Chapter Twenty-Six – Time

After Harry arrived at home, he immediately went to his office to get his grimoire so he could compare it to the book he received from Albus. He knew exactly where he put it but it wasn't there. He looked all over his office for it and then started searching through the house.

He asked Lisera and his house elves if they had seen it anywhere but no one else had even touched the thing. They assured him he was the only one who ever did anything with it.

Harry went back to his office and sat down in front of his desk, laying the book down in front of him. It was amazing that the book looked exactly like his own grimoire he created which had all kinds of runes and spells on it to keep it preserved and in mint condition. In fact, he saw those same spells and runes on the book in front of him.

Harry opened the book to the first page and there in clear black and white was the first time spell he ever created, followed by the next spells he had entered in his grimoire. It was even in his own handwriting.

How could this be?

Harry looked for the ritual that Albus used to summon him back to earth. He found it near the back of the grimoire and perused it. There were a few more spells before and after the ritual that he didn't recognize either.

Once again, he was wondering how this was his own grimoire but it had spells and a ritual that he had yet to learn. When was he supposed to learn these new spells and ritual if he was seeing them now?

Albus mentioned that the other time mage was an old man when he met with Gryffindor. So, was he supposed to go back a thousand years or so to meet with the Hogwarts founder after he was old or was he supposed to age himself and go back sooner?

Harry decided to wait. There was much he wanted to figure out about this. It made no sense to him how he learned these new items in his own grimoire in order for him to record them if they were already there before he learned them.

It was a time paradox if he ever saw one. Maybe he will learn them later and it will make a little more sense. Best to wait then.

Harry assumed his grimoire that he left in his desk disappeared as soon as he was given the one from Albus, since technically it's the same grimoire. However, even that thought had holes in it since Albus had a copy and he had a copy at the same time. Right? Once it was given to Harry though and he possessed both, then the incomplete one disappeared, leaving just the completed one going forward.

Does that even make sense?

Harry shook his head. He didn't know if he would ever know for sure. He decided he better get back to work. There was so much to do and little time to do it in.


Over the years, Harry and his company introduced some amazing products. By the time he was thirty years of age, he was being touted as the richest man to have ever lived. His original company had sprouted numerous divisions and child companies over the years.

Many more companies made their livelihood from the success of Fly, Inc. by providing parts or custom technology to go along with the products produced by Fly and its subsidiaries.

Eventually, the space station above the Earth was in place and larger ships could dock there. The large ship building space station was in the process of being built around Jupiter. Parts of the station that were already finished, were already working on building their first major ship.

Harry found in his study of Potter and Peverell magic that there was an attempt to build magical portals to connect the houses together. At that time, they had more homes in different countries and attacks were more prevalent from enemies.

The idea was if floo, apparition, and portkeys were blocked when they were attacked at a Potter home, then the portal would still provide a way to escape. However, while there was quite a bit of work put into it and all of it very well documented, they never succeeded completely with it.

Harry thought that was a great idea, especially if the portals could be made to work. If so, then they could use them at the space station to take visitors down to Earth without having to get on a smaller ship to take them down or go the other direction. The portal would be quicker and a lot easier, not to mention cut down on small ship traffic.

Between Harry and some very smart wizards and witches at Fly, Inc., they worked out the issues using the original notes Harry found. After that, it didn't take them long to implement the portals on Earth and on the space stations. In each location there were portals for entry and exit. That way no one would use them at the same time going opposite directions.

Of course, this prompted the establishment of another subsidiary company that provided portals for whoever wanted to pay for them and they were not cheap. Transportation companies and governments were the first to shell out money for their own portals to be installed. The portal company also made money providing support and maintenance for their products.

After several years the portals were so numerous around the world that the portal company had to create a subsidiary company to handle the support and maintenance, establishing offices all over the globe and at the space stations so they could provide their services easier.

While the large ship building station floating around Jupiter was going well building very large spaceships, Fly had a few facilities on Earth that were providing smaller craft for the masses. The space programs and militaries of various governments were the first to order their own ships for space exploration. Various sizes and styles were offered depending on the passenger and crew requirements.

