Hello lovelies. Been a while since I filled a tumblr prompt, but this combo was juicy enough to fire my naughty little fingers into action. Thank you for your support and your prompts; keep 'em flowing, my darlings. 3

Prompt combo: Modern AU, next door neighbor Fem!Lavellan playing music too loud, sub!Fen'harel.

Don't worry, we'll get to all of those. But I've been simply itching to do a modern AU for several weeks now, and I'd rather not have it be over immediately. Not sure how long of a series it'll be, but likely not as long as my other stories. So, enjoy it while it's here. 3

This comes to you raw and unedited; any mistakes are mine and I own them. I do NOT own any of the characters, though my Lavellan (as always) is basically me. So I guess I sort of own her? Ish? *shrug*

"Dread Wolf, Taken"

Chapter 1

It was a lovely night. The stars were bright and the moon hung low in the sky, full to bursting with Mythal's light. The grass was damp with the rain that had fallen just before sunset, the clouds clearing just in time for a brilliant array of colors to burst through the clouds in a spectacle worthy of remembering for years to come.

This, of course, was only in the Fade. In the 'real world', as everyone he knew kept insisting it be called, the rain persisted even now, depriving his body of the loveliness his mind was witnessing. But dreamers like him were allowed an escape, a respite from the world's cares and burdens, a-

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

His thoughts interrupted, he looked around for the source of the sound; a racket that kept going, despite his efforts to find and silence it. It was then that he realized the noise was not coming from the Fade. The moment that fact settled in, he rolled his eyes with a sigh, his perfect concentration shattered. He felt the undeniable pull, the sucking of his soul back into his physical body, and with a fierce growl of annoyance, succumbed to it.

He came to with a groan, reaching up to groggily rub his hand over his face. With that action, his body's senses began to awaken, slowly sharpening from their sleep-dulled state. His ears pricked at the sound that had woken him to begin with: the incredibly loud, repetitive, grating sound of his neighbor blaring some thrice-damned cacophony he'd been lead to understand was what passed for music in this age. Oh, what he wouldn't give for an honest-to-gods bard with a lute, plucking gentle chords and singing sweet melodies, with lyrics that actually meant something.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Instead, he had this. This abomination of sound that wasn't fit for elvhen consumption. He curled his body into a generally upright position, his elbows slumping onto his thighs as he hung his head, sighing. He looked over at his alarm clock, the red letters shining out brightly in the otherwise pitch black of his room to announce the hour like a red-eyed demon. Two in the damned morning. He shook his head in disbelief. This couldn't be happening.

Suddenly, the thumping 'music' stopped. He listened for a moment. Did his neighbor realize the late hour and turn the music off out of some belated courtesy? The seconds ticked by in continued, blissful silence, and he let himself fall back down into his pillows with a heaved sigh of relief. It would take a while for him to slip back into slumber, but at least he could do it in silence now.


"FENEDHIS!" He snarled as he jerked upright, his anger flaring hot enough that he didn't even blush at his explicative, as he threw the covers from his legs and scrambled from his bed. He quickly reached for the pants and undershirt draped over his desk chair, shoving his legs into the pants and sliding the shirt on as he tore towards the door of his apartment. He realized he'd put his shirt on backwards just as he reached the door, growling his frustration as he fumbled to right it in his haste. The constant, pounding beat shook the walls and lent a rather frustratingly appropriate background to his rage, as his shirt refused to cooperate.

He finally managed to set the damned clothing to rights, snorting an enraged huff as he unlocked his door and stepped into the hallway, closing it behind him. He charged towards the door to his neighbor's unit, raising his fist to beat on the offending barrier as loudly as he could manage. With a chagrined groan, he realized he'd matched his knocking to the same beat as the sound crime issuing from behind it. He raised both fists, rapping a staccato tempo against the door. That got results.

The music quieted, and he heard footsteps leading hesitantly up to the other side of the door. He stood there, arms crossed, as he heard the metallic squeak of the peephole flap being pushed aside. The noise repeated in opposite, then was immediately joined by the clatter of the door chain sliding into place, followed by the deadbolt being keyed to open. The click of the door handle registered, and an eye the color of the greenest forest in Elvhenan, eyebrow raised, peeked out.

"Can I help you?" The voice was female, melodious, a silken comfort to his ears, despite her music still playing in the background; albeit at a more respectable volume.

"You can help me, yes. By keeping your music at its current decibel or lower at two A.M., instead of rudely waking those of us who have to work in the morning."

"Ahh." He could hear the smile in her voice. It both poked at the wolf in him and stroked something in his soul to life that he'd long ignored. "So you're the mysterious hah'ren who lives next door."

He bristled at her usage of 'hah'ren'; her tone indicating that she thought it just meant 'old fart', rather than the respect the title actually implied. He sighed, subtly rolling his eyes.

"Yes, I am the elvhen who lives next to you. Now, would you please entertain the notion of keeping your... music at a respectable level from now on?"

"Oh-ho!" Her laugh was genuine and mocking all at once, "Elvhen, are you? Are you older than you look, hah'ren? Should I curtsy? Am I in the presence of royalty? Shall I ask you the key to unlock my friend's el'u'vi'an? Can I sit at your feet while you regale me of tales of ancient elvhen glory that my tiny mind cannot possibly imagine?"

"Enough!" He snapped, "Your mocking is unnecessary. And if I was as you say, the utter lack of respect and personal dignity you have just displayed would not only be embarrassingly insulting, but a detriment to your ignorant kind that would rival the fall of Elvhenan itself."

He would have continued, but her laughter interrupted him soundly.

"Oh, hah'ren, calm yourself, lest you break a hip and I have to carry you back to your bed. I'll keep the music down for your delicate ears. But I expect this is not the last we shall see of each other."

With that, she blinked in what he could only surmise was her best indication of a wink, with only the one eye visible, and closed the door. He heard her laughter continue as she locked the deadbolt and walked away, her snickers echoing pleasantly through the hall behind her as she retreated.

He stood there, staring at the space her emerald eye had occupied moments before, in shock. He wasn't sure whether to be insulted or deeply, incredibly aroused. None had ever possessed the boldness to not only insult, but dismiss him so easily. Not once in his many thousands upon thousands of years of existence had anyone so summarily forced his tongue into silence. He was entirely unused to being so easily manipulated.

His sense of smell seemed to decide that was the correct time to wake. It was always the last sense to recover from his sleep, unless he was forced to use his wolf for defense immediately upon waking. He drew in a deep breath through his nose, leaning into the area she had so recently occupied to catch her scent. The strong scent of elfroot smoke was somehow unsurprising, but not unpleasant. He caught her musk, her perfume, and a hint of honeysuckle; likely her hair oil. He exhaled with a rumble of satisfaction, an impish smirk curling one corner of his mouth up.

After what felt like centuries he'd gone without a decent hunt, all at once, he had a new prey. It was true he'd never once seen the woman in this apartment before tonight, they seemed to always miss each other; likely due to scheduling conflicts. But now he would be able to find her anywhere, schedules be damned.

And find her, he would. Find her and learn about her, understand what it was in her that captivated him so. Learn how she could so smugly dismiss him, as if he were nothing more than a fleck of dust; yet tempt him so thoroughly at the same time. His adrenaline surged as instincts older than the concept of time rose up and beat against his skin in time with his heartbeat. He let out a pleased growl and grinned in delight.

This would be a delicious hunt.