the blond-haired boy had been right. His teacher had times when he was socially awkward, which was completely normal, of course. However, seeing Sasuke acting this way made something inside Naruto stir. He did not know what it was. All he knew was that it was a nice feeling and he could not help but smile or chuckle or even laugh when he sensed warmth flooding his entire being. And, quite frankly, Sasuke's alluring presence was not helping Naruto one bit.

"Naruto, Naruto!" Sasuke called loudly, jerking the boy from his musings.

The Uchiha was astounded that Naruto had managed to fly back to one of his imaginary worlds after confessing something so personal. After all, even though there could be more secrets, Sasuke was willing to think that this one was part of the bigger, darker ones. And as such had to be treated with respect and attention. The opposite of what the dobe was planning on doing, of course!

"Damn it, dobe, listen to me when I'm talking to you." Sasuke said as he glared at Naruto.

The seventeen-year-old in turn glared at his teacher before his lips and eyes began to twitch. He jerked back and before Sasuke's eyes could widen further and worry consumed the black-haired man's entire being, Naruto started laughing.

Sasuke watched in utter horror as the body before him shook with what could only be considered insane laughter. Waves of cheerfulness and loudness encompassed the previously quiet and dim room and Sasuke could not help but note the sudden shift in atmosphere because of it. His eyes widened a tiny fraction before e peaceful smile adorned his usually stoic features. Warmth spread inside the previously hollow body. The Uchiha could not believe that such a trivial thing could make him feel so different. Happy even. With complete speechlessness and astonishment Sasuke concluded that the sight of those brilliant pools dancing with mirth and the music the currently shaking form was creating were enough to make him feel something he had long forgotten and missed in his life – joy. He could not believe it. For the first time in a long time he felt only one thing and that was happiness.

As time passed and Naruto's laughter did not die down Sasuke's smile did not falter. As the seconds passed he vowed to protect it, everything and to cherish every moment he would be given with the enigma that was Naruto Uzumaki. The Uchiha promised himself to try and savour every second he would have with the boy in the future even if they were very few and were spent mainly in the classroom and Sasuke only played the role of another high school teacher. Even if Sasuke's desire to become something constant in Naruto's life was not fulfilled, even if the boy decided to treat the kiss at the park late at night as nothing more than a spur of the moment type of thing, it would not matter. As long as he allowed Sasuke to remain in his life and did not treat him as though he were a waste of space, none of it would matter.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What did you say to me?" Naruto managed to say after his laughter had subsided.

Sasuke blinked slightly. His dazed black orbs met glowing blue ones. Their breaths hitched. Their heart rates quickened. Their bodies were frozen. It seemed that time had stopped for them once more. The spell was back and it was taking control over them far quicker than before because this time they moved in sink. There was no hesitation as their lips touched each other. There was no waiting when one of them parted to allow the other in. There were no regrets or worries. There were no questions. There was no age gap, no rules forced from society burdening their hearts. No, it was just them – two people who felt the same for each other and were allowing the other to experience the storm that was raging inside their entire being.

However, as everything beautiful and magical in life this moment, too, had to be ruined by a sudden knock at the door.

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