Some smaller crews had already left to explore the galaxy. It didn't take long for many of the governments to get them in space and checking out all parts of the galaxy that they could get to. They did decide to coordinate with each other so that each crew could explore different parts and report back. Communication between the ships was clear and reliable so they were able to help each other if needed.

A galaxy-wide holo-net was put in place by the governments with the technology provided by one of Fly, Inc.'s communication subsidiaries. It was part of the job for the crews going out to explore, that they install the small communication arrays on any available planet. This allowed the signal to travel across the galaxy and keep all parts of it connected for easy communication.

With all of this going on, the various countries around the world found themselves having to work closer together more. This was especially true when it came to building the larger space ships at the Jupiter Shipyard Station (JSS). Ships of that size were at a cost that it took many governments chipping in together to afford it.

They would also be able to carry tens of thousands of passengers which would consist of people from countries all over the world. Training of course would be provided for those going on long journeys into space using these massive ships. However, all the accoutrements provided on these large vessels would make it a lot easier on the passengers than say a small ship that can only hold five or six people.

The huge vessels were to be equipped with practically everything a person would need for work and play. Some of the really smart people Harry hired after they graduated from Hogwarts, spent a good bit of time figuring out how Rowena Ravenclaw created the Room of Requirement. It took a few years but they managed it.

Some changes were made so that it was not obviously magic. A panel with a screen was presented to the user so they could choose what they wanted. They could see a list of options or speak into the built-in microphone describing what they want. The less adventurous usually chose from the long list of options. The more adventurous learned that the room could be pretty much whatever you want as long as you described it well enough.

Many of these rooms were installed on the large ships so there would be plenty available for all the users. Smaller ships could get one too, if they could afford it and had the space available.

No one used books anymore since their handheld devices could hold entire libraries of information.

All in all, things were going quite well and the people of Earth were adjusting quickly to the influx of new technology. That's not to say there weren't any problems, but they were handled as efficiently as possible. Some were even ignored if the problem was a small group of people who were against all the new technology. Those people were always around, no matter what year it was.

The problem was they were using technology that was only ten to twenty years older than the latest that was introduced. In another ten to twenty years they would be using the same technology they were complaining about, always staying ten to twenty years out of sync while they complain constantly.

You could only ignore those people and let them complain. That seems to keep them occupied and content somewhat.


Harry continued to go back in time and visit his friends and adopted father on occasion. He even spent some time getting to know some of Revan's descendants that came along later. He met Satele Shan and her son Theron Shan. Satele was the Jedi Grand Master in her day, but her son was not force sensitive. He was a spy instead for the Galactic Republic.

Harry also met with Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker, before he became Darth Vader. His master at the time was Obi Wan Kenobi, the same jedi who served as Luke's first master before being under the tutelage of Yoda, whom Harry also met.

Every place or time Harry went he always managed to help others in need and beat back the evil of the world. He never went as far as he did with the Vong ever again. That was a major change in the amount of people and planets that survived that war. It was just too risky in his mind to change things that much again.

He wasn't a god and didn't pretend to be.

Nevertheless, no matter when or where he went, his name ended up in the annals of history throughout time. He became known for far more than Captain Harry of the Mandalorian wars. He was a legend that most refused to believe that he ever existed. Only the ones who interacted with him knew for sure he was real.

Most people just could not fathom someone capable of the feats this Harry Potter supposedly was accredited with, so they chose to believe that he was just part of made up legend instead.

The people of earth, except for a handful who were in the know, never even suspected that Harry Potter, the richest man ever, the inventor of the new technology they used every day, was a time mage. Most didn't even know he was magical.

However, when Harry was in his sixties, Earth was attacked from space by a massive ship. By this time communication had been established between the Milky Way and the other galaxy where Harry spent his early years. Even some hyperspace lanes had been put in to speed up the trip between the two galaxies. The portals ended up being a big seller in the other galaxy too where offices were established.

