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"Ahem! Mr. Potter, By Merlin's Beard! Would you please sitting still for at least five seconds!"

The sharp sounds of a harpy err… healer startled him in surprised. If he has a heart condition related, he would had died from a shock by now. Still in alarming and traumatize from the recently event, he groaned, and send an annoying glared right back to the sources of his dismay.

His left ear was still ringing from the aftermath impacted but the healer won't let him has the time to recover from the dizziness, she's wasted no time and already started works on changing bandaged. Still sore from the injury, Harry kept his mouth shut at best as he can.

"See?" she mused to herself, "What it's so hard? We'll be done in no time."

'Easy for you to say,' Harry thought mentally. Seriously, do all healers are like these? and here he thought Madam Pomfrey was bad enough.

After what it seem like hours of struggling and Harry best effort, tried not to scratch his wounded scars. Finally, they're done with their usual routines, for now at least.

Waiting for the she devil in disguise exited the room, the young man sighed quietly in relive. It'd been three days since he's been trapped here, in this special prison made just for him. No matter how many years have pass he just can't seems to run away from the hospital, or maybe for the rest for his life. Complaining won't solve his life problems, not likely there ever were. Life's suck indeed.

Lost in thought, Harry finally succumb to his limit exhaustion fatigue. He decided it would be for the best to take a rest before the same healer came back and force him to drink more potions. As soon as his head hit on the pillow, his eyelids felt heavy by each passing seconds as times goes on. Almost lost in the land of slumber, once again Harry has another rude wake up. He moaned while try stirring himself steady, he didn't wanted another wave of headache came back again. Grumble to himself silently and slowly opened his eyes, and see the sources of the problem.

A certain blue haired boy.

For the first time in three days since Harry's been hospitalized. He smiled.

"Harry!" the four years old boy, ran up into his godfather's on full speeds and give the young man full embraced. As for a certain godfather seeming to be suffered the unexpected attack.

"Teddy! Don't squeezing him too hard," the boy grandmother's warned him. "You do not want the poor Harry here be hospitalize more that he already has won't you?"

The boy in question quickly released Harry from his own 'deadly' hugs. "Sorry…" he apologetic nervously, while looking down ashamed.

Harry was too happy than to be mad at his godson's small incident. Heck! He didn't even feel mad at all! Teddy was the best things that has happened to him since these pasts three days.

He patted the young boy head gently. "Good to see you Teddy, miss me much?" he said with a gentle voice, this somehow helped Teddy back in high spirit again. "So, how was your day? Care to tell me?"

"Well….umm..." Teddy said, while pondering whether what he did anything interesting today. "Oh! well this morning Grandma Andy took me to the toys shop and then we bought ice-creams before our next stopped to…"

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