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Chap 2: "Human among demons"



Braiding black locks which reached the length of her back and no further, Luna asked with a sigh, "Daddies why can't I have long hair like you?"

"You would trip over it sweetheart" Eclipse replied, not looking up from the thick book in his hands.

"My, Eclipse that was the fourth joke you made this year" Raenef noted with a grin. His features changed somewhat over the years; fuller face, larger upper body, and further developed muscles. Age forty in human years, he still appeared to be in his thirties due to demonic heritage.

His partner peered at him casually saying "Go". This was a newly purchased text describing the many factors of, and strategies of each adversary during the Hangma War, titled The greatest warrior, Eclipse.

Stopping and resting her chin on her left hand, "He really enjoys reading those war books". As she grew, gaining understanding of the ways of the world, she more and more disliked the thought of war, even grew to detest her once favorite "story books".

"Indeed. Let's go outside to practice until your aunt gets here."

She picked up her sword. "I'll show Aunty Erutis and Phantasia my magic, and combat skills."

I wonder if I'm close to Phantasia's level...

"Surely they'll be amazed" her father smiled, taking her hand.


He immediately espied the tree she fought, and subsequently fell from that morning. It was the height of half the castle. He swallowed a cry of horror. "Luna please have one of us with you next time you want to climb one of the oldest trees on the castle grounds." He didn't need to add "don't practice magic alone", for it was specified numerous times already.

"Alright" she surrendered. "It just gets so lonel- boring around here. I don't mean just when you or Daddy Eclipse aren't here." She peered sadly up at the deep azure sky she so loved.

"My only friends are Phantasia, and yes sometimes a few of the other demon lord's kids, but that's just it, many of them are simply kids. The rest of the other demon lord's children either don't want to come near me, or are forbidden to."

There isn't anyone who can understand how it feels to be a human among demons anyway...

"I understand how difficult it is Moonbeam. I truly wish you could have a normal human life, but there is a reason for everything, even if you cannot see it yet."

"Daddy I love being here, being your daughter... just sometimes I feel like I could choose a different direction... I can't make sense of it, it's just a feeling deep inside me."

He rested a hand on her shoulder, "In time you'll learn what it means my love."

Closing her eyes she turned toward the castle, amethyst dress swaying. "I think someone... friendly is here".

"Good job sweetheart. That's your aunt and cousin."

She picked up her sword, and gripped his deep cobalt robes.


They arrived in the foyer just as those two entered, followed by Eclipse.

"Cousin Luna!" the golden haired girl ran to her, fuchsia gown billowing. "Uncle Rae can we go upstairs?"

"Phantasia we just got here. Say hi to your uncles first, maybe stop long enough to take a breath" her mother chided, moving short chestnut hair behind her ears.

"It's fine Erutis, they can go" Raenef said, kissing the thirteen year old on the forehead.

Eclipse brought over a small book. "You might enjoy this." She quickly flipped through it grinning "Oh thank you uncle Eclipse!"

"Of course" he patted her on the head. "Now make sure you play only in the designated rooms and areas."

"We know" the girls replied simultaneously, then ran up the stairs.

As they turned into the first hallway of their choice Erutis smirked. "You did learn from what happened last time, didn't you?"

"Yes Erutis. I spent an entire week straightening out that hallway. I assure you they are incapable of causing such destruction this time."

I set some traps- well suggestive barriers- to prevent further destruction by the two...



"You have grown so much since the last time I saw you" the redhead said, smooching a cheek with cherry lips.

Eclipse pushed her face away.

"You too Rae!" she chuckled, bringing him in for a hug. Her pine-colored outfit included a hooded tunic, and hickory shoes.

"So have you, you could beat me to a pulp with those muscles" he replied.

"And your bosom has grown" Eclipse added with his eyes back on the book, barely listening to the conversation.

Face growing nearly the shade of her hair she blinked "Wh-what?"

Looking up he clarified, "Your breasts have grown in the three months since you last visited, might you be expecting another child?"

"Listen you-" she paused. "Hm... well I... Krayon and I..." her blush darkened.

Finishing the chapter, he stood. "I shall prepare lunch."


"Are you alright Erutis?" Raenef was red in the face as well.

"I'm not sure", she touched her belly, "I have gained some weight recently"

"I didn't notice" he made sure to say.

"And they do seem a bit bigger" she thought aloud, looking down at her chest.

"I um... I want some cookies, how about you?" He didn't wait for a reply.



In the kitchen he poured a small glass of wine, downing it hastily. "Eclipse she's like a sister to me... that was inappropriate."

"Was it my lord? I was simply adding to the conversation." He set sandwiches on a platter. Disregarding the "inappropriate" segment he noted, "She is not far along, it likely would have been a month or so before she or Krayon realized, but now she knows already, I did her a favor."

The young lord shook his head, "I should teach you about human etiquette". He walked to the door.

"And what have I told you about referring to me as "lord" or "master" in private?"

The elder demon smirked, "To do so only when you request it".

At his side again, fingers ran slowly over black sleeves sending a shiver down each of their spines. "Exactly."



End of chap 2



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