They had heard of a new dark power that had risen and was being led by the Sith. Lucas Skywalker had contacted Harry personally to warn him of the possible threat. Harry knew that the chance of a threat to Earth was minimal, but nevertheless made sure they stayed ready for it just in case.

Many more weapons were outfitted at the space stations to dissuade any would be trouble makers.

Harry and Lisera had a few kids over the years, who in turn had a few kids of their own. None of his descendants turned out to have power over time like Harry, but all were powerful witches and wizards in their own right. Many worked for the company and helped run things.

One son had started a security force for Fly, Inc. and had them trained heavily with both blasters and lightsabers, depending on their abilities. Most of the members of the security force were magical but not all. Some were just the toughest and meanest hombres you could ever run across. If you did, you would wish you never ran across them at all.

When the attack happened, the enemy ship started firing down on Tokyo and a few smaller cities nearby, killing millions. It was night time so Harry was in his home sleeping. By the time he was woken up by an emergency message, many lives had been lost already.

Harry immediately switched into his battle outfit and teleported to the Earth space station. He saw his son with the security forces gathering up for battle. The ship was not attacking the space station, nor did it attack JSS. Harry assumed they wanted the space stations in tact after they conquered the planet.

The weapons firing at the ship could not go through the ships shielding and many of the guns on the space station were taken out by the big ship firing specifically with pinpoint accuracy on the guns.

This did not look winnable to anyone.

That is until Harry raised his hands and the powerful blasting from the enemy ship just halted, coming to a complete stop. The next thing that happened saw many scratching their heads even more. All the fire power that had not reached Tokyo and the surrounding area suddenly changed direction and headed back to the ship it came from.

When contact was made with the ship all the shields collapsed and damage was done to the main guns and part of the mighty ship. Then suddenly the remaining guns on the ship started being crushed a few at a time while the defense forces pinpointed shots to the remaining guns, taking them out.

Suddenly, Harry disappeared from in front of them. Only his son looked up at the ship's control room, barely visible from the platform they were on. He thought he saw flashes of light up there but it was difficult to tell for sure from the distance.

As they were waiting to see what would happen next, Harry appeared before them again and conjured a long rope. With a wave of his hand the rope glowed blue. He then handed it to his son.

"This portkey will take you and your team to the ship. Activate when ready. Be careful. Prisoners are optional. I'll meet you up there. I'm going after the leader."

"Okay, Dad. We'll be right behind you." His father was then gone again. He turned to his men. "EVERYONE GRAB A HOLD OF THE ROPE," he yelled. "WE'RE GOING IN BLAZING!"

While they were all getting in place and grabbing the portkey, the second in command asked, "Can you do stuff like what your dad just did?"

He turned and looked at his friend. "Not even close. He's the only one. No one else is like him."

Once everyone was ready he activated the portkey and they were sent to the bridge of the ship. They looked around after they landed and everywhere they saw dead people. Most were cut in pieces or crushed to death. One's head looked like it had exploded.

As they left the bridge and moved about the ship, it became obvious which direction Harry had gone, since there were bodies left in his wake. They decided to take a different path as they were sure they would not run into any trouble following Harry. He wasn't leaving anyone alive.

They ended up finding some resistance after veering off from the trail of bodies left by Harry Potter. The people they fought were pretty tough but had a difficult time getting through the shields the magical security team members had at their disposal.

There were a couple of them who were not magical and therefore could not produce shields, but they never missed with a blaster. They stayed behind someone with a shield then shot from there. It was a very effective way of fighting.

Most of the magicals in the group were certified battle masters so could give an enemy a tremendous amount of trouble and that's what they did. The battle masters who used transfiguration were conjuring animals from thin air and setting them on the combatants on the ship.

It was a little later that another group of ship occupants were surprised even more when they discovered that the soldiers attacking them could turn into animals themselves. One particular soldier could turn into a snake, an asp to be exact, and was difficult to see in all the confusion of battle, especially when a fellow soldier cast a spell on the snake to make it practically invisible.

