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There's more to the heart than the motion it makes -
To cut out a heart much more than breath takes.
Some said it controlled the thoughts of the mind,
And others left this belief far behind -
But still buried deep within every heart
Are the deep emotions that we only show part.
We can't simply sell it or give it away -
The heart is the mind controlling each day.

There's more to the heart than the motion it makes,
And to be truly heartless few have what it takes.
To give away feeling, love and emotion;
To give up all life, all choice, and devotion -
This is what remains when the heart is cut out.
This is the end men know nothing about.
The body may die, but the heart will live on,
And the body may live when the heart is long gone.

There's more to the heart than the motion it makes,
And the cruelest villain the victim's heart takes.
No one is heartless and all men will feel
Whether the heart in their chest is missing or real.
The slave may die heartless, but something remains
That the curse of a witch eternally disdains.
The ghost of the heart remains when all else fades
And the hidden heart will for all mistakes be paid.

AN: Inspired by NearlySaneStory's music video of the Huntsman with the song 'I Am Only One' and, of course, the episode. Mostly how Graham knew he didn't have a heart - and the heart is more than just a pump. Thank You for taking the time to read this! Gramercy, and God bless you!