Many of them didn't last long after being bit by an asp whose poison was very potent.

They didn't care much for the lion, the tiger, and the bear (oh my), nor for the crocodile either. The only reason the dragon animagus didn't make an appearance was due to the cramped quarters where they were fighting, plus dragon fire was difficult to put out easily.

Harry was looking for someone in particular. He knew there had to be a Sith on board who was in command of the ship. He confirmed it from the mind of the captain who was on the bridge, just before his head exploded.

Harry found him based on the other information pulled from the captain's mind. He never even gave him a chance either or the other Sith in the room with him. Harry had no patience for people who would attack innocents without a second thought.

He stopped time and beheaded the Sith lord and the others with extreme prejudice. He then took their lightsabers as souvenirs. He imagined his son and team were doing the same.

Very few people on the ship were taken alive that day.


Harry had just turned 135 years of age. His wife Lisera had passed many years ago, not having magic to make her life span longer. He was devastated and very sad for at least a decade after her funeral. Even his children were old, but they were still around, except for one. He also had grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, and even great-great-great grandchildren.

He quit trying to keep up with it after that.

They threw him a big birthday party and celebrated with him. It was amazing that even at his advanced age, he still had a strong mind and body. He got around very well for a man of his age. People were wondering just how long he could actually live.

Powerful wizards always tended to live a bit longer than others less powerful. Somehow the magic sustained them, giving them a longer life span than normal magicals who already had a longer life in general to non-magicals. However, every once in a while a non-magical would surprise everyone and live past 100 years of age.

Given that Harry Potter was undoubtedly an extremely powerful wizard, they knew he probably had several more years left in him.

What they didn't know was Harry had the ability as a time mage to age or de-age himself. Harry did not share this with his family and friends. He let that information die many years ago when he was much, much younger.

It was now obvious that he was the only time mage that ever existed. Technically, he could live practically forever just by using his power of time and keeping himself younger.

However, Harry knew he had no desire to live forever. He missed his wife Lisera, his godfather Sirius, Remus, his adopted father Joban, and a whole host of friends he had to say goodbye to over the years. Even after all these years, he still missed them.

He also wouldn't mind meeting his parents who gave their lives for him when he was just a baby.

No. He had no intention to live forever.

Since he went back to Godric Gryffindor's time to drop off his time mage grimoire, then that started the rumor of the existence of a time mage so people thought it possible in the magical world, just not probable.

The problem, he realized was that he had not done that yet. He had planned to, but it just slipped his mind. He did end up creating the new spells that were already in his grimoire and even figured out a summoning ritual that went along with the one in his grimoire.

There was already a small time paradox due to him receiving his grimoire from the time of Gryffindor and it having spells and a ritual in it that he had yet to create. However, since he waited and purposefully did not learn the spells or the ritual from the grimoire, he discovered them anyway just as he should have.

The only difference was he didn't have to update his grimoire.

Given he was old now, he decided he had better get this done before he forgets again. If he doesn't then he may never have found his way back to Earth. Then all that he worked for would be for naught.

He went to his datapad and looked up the exact time of Godric Gryffindor so he could travel to Hogwarts at the correct time. Once he had it in mind and he recorded the current time he was leaving, Harry left with a small pop.

He landed just outside the gates of Hogwarts and found himself right in the middle of an attack on the school. He could tell the attackers were not magical. Down near the castle he could see five individuals giving the intruders a what for. A few who looked like older students were also trying to help.

These five witches and wizards were very powerful and the attackers were not winning at all against them, even though they had the castle defenders severely outnumbered.

Having seen enough, Harry raised his hands and everyone froze in their tracks. He then went around stunning all the attackers with wide area stunners. Once that was done he released time as all the attackers fell down out cold.

The defenders were caught in mid-stride or cast when suddenly all their attackers were down and out as they resumed time.

"What happened?" one of the women asked who looked to be Helga Hufflepuff.

"That would be me," Harry said from behind them.

They all whirled around to face him, wands raised and ready for whatever.

Harry put up his hands. "I'm not your enemy. If I was, why would I take down your attackers?"

"How did you do that?" asked the other woman, whom he guessed to be Rowena Ravenclaw.

"I'll be glad to tell you, but first can we take care of the introductions and then boot these people off the castle grounds? Let's lock them out, too."

"That's a good idea. I'm Godric Gryffindor and these two ladies are Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw," he said gesturing to them. "To my right is Salazar Slytherin and the one on the end is Merlin Ambrosius. Merlin is technically a student here but an older one with exceptional power and knowledge of spells. The rest of the students can wait for now."

"It's a great honor to meet you all. My name is Harry Potter."

"You're a Potter?" asked Gryffindor.

"Yes, do you know some of my kin?"

"Aye, I do. I know them quite well but I've never heard mention of you."

"That's because I'm not from here or this time."

"This time?" asked Merlin.

"Correct. I'm what is known as a time mage. I have power over space and time."

"That sounds impossible. How can we know this to be true?" asked Ravenclaw.

"You asked how I took care of your attackers?"

She nodded.

"Simple. I arrived at the gates and noticed the battle going on. I decided to save some lives and stopped time on all of you. I then stunned all the attackers before starting time again."

"Can you show us something now?" asked Ravenclaw. "I'm still skeptical."

"She's not the only one," added Slytherin.

"Sure. Watch this."

Harry waved his hand in one direction and half of them were frozen in time.

"As you can see, I froze time on half of you."

They looked and saw that it was true. They were all frozen in place. Harry waved his hand again and they were released.

"That's astounding!" said Gryffindor.

"What's astounding?" asked Slytherin.

"He just froze you in time before releasing you," answered Ravenclaw.

"Really?" asked Merlin.

Harry waved his hand again and the other half, including Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff were frozen in time before he released them. All were convinced at this point.

"Shall we toss the attackers off the grounds now?" Harry asked.

With a few nods they all began removing the attackers until they were all off the castle grounds. They closed the gates again and Godric sent a spell at it to hold them off for now.

They next filed into the castle and into the Great Hall for something to eat and drink.

"I would recommend some wards so the non-magicals can't find the castle," Harry recommended. "If they can't find it or if it looks like a ruin and there is a compulsion to leave and not get close, perhaps you will have less attacks from them."

"I like that idea," said Ravenclaw thoughtfully.

"Glad to be of service," Harry said with a bow of his head.

"So what can we help you with, Harry Potter?" asked Gryffindor.

"I'm an old man now and I wish to help any new time mages that may come along after me. It's a rare thing, I know. However, I have knowledge I should share in case there is another."

"How do you wish to do this?" asked Gryffindor.

"I have a time mage grimoire that I've put together with all my time mage spells I've created. Only a time mage can use these spells. They are worthless to anyone else.

"There's also a ritual included and is the only a thing a normal magic user can use to summon a time mage. It is meant to summon one that is lost. The time mage does not have to obey the summons but if they are lost and cannot figure out how to get back home, then the summons will help and guide them."

"Does this happen often?" asked Hufflepuff alarmed.

"It happened to me when I was young," Harry said nodding. "I would have never found my way back without it. It may help another time mage. You never know."

"Why bring it to us?" asked Gryffindor.

"Because, I have been to the future and I know this castle still stands. It will still be here with educators teaching young witches and wizards more than a thousand years from now."

The current and original educators looked shocked and pleased at that statement, knowing that what they started would be so successful.

"I met the headmaster during my travels at that time and he had my grimoire which he told me was found in Godric Gryffindor's library of books. Naturally, I want to make sure you get it, so that does indeed happen in the future."

Harry pulled the grimoire out of his pocket and handed it over to Godric. Godric took it and looked it over.

"I see," he said. "In that case, I will take good care of it, Harry Potter and Time Mage."

"That is all I ask," Harry replied then continued.

"You see, time is a wonderous thing and one must always be cautious with it. One small change can bring disaster if one is not careful."